What does your Sign Do During a Near Death Experience




What Aries sees: Aries sees a brilliant white divider. His Astral body instantly accuses towards it of its horns! The divider moves away and Aries ends up in a tasty green field, loaded with respectable and excellent souls in white garments.

How Aries responds: What is going on here? Who is the supervisor? I might want to meet God! What, I need to sit tight for my turn!? No, no, you don’t get it! I am in a rush! I am dead? Truly?! I never envisioned this could transpire! Pardon me, pardon me, who is giving the coronas here?

Back in the body: I knew it! I am number one—I conquered Death!



What Taurus sees: Taurus is moving through a white passage over his head there is a white light. From the finish of hall he can hear a delicate heavenly choir and can notice the lavender and myrrh

How Taurus responds: Taurus feels joyful till he understands that something is wrong. He glances around and sees he no longer had a physical body! “goodness my God, I have no stomach! Neither teeth! How am I going to eat? In what manner will I drink? Backpedal, you Grim Reaper!” Taurus returns to his healing center bed, not having seen nor God nor heaven!

Back in the body: Nurse, I think I have recouped enough for a little steak. Will you include a few fries as well?



What Gemini sees: White, Divine, finish quiet. The Gemini feels sufficiently great in this and in the other world and parallel universes, however he is beginning to feel tormented by the absence of verbal correspondence.

How Gemini responds: No one is talking. Clairvoyance is not as much fun as attempting to clarify things with words! Hush and just this while light! What occurring on facebook, let me check. Where is my telephone? No, I can’t make without my telephone, I am backpedaling!

Back in the body: .”… and after that I saw this while Light, so splendid, it practically blinded me! I am still somewhat mixed up! Do you recollect that film about the paranormal wonders,… hold up what was its name? Anyway, I something fundamentally the same as… ..hold up, don’t go, I haven’t completed yet!”



Cancers typically attempt and inhabit slightest till 118! They are mindful and it is uncommon to be in close passing circumstances! Yet at the same time…

What Cancer sees: An excellent white château, which is drifting on delicate pink mists. Cancer begins flying towards the palace and exactly when he is going to achieve it…

How Cancer responds: It is so magnificent, I am flying! Be that as it may, my kids are not here… I guaranteed my sister to take out the canine… I can’t remain! I am backpedaling!!

Back in the body: I am alive! God, I practically passed on! I should be more cautious! I better make a disaster protection, so my friends and family are not left without anything!



What Leo sees: A colossal, gold and precious stone ball room. Leo sees many Angles orchestrated in a pyramid and singing, at the highest point of it is God. Leo understands that he won’t be the supervisor in this kingdom!

How Leo responds: Oh, this is the way everybody ought to welcome me-marking and cheering! There will be a gathering here! Gracious hold up, who is this at the top? Goodness greetings, Dad! Could I come sit beside you? No?! However, I am your most loved child?! All things considered, send me back till I am meriting to sit by you!

Back in the body: Amazing, I generally knew I was uncommon and picked! I am God’s child! Presently I will demonstrate it to the world!



What Virgo sees: Virgo is drifting in a consummately clear and clean white passage while seeing what should be enhanced in the environment.

How Virgo responds: While coasting joyfully, something begins to stress Virgo: ” will they figure out how to adapt without me at home! What’s more, this new tasks at work, they will botch it up without me! I need to backpedal everybody is depending one!”

Back in the body: “there is shape on the roof. Furthermore, they call this a top private doctor’s facility! I have to call the sterile. Yet, he won’t do it right it! I better do it my self, when I can get up!”



Libra’s spirit leaves the body, then returns, then goes out once more. It swings back to go in, yet ultimately it chooses to remain out.

What Libra sees: At the finish of the passage Libra sees a Light Being!

How Libra responds: “Amazing, this must be my unparalleled Soulmate! At long last! … .wait..this resembles my grandma! Grandmother, so great to see you once more! Where is my perfect partner?” Grandma: “he is on Earth, my tyke, yet you can help him from Heaven with petition!” “No, thank you, I would rather meet him face to face!” Goes back to body!

Back in the body: Right, I better begin the inquiry! I will join with all dating locales and one day I will discover him!!”


Scorpios resemble felines they have 9 lives! Due to this they think that its intriguing to test Death and design better and more up to date approaches to become more acquainted with it!

