Amber Rose Claims She Slept With Jay Z **UPDATE **

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Early on Today Amber Rose’s Twitter went crazy claiming that she allegedly slept with Jay Z and that Tyga’s music was trash.

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She however later got on and did a video saying,”I think my Instagram got hacked.” While she was talking Charlamane the God said, but Tygas music is trash……. HMMMMM SHADE OR NAH OR JUST TELLING THE TRUTH !! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW !!

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Scorpio Tyga and Taurus Blac Chyna Are They Back Together ???

It is not very certain whether or not Blac Chyna and Tyga are together.

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Recent snaps tend to hint so, also they have been spotted out together allot more now that Tyga and Blac Chyna have separated from their Kardashian exs.

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Chyna, 28, (Taurus) and Tyga, 27, (Scorpio)went their different ways quite a while prior. In any case, now that each of them have severed an association with an individual from the Kardashian-Jenner family, it appears they might discover their way back to each other.

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The two were both seen in Las Vegas throughout the few days of March 6 and we experience serious difficulties that these two being in a similar place in the meantime for the SECOND end of the week in succession is a demonstration of good fortune.

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Blac Chyna is a earth sign while Tyga is a water sign . This is a compatible relationship; Tyga /water (Scorpio) will water earth/Blac Chyna (Taurus). To learn more about Taurus and Scorpio relationship compatibility in depth click the link –>Taurus and Scorpio Love Compatibility

What do you think Starz? Its kinda getting crazy right ? Was this a setup ? There are so many questions going through my head ! Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

Sources: Hollywood life, Photo Courtesy of Famous Fix

Taurus Blac Chyna is Demanding Child Support

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Blac Chyna is on one of her social media rants again. This time for child support payments. Apparently Tyga hasnt been keeping up with his payments. According to TMZ She had went in on Wednesday Tyga with the text shown below.


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9 hours later she uploaded this message to snap chat, which seems to be directly referring to Tyga. Screenshot_2017-03-29-15-34-10

What do you think Starz ? Do you think Blac Chyna’s point is valid? Or do you think that she shouldn’t be surprised because Tyga doesn’t pay anybody !

Leave your comments and thoughts below Starz !



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Tyga rejoined with his old buddy the repo man, who grabbed the rapper’s Ferrari at maybe the most humiliating time conceivable … directly before Kylie Jenner.


According to an article published by TMZ ….. Tyga bounced in his extravagant red extravagant auto Tuesday with Kylie and headed to the Bentley dealership in Calabasas. Much to his dismay that while they were looking at new whips … his present one was going to get swiped.

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Sources on the part let us know the repo man appeared outfitted with an extra key for the Ferrari, bounced in, began it up and headed down the closest interstate.


We’re told Tyga missed two or three his lease installments, and the lessor wasn’t taking any risks.

Try not to stress, Kylie and Tyga got a ride home from one of his friends.


This is very interesting to me because typically Scorpios are really good at maintaining there money. However it is also fair to note that this sign is an extremist. They see things as black and white with no inbetween.

This is not the first time Tyga has ran into some money problems. They were once trying to repossess Kylie’s red mercedes wagon that he gave her. I find it odd that they have to repossess his ferrari when he just got Kylie a brand new mercedes bentley for her birthday.

Hmmm … I think Tyga should tone down his infatuation for Kylie and find a balance with his responsibilities. Sometimes when Scorpios are in love they are willing to give there last to help the person that they adore. However he needs to work on his career and stopping buying cars he cant afford.

What are your thought starz? Do you think he just was careless over his bills or do you think he is really in some serious debt. Fell free to like and comment and share

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