Ja Rule gets Sued for 2000 is he broke


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Ja Rule borrowed a huge chunk of change less than a month before the disastrous Fyre  … and now the lender’s come-a-knocking for some payback.

The Fyre hits keep coming for Ja and vsdf sD. EHL Funding says it loaned the duo $3 million on April 10 — 18 days before the festival — to help cover costs. Gotta wonder where the dough went — based on how Fyre turned out — and now EHL is concerned it’s not going to be repaid.

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According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Ja and Billy are supposed to make weekly payments for the next year. EHL says it received a few payments on time … totaling just under $900k, but it’s been radio silence since April 21.

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After nearly 3 weeks, the lender’s pissed and says Ja and Billy have defaulted on the loan — so, it