What Scorpio sees: A brilliant room loaded with light creatures who are singing glorying melodies to God!

How Scorpio Reacts: Everyone is excellent., so immaculate… ..however hold up, they are neither men nor ladies everybody is male/female! How would you get the chance to have intercourse and feel energy here? I better backpedal!

Back in the body: What is occurring? Which world am I in? Gracious back here! Next time, I better look at Hell—they will be a graceless group there!” Starts arranging his next Near Death Experience!

dea 2



What Sagittarius sees: The standard white passage, Light.

How Sagittarius Reacts: Saggie’s spirit leaves the body with a triumphant chuckling! It is at long last ready to dispose of this trap of a body! Hang has been attempting to achieve demise all his life in different ways: parachuting, budgie hopping, climbing rocks, instructing others, and so forth. It has no aim of backpedaling! Presently it has no ethical impediments and it can learn such a large number of new energizing things, visit such a large number of universes! It has such a variety of inquiries concerning life and creation! It can educate the Heaven being such a large number of things about Life of Earth…

The Light Beings in Heaven, get so tired of Sagittarius that they deceive him into backpedaling to his body!

Back in the body: I am alive? Stunning, it was so energizing my best trek, ever! I trust they sent me back to accumulate more understanding and realize them astuteness life of Earth! I will show them appropriately next time!



What Capricorn sees: It may take for a short time for Capricorn till he understands he is dead. There are uncommon workplaces for recently arrived Capricorns which prep them about existence in the Beyond. A develop respectable edge in a suit, conveys an envelope to Capricorn named: “How to Succeed in the Astral World”

How Capricorn responds: As soon as Capricorn acknowledges he is not in the physical world, he gets irritates and does not have any desire to acknowledge it or trust it! He records a protestation and solicitations an arrival to Earth!

Back in the body: Where am I? I was in trance like state… obviously, what I saw was a pipedream in view of the absence of oxygen in the cerebrum!



What Aquarius sees: Aquarius discovers him self in a flawless gem city of light.

How Aquarius responds: Finally a perfect, utopic culture! Everybody is equivalent, everybody matters! … What? You say there is no through and through freedom here? Everybody does God’s will? How are changes made? Did you say, Hell is an Anarchy? Possibly I ought to visit there rather !” He goes to hellfire and begins a crusade for flexibility and rights… the Devil gets tired of him and sends Aquarius back to Earth.

Back in the body: Aquarius opens one eye, sees he is back in his body, and as an indication of challenge backpedals to rest!



What Pisces see: Pisces scarcely sees he is in the Other World-it feels so normal! He has been there such a large number of times in his fantasies and creative ability! He circumvents lackadaisical lolling in the natural encompassing, going by his most loved greenery enclosures and hotspots of choirs and craftsmanship. When he has sufficiently rested and filled his spirit with bliss, chooses the time has come to wake up.









Sources: Astrolada

The Secret Reasons why some of Zodiac Signs might not Trust you

key heart

Can you keep a secret? Below I have entailed some of the zodiac signs secrets. This is made to be fun! In order to get a real understanding of a person it is imperative that we analyze the birth chart . You can request a birth chart reading by clicking on “Ask Sasha Starz.”

gloomy attitude.jpg

Hides that they have a tender heart – Aries

heart puzzle

As strong and as extreme all things considered, where it counts, you have a tender heart under all of those walls. You dont articulate your affection unless you truly feel that you can trust your partner. Your scared of getting that tender part of your heart hurt. You tend to be socially popular, however when the time arises and you  want to be alone you dont admit that your not in the mood.

Skeptical about Relationships due to trauma – Taurus

little girl crying.jpg

Your past traumatizes you so much that is effects your future and current relationships. Once your certain of the relationship you are willing to go through hell and back for the one you love

Using their securities against them  – Gemini

sexy sensual.jpg

Your very lively and people love to party and hang out with you. You just have that charisma. You can talk about numerous amounts of subjects! However you are careful on who you tell your securities to. That is the worst thing someone can do to you it will cause many insecurities and self doubt coming from the other twin/side.So having that person you can confide in about your insecurity will be a winner in their book.

