Taurus Meek Mills is getting back at Nicki on his Birthday

There are every one of the verses that appear to be coordinated at Meek’s Young Money adversaries.

meek design and trend

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According to New HipHop, Three new Meek Mill tracks arrived today, on the MMG rapper’s 30th birthday celebration. The three-track “Meekend Music” package incorporates a collab with A$AP Ferg (“$lay”) and additionally one with Young Thug (“Backboard”). Likewise with most everything Meek puts out, fans listened mindfully for any verses that may be coordinated at his adversaries. Also, however each of the melodies are a long way from being diss tracks, Taurus,Meek seems to take a couple of shots at Drake and Sagittarius, Nicki Minaj.

Meek Mill

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Taurus Meek never says Scorpio ,Drake by name, however he alludes to the ghostwriting discussion that commenced their hair-raising meat just about two years prior. “Pressing in this bitch and you know we reloaded/Look at the credits and disclose to you who composed it,” he raps on “$lay.”t

meek the source

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At that point on he main solo tune, “Left Hollywood,” Meek notices the title of Drake’s most recent collection, or “playlist.” “Where I’m from, in the event that you turn 18, then that is More Life,” Meek raps on the persuasive track.

meek rap up 1.jpg

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“$lay” likewise incorporates a few bars gone for Meek’s ex-woman, who quite recently put out the video for “Lament in Your Tears,” which is pondered their separation. Accommodating starts “$lay” with a joke on Nicki’s last name, rapping, “Woke up today I had a ménage.” He likewise appears to yell out to the lady whom Nicki has been beefing with, Remy Ma. “I’m on the rooftop with that extension/When I hit them little bitches like Remy my n*gga.”


It’s not amazing Meek has offered a melodious reaction to “Lament in Your Tears” and also the shots Nicki may have gone up against “No Frauds.” As for his progressing fight with Drake, it doesn’t appear like both of them are in all out hamburger mode, however these new tunes do provide reason to feel ambiguous about uncertainty Rick Ross’ current claim that he had viably settled every one of the strains amongst MMG and OVO.

Just fyi :Nicki Minaj is a Sagittarius and Meek Mill is a Taurus. So we are dealing with fore and earth so I will let you do the math !!!!





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Taurus Chris Brown was Served with A Restraining Order Watch Video

It has been hard for  Taurus Karrueche and her lawyers to track  Taurus Chris Brown down but finally Lawyers were able to track him. On his birthday !!!


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Well that is not a good birthday present is it ?

Just letting you know Karrueche has been trying to get the restraining order do to Chris Brown treating her and being physically abusive in the past.

cb 2.jpg

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I think it is funny that they are both Taurus both stubborn and strong !!

To learn more about Taurus click the link Taurus Personality and Traits!!

Check out the video



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Model of the Day Libra Cardi B

Cardi-B-7 XXL

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Cardi B was born on October 11th ,1992 making her sun sign a Libra to learn more about libras click this link –> Libra Personality how to seduce one  .You may know her from some of her songs, others might know her from the cast of Love and Hip Hop, however Cardi B’s superstar begun well before she was thrown in Love and Hip Hop.

The retired stripper utilizes her web-based social networking profiles to drop recordings talking reality about her background with definitely no channel.

Her trustworthiness has accumulated her a huge number of adherents and on the whole her 30 second recordings have turned into a web sensation with more than 1 million perspectives. It was an easy decision for Mona Scott to supplier her a move on the show.

cardi b love and hip bounce cast photoBoth of Cardi B’s folks were conceived in the Caribbean and moved to New York before she was conceived. Cardi experienced childhood in the Bronx with her more youthful sister.

cardi b getty images.jpg

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cardi b hip hop find com

photo courtesy of VH1

You know you awful if your folks nicknamed you Barcardi. Her sister’s moniker is Hennessy. In spite of the “awful bitch” picture she accumulated through online networking, Cardi headed off to college. She dropped out and began stripping at 18 years of age.

Libra Cardi B been doing very well here as of recently,it is said that she may consider doing more acting gigs to mix in with her modeling and rapping profession .She has featured in many songs already and has produced some ear catchy hits!!!



cardi b wknd

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Pisces Kurt and Goldie are Literally A Star Couple

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles, USA - 04 May 2017

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Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn conveyed their star energy to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in LA on Thursday.  Kurt Russel was born on  March 17th, 1951  making his sun sign a Pisces.  Goldie Hawn was born on November 21, 1945 making her sun sign a Scorpio.

Pisces and Scorpio pairs are very promising when looking at compatibility. They are both water signs both sensitive, intuitive, and little bit mysterious. So it is not surprising to me why this couple is very compatible.

goldie hawn

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According to Pop Sugar Sources The long-term couple were respected for their broad professions by Reese Witherspoon, Quentin Tarantino, and their little girl, Kate Hudson, as they got stars on the unbelievable remembrance walk and shared a sweet kiss before alternating to talk at the platform.

Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell Honored With Double Star Ceremony On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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This week, Goldie’s Snatched costar Amy Schumer shared a heart-liquefying video of her dad being conveyed to tears while meeting Goldie, who is the “adoration for his life.” The motion picture turns out on Mother’s Day, and Kurt’s new film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, is discharged on Friday.



Pisces Kurt Russell’s glimpse of his birth chart 


Photo Courtesy of Brobible 

Born: March 17, 1951, 10:42 AM
In: Springfield (MA) (United States)
Sun: 26°15′ Pisces AS: 0°22′ Cancer
Moon: 17°17′ Cancer MC: 5°31′ Pisces


Scorpio Goldie Hawn’s glimpse of his birth chart

goldie hawn twitter.jpeg

Photo Courtesy of Twitter 

Born: November 21, 1945, 9:20 AM
In: Washington (DC) (United States)
Sun: 28°55′ Scorpio AS: 27°55′ Sagittarius
Moon: 26°24′ Gemini MC: 19°42′ Libra


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Who Left Pisces Casey Anthony Alone with Their Child

According to TMZ….. Nancy Grace is rebuffed by the pics of  Pisces Casey Anthony holding an infant … what’s more, practically quite recently seeing her by and large.

casy tmz.jpg

Nancy reveals to us she was having a really decent morning … at that point she saw the photographs of “Tot Mom” with a 6-month-old child.

casey beach.jpg

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As we detailed, Pisces Casey is holding the grandson of a NBC maker, who has been attempting to catch a meeting with her for quite a while.

casey 3.jpg

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Nancy’s particularly disturbed there’s liquor at the table.Casey B. Anthony is a Pisces she ,was born on March 19th, 1986 her birth chart is as followed :

casy b anthony daily mail.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Daily Mail. uk 

Casey B. Anthony

Born: March 19, 1986, 3:10 PM
In: Warren (OH) (United States)
Sun: 28°56′ Pisces AS: 19°49′ Leo
Moon: 11°38′ Cancer MC: 11°11′ Taurus
Dominants: Pisces, Sagittarius, Cancer
Pluto, Moon, Sun


Sources : tmz, astrotheme.com, featured image courtesy of : keywordsking.com

Porn Star Says She is Pregnant with Scorpio Drakes Baby

Sophie and Drake we’re seen out in Amsterdam back in January.


Photo Courtesy of Fader Magazine 

Drake’s reps assert the child isn’t is:

“This lady has an exceptionally sketchy foundation. She has confessed to having numerous connections. We comprehend she may have issues getting into the United States. She’s one of numerous ladies asserting he got them pregnant. These cases have constantly ended up being unwarranted. In the event that it is in truth Drake’s youngster, which he doesn’t trust, he would make the best choice by the tyke.


Photo Courtesy of Instagram

According to TMZ and the Shade room Sophie Brussaux is three-and-a-half months prego, and claims she has these were texts obtained from the porn star and Drake going like this :

Drake: I need you to have a fetus removal.

Brussaux: I can’t murder my child just to humor you too bad.

Drake: Indulge me? F*** you.

Brussaux: What?

Drake: You do realize what you’re doing you believe will get cash.

It is also interesting to note that Drake is a Scorpio so his vast choice of sexual variance should not be of surprise.


Sources : tmz,shade room, featured image : heavy.com


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Gemini and Capricorn Love Meter

Gemini and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Whenever Gemini and Capricorn meet up in a relationship, it might be intense for them to recall why they’re as one by any stretch of the imagination, as the courses in which they approach the world couldn’t be more inverse. On the off chance that they’re working from a base of adoration and common regard, they’ll have the capacity to conquer most obstructions, yet they should buckle down. Gemini must have flexibility to think outside the limits; they depend on their speedy minds, diversion and scholarly ability to travel through life at a quick pace. Capricorn is worried with headway and status; they depend on taking after the principles and discovering set, reliable ways to take after toward achievement, regardless of to what extent it takes. Gemini likes to compromise; Capricorn likes to be careful. These two Signs’ test as a couple is to figure out how to keep up a comparative pace so they can touch base at a similar place in the meantime.

engagement love

Capricorn is exceptionally unassuming and calm, which emerges much more against Gemini’s active, riotous nature. Capricorn has a tendency to be moderate, consistent and hardheaded while Gemini is adaptable and tends to alter their opinion a ton. Gemini has a snappy mind that sees escape clauses in a moment, while Capricorn is difficult to persuade that exploiting an alternate way is a superior thought than taking after the very much mapped course that they know will guarantee their prosperity. Nonetheless, if these two can figure out how to comprehend and afterward actualize each other’s methodologies, they can accomplish much more than they could alone. These two Signs may improve much business accomplices than they do significant others.

