The Top Wealthiest Hip Hop Artist Forbes list 2017

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Photo Courtesy of Doolid

In order to be a successful millionaire you must study millionaires.

If you want to succeed in the Hiphop game you must know what these successful people did and how they got there . That is why we are big on doing Bios here at SashaStarzunlimited.

Take a look below at the richest rappers in the game.

  1. Diddy 820 million

    did rap basement

    Photo Courtesy of Rap Basement

  2. Dr Dre 740 million

    did bellanaija

    Photo Courtesy of BellaNaija

  3. Birdman 110 million

  4. did xxl mag

    Photo Courtesy of XXL mag

  5. Drake 90 million

    drake the fader

    Photo Courtesy of the Fader



, Featured image courtesy of : TheDJbooth