 Vulnerable emotions being brought out – Cancer

upset girlYour moods and emotions are inquisitive and mystified. You portray a hard image to the public but deep down is a person who is emotionally deep. You want people to see you as confident beautiful and strong, You fear of being exposed out to the public. So you keep your feelings and secrets harbored in your shell.The ones that you feel absolutely confident you will display such caring qualities and be by there side as long as your in a good mood.

Someone humiliating their ego to the public – Leo

black actress.jpg

Leo wont admit it but they are full of pride and they love to have notoriety and fame.However to see someone else take the fame from them. They will never admit there secret jealousy but they will retreat and go off on there own were they know they will be in the public eye. You like to have your ego stroked but that doesn’t mean that you can not share the fame !

 The Over Analyzer – Virgo

virgo eyesYou play special attention to detail; sometimes to close. Learn to let things go with the flow sometimes. Your mind goes in different direction and sometimes you can overly analyze a person before you even give them a chance.This may cut off some good relationships you never know. If someone betrays you may act as though they never existed.

Being Unaccompanied – Libra

lonelyLibras often live their identity through someone else and cannot stand their thought of being solitary with their own thoughts. They would just run their minds and balancing scales crazy.If you leave them expect them to never trust you.Feelings of abandonment and depression may develop if they are not careful.If the people you choose to allow in your life understand this it will be a peaceful union.

Trying to Open up their life Secrets- Scorpio

mysterious white woman.jpgScorpio is naturally a mystified creature.  They are strong and daring and can usually turn up the heat if they need to ! It so happens that you know a ton about what’s going on in other individuals’ lives, however scarcely anybody comprehends what’s been up in yours. You do not like to be judged so you typically only really trust your mother. Its okay to be real and show people the real you instead of always keeping up a facade.

Limiting options or Betrayal – Sagittarius

russian girl tied up

You are commitment shy, not saying that you dont know how to be loyal but you are very cautious when it comes to matters of the heart. You may feel like you might miss something; or ask the “what if” question. You will take your time just to make sure that there is nothing but truth and loyalty there.If betrayed you can get wounded and react fast and hard.You will note directly express how you feel cause you believe that emotions can be a weakness.
The main thing that bombshells your something else glad life is individuals attempting to compel duty on you. You may love your accomplice forever,

Idealist scared of harmful things happening to family – Capricorn

family bond

Capricorns love the traditional family life. Although sometimes you can be over critical over yourself and others. It okay not to be ideal all the time we are all human. Your union should accept you for who you are if its true love !If someone does not respect your family or your closest friend;in a way you regard that as a disrespect towards you.It takes a long time for you to put your trust in someone but when you do your typically dedicated for life.

Someone calling them out on their imagination – Aquarius

fantasy aquarius

Regardless of the possibility that you’re encompassed by a gathering of individuals, despite everything you feel detached. You attempt to try to comprehend what other individuals are stating, however once in a while you get excessively got up to speed in your own reality.

Powerful presence fears someone exploiting their kindness- Pisces

black peopleYou are an intense individual. Be that as it may, under that solid persona lies a sensitive heart. You’re not the sort of individual who gives individuals access effectively. You believe a couple dear companions just,make sure your not being naive in your friendships. You are susceptible to being used and abused because of your intuitive nature.Find the balance so that your not shielding yourself out from the world.

oracle girl

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The Meaning Behind the Houses in Astrology

First House (Ascendant) – The Individual Identity

The first house shows us how we introduce ourselves to the world. It mixes the sun sign and moon sign and follows with the 3rd most important sign which is the Ascendant (The Meaning Ascendant Sign). The Ascendant sign discloses to us a considerable measure about a persons individuality. The planet for this sign translates a great significance. It shows us how a person first represents themselves to the world.

Second House – Possessions and Body Image

kid with orange hair.jpg

The second house portrays our body image or assets dealing with the flesh. It also can inform us on how we manage riches and collectibles.

Third House – Correspondence

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The third house planets  denotes correspondence particularly with the kin and the level of connection we have with these relationship. It also can display the relationships that impact our everyday life and how we go about it initially.

Fourth House – Roots and Starting points

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This house portrays our roots, the parental home and the conditions affecting adolescence and youth. It portrays how we identify with “family”. The type of connection with the father can also be seen in this house

Fifth House – Self indulgence and Invention

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Sexuality and suggestion are at home here, alongside play as a rule and a wide range of inventive expression. This house likewise depicts how we identify with kids, self indulgence,and basic fun.