coupe outside

Gemini is led by the Planet Mercury (Communication), Capricorn by the Planet Saturn (Power). These Planetary impacts can restrict each other. Saturn has a frosty, manly vitality; it’s about perseverance and helps Capricorn continue advancing through a wide range of challenges. Mercury has a gender ambiguous vitality and loans Gemini their endowment of keenness and correspondence. Neither of these Signs will surrender effectively, yet together they may bring about each other to quell their normal feelings. Gemini effectively tends to skim softly on the surface of feelings, trifling with their adoration life as they take most things in life. Capricorn may hose Gemini’s eager soul if both Signs don’t take care to keep up their limits and permit each other to do likewise.

indian loc

Gemini is an Air Sign and Capricorn is an Earth Sign. Capricorn is functional, enduring and proficient. They see no compelling reason to go for broke in the event that they aren’t ensured to pay off. Gemini, then again, is hypothetical and explanatory; they are about hazard taking and taking after wherever their innovative thoughts may lead. While Capricorn is purchases asking, ‘What positive attitude this do as I work toward my primary arrangement in life?’ Gemini essentially moves with the stream as indicated by no set arrangement.

strong couple.jpg

Gemini is a Mutable Sign and Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign. Capricorn starts things; they jump at the chance to be in charge. Gemini is more adaptable, by and large cheerful to take after Capricorn’s lead — the length of they aren’t constrained into anything. They have to don’t hesitate to concur, differ and pick voluntarily, and in the event that they start to feel constrained, they will react by ending up plainly standoffish and difficult to reach. On the off chance that these two esteem their relationship and need it to last, they should figure out how to bargain and let each other free every once in a while, in a manner of speaking.

interaccial rallies

Gemini is a Mutable Sign and Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign. Capricorn starts things; they get a kick out of the chance to be in charge. Gemini is more adaptable, for the most part upbeat to take after Capricorn’s lead — the length of they aren’t constrained into anything. They have to don’t hesitate to concur, differ and pick freely, and in the event that they start to feel pressured, they will react by ending up noticeably standoffish and difficult to reach. In the event that these two esteem their relationship and need it to last, they should figure out how to bargain and let each other free every once in a while, as it were.

beach day

What’s the best part of the Gemini-Capricorn relationship? They each convey their own specific qualities to the relationship. When they permit each other to act naturally — as opposed to measuring each other against incomprehensible principles — they can mix well to make an entirety. Theirs is a testing relationship, yet in the event that they can gain from each other it’s very justified, despite all the trouble!







Sources : Astrology.com

Model of the day Libra Sun Sign Candice Swanepoel

candi candswan blogspot

Photo courtesy of Access Hollywood

Candice Swanepoel is a South African supermodel,

related with the mainstream brand Victoria’s Secret.

candi daily express.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Daily Express

candi vouge australia.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Vogue Australia

She is not only hot she Communicates in English, Afrikaans, and Portuguese.

candi swanepoel vogue brazil.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Vogue Brazil

Candice Swanepoel was born on October 20th 1988 making a Libra her birth chart is as followed:

Born: October 20, 1988, 12:00 PM (unknown)
In: Mooi River, KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)
Sun: 27°14′ Libra
Moon: 21°38′ Aquarius
Dominants: Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius
Mars, Pluto, Uranus
Air, Fire / Cardinal


What do you think Starz? Is she not smoking hot or what !!!



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The Meaning Behind the Houses in Astrology

First House (Ascendant) – The Individual Identity

The first house shows us how we introduce ourselves to the world. It mixes the sun sign and moon sign and follows with the 3rd most important sign which is the Ascendant (The Meaning Ascendant Sign). The Ascendant sign discloses to us a considerable measure about a persons individuality. The planet for this sign translates a great significance. It shows us how a person first represents themselves to the world.

Second House – Possessions and Body Image

kid with orange hair.jpg

The second house portrays our body image or assets dealing with the flesh. It also can inform us on how we manage riches and collectibles.

Third House – Correspondence

girls communicating.jpg
The third house planets  denotes correspondence particularly with the kin and the level of connection we have with these relationship. It also can display the relationships that impact our everyday life and how we go about it initially.

Fourth House – Roots and Starting points

family naked baby.jpg
This house portrays our roots, the parental home and the conditions affecting adolescence and youth. It portrays how we identify with “family”. The type of connection with the father can also be seen in this house

Fifth House – Self indulgence and Invention

erotic black woman
Sexuality and suggestion are at home here, alongside play as a rule and a wide range of inventive expression. This house likewise depicts how we identify with kids, self indulgence,and basic fun.

