T.I Wife Tiny Gets a New Single Lady Hairstyle


On the off chance that you review, T.I. what’s more, Tiny were having issues in light of his conjugal disloyalty. It turned out to be so much an issue that Tiny got back by hitting the dance floor with his adversary Floyd Mayweather at a gathering — and perhaps it was more. T.I. wasn’t having any of it.

Tameka “Tiny” Harris  was born on  July 14, 1975 this would make her sun sign a Cancer !!!ti-floyd-mayweather-fight

Rapper T.I. what’s more, his better half Tiny are presently seperated– and in any event for the present – it doesn’t seem as though they’ll be back together at any point in the near future.ti-vs-tiny

What’s more, now it would seem that Tiny is prepared to MOVE ON with her life. She flaunted her new look – which is significantly more “Gritty” than we’re accustomed to seeing on her

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