Treach is Dissing Funk Master Flex on Stage with Tupac

Treach took a fluid shot for his familiar, Tupac, then snatched the mic, discharged a verbal shot at Funkmaster Flex … furthermore, welcomed his fans to participate on the diss.

Shrewd by Nature performed Friday night in Worcester, MA … what’s more, frontman Treach advised the group he needed to safeguard Pac against Flex. What occurred next was practically similar to a petition to ‘Pac – as Treach talked specifically to one side arm tattoo of his fallen companion.

TMZ originally broke the story … Treach dropped a vicious diss track about Flex since he’s pissed at the DJ for dragging Pac’s name through the mud, guaranteeing he got Biggie slaughtered.

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It wasn’t all “Hip Hop Hooray” Friday night, and after he went along with on TMZ Live … it was evident Treach isn’t releasing this.

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Photo Courtesy of Pintrest

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