Sixth House – Labor and Order of Business

black engineer
The 6th house depicts the conditions encompassing us in our day by day lives, including the workplace and day by day schedule. This incorporates our conduct towards subordinates. Real cleanliness and care have a place here, and also inclinations to certain obtained sicknesses.

Seventh House – Relationships

indian relationship.jpg
The relative sign and planets possessing the seventh house enlighten us concerning how we select our accomplices and depicts the associations and connections we look for. Regularly we are automatically pulled in to individuals whose horoscopes convey a solid connection of the sign in our seventh house.

Eighth House – Misfortune with Possession and Death

hermit the crab shopping
The eighth house indicates how we identify with public products and how we manage material misfortune.  Death and losses are inevitable. It can show us how we deal with death and our dealings with material misfortune. It can also show what misfortunes may come if we investigate this house.

Ninth House – Foreign and Methods of insight

buddah dolls
The mind set of this house can deeply connect with tenth house below. It depicts are voyages to other countries and the insight/knowledge that we learn when we come back from each trip.

Tenth House (MC) – Purpose and Career

meditation.jpgThis house is the house relating to the mother. It also plays specific significance, since it influences our passion and our talents. This process is a life development for us. We all have a purpose in the world and as long as listen to our passion we can spend time to perfect it to advancement.- it additionally has a heading on our general advancement, what we move toward becoming.

Eleventh House – Companions and Associates

friends blowing confetti.jpg
This house portrays how we relate to the general public. It also can show how we identify with leaders,mentors,and instructors. It can also denote our communication with our friends.

Twelfth House – Past the Individual


This house speaks to those circles of life in which the individual no longer has an influence, where we venture back for a more noteworthy entire or lose ourselves in one. It may show instances of were an individual was trapped against there will either physically or spiritually.

girl praying to animals.jpg

Thank you for reading Starz ! I will get into the specific signs that run these houses in a later article. Please leave your thoughts and comments below.






Gemini & Virgo Love Meter

In order for a Gemini and a Virgo to get along they need to have an open understanding of each other or this union will not last very long. They should use this relationship as an opportunity to learn different approaches to life,love,and ideas. Virgo can provide Gemini with support and consistency as long as Virgo allows Gemini room to speed around. Gemini is symbolized by the Twins; they can see both sides of any coin while Virgo can come across as very naive(they are far from naive this is an act) and structured. Virgo may not always understand Gemini’s different identities. If Virgo can cultivae patience and understanding their relationship will blossom.Virgo should realize that Gemini have two sides. Virgo may have won one of the twins over but not the otherv one. Eventually the lovable twin will come around for them to be as one.

flirt black

Virgo and Gemini’s ways to deal with life are apparently so extraordinary that this type of union can be very rare . Gemini may see Virgo as so basic and demanding. While Virgo may think that Gemini is speedy, risky, and has some unusual ways.Gemini strains against! On the flip side their differences can teach them many things. Gemini can show Virgo a good time,excitement, and many adventures.Virgo can help Gemini to be more precise in his thinking and to pay attention to the little details in life.
rose ciuple
Gemini and Virgo are equally directed by the planet Mercury. When they both use the power of Mercury equally; Virgo takes and organizes information while Gemini can communicate were many followers would understand.Virgo needs a trustworthy accomplice thus the only way they can reach Gemini is through mental engagement and communication. Virgo is highly intelligent while Gemini’s social vitality is off the charts !cocktails
Virgo (earth sign )takes time and analyzes all angles before making a decision while Gemini(air sign ) is likely to dive in head first! This may be a point of misunderstanding or were they just simply think differently. Virgo’s particular, basic, and somewhat traditional nature mixed with Gemini’s provocative, separation, and disconnection can bring about inconvenience for both accomplices. Gemini can help by giving Virgo confidence in their relationship through communication and lovable gestures. Virgo should not try to suffocate Gemini. Gemini a over friendly by nature but does not change the special connection they share with their Virgo lover. If these issues are not fixed, through time the relationship can easily fizzle out.sunset alone

Virgo and Gemini both go with the flow because they are both dual signs. Being that are conformist; they may seem as being “flacky” at times.Both are very adaptable; both can adjust to change immediately. These dual signs can  conform so quick to the ideas and situations of others.
coin 2.jpg
If Gemini and Virgo can move past each others approaches on life this can be a very rewarding and stable relationship. When Virgo learns to trust Gemini, in turn Gemini will see that being with Virgo is secure. However Gemini must always be able to communicate and be understood.

beach couple black and white

Have a relationship that you would like to share? Leave your story and comments below it may come as comfort and inspiration to those who read it. If you need spiritual advice click the menu and click ” Ask Sasha Starz” . Thank you for reading Starz!

Sources: astrology.com,keen.com