Sixth House – Labor and Order of Business

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The 6th house depicts the conditions encompassing us in our day by day lives, including the workplace and day by day schedule. This incorporates our conduct towards subordinates. Real cleanliness and care have a place here, and also inclinations to certain obtained sicknesses.

Seventh House – Relationships

indian relationship.jpg
The relative sign and planets possessing the seventh house enlighten us concerning how we select our accomplices and depicts the associations and connections we look for. Regularly we are automatically pulled in to individuals whose horoscopes convey a solid connection of the sign in our seventh house.

Eighth House – Misfortune with Possession and Death

hermit the crab shopping
The eighth house indicates how we identify with public products and how we manage material misfortune.  Death and losses are inevitable. It can show us how we deal with death and our dealings with material misfortune. It can also show what misfortunes may come if we investigate this house.

Ninth House – Foreign and Methods of insight

buddah dolls
The mind set of this house can deeply connect with tenth house below. It depicts are voyages to other countries and the insight/knowledge that we learn when we come back from each trip.

Tenth House (MC) – Purpose and Career

meditation.jpgThis house is the house relating to the mother. It also plays specific significance, since it influences our passion and our talents. This process is a life development for us. We all have a purpose in the world and as long as listen to our passion we can spend time to perfect it to advancement.- it additionally has a heading on our general advancement, what we move toward becoming.

Eleventh House – Companions and Associates

friends blowing confetti.jpg
This house portrays how we relate to the general public. It also can show how we identify with leaders,mentors,and instructors. It can also denote our communication with our friends.

Twelfth House – Past the Individual


This house speaks to those circles of life in which the individual no longer has an influence, where we venture back for a more noteworthy entire or lose ourselves in one. It may show instances of were an individual was trapped against there will either physically or spiritually.

girl praying to animals.jpg

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So Whats up With Uranus in Astrology ?

Uranus wasn’t found until 1781. As one of the furthest planets, it moves rather gradually through the zodiac. The outcome is that its impact is felt more generationally than separately.


Uranus carries with it another method for taking a gander at things, and its approach is best met with an extended cognizance. Inventiveness, creations, PCs, bleeding edge advances and future occasions are altogether led by this planet. Uranus sees no requirement for the norm, leaning toward rather to break with custom and make another shape. While the building pieces (science, power) are protected here, this planet would rather center its look around another world request. Keeping that in mind, defiance, upset, despots, an independent state and choice all fall under the aegis of this planet.


Nobody will ever portray Uranus as inconspicuous. This is the planet that persuades whimsical and unusual conduct and byzantine plans. A bohemian, idealistic culture is more with regards to Uranus’ bowed, as are helpful goals. Opportunity and innovativeness are imperative to this planet; Astrology is additionally inside its domain. Ultimately, with regards to its sudden, now and again savage and frequently unforeseen way, Uranus rules quakes and other characteristic calamities.

It takes Uranus 84 years to finish its outing around the zodiac. It is a gender ambiguous vitality and principles Aquarius and the Eleventh House. Uranus is thought to be the higher octave of Mercury and the first of the supernatural planets.


How Venus Plays a Part in Astrology


Venus is about delight, particularly joy imparted to another person. This planet frets about affection, sentiment and concordance in our enthusiastic connections, relational unions, companionships and different unions (like business organizations). Venus is substance to spread satisfaction and delicacy, at the same time showing us how to love and acknowledge others and the things that we have.


We seem appealing – and we draw in others – on account of Venus’ vitality. Associating with and identifying with others are vital to this planet.



Magnificence is additionally unequivocally connected with Venus. Expressions of the human experience (music, move, dramatization and writing, to give some examples) and a feeling of the tasteful fall inside the domain of Venus. Venus importunes us to enjoy our faculties and delight in the magnificence of our reality. This planet is inseparably connected to refinement, culture, appeal and elegance.


Venus additionally manages the delight we get from our belonging. Extravagances (adornments, depictions, costly autos), great sustenance and drink, a delightful home and a feeling of refinement all satisfy Venus’ interests. This planet requests that we welcome the perfect way of things. It’s an erotic – however not really sexual – world to the extent Venus is concerned.


Venus takes 225 days to finish its circle of the zodiac; it is never more than 47 degrees from the Sun. It is a ladylike vitality and guidelines both Taurus and Libra, and the Second and Seventh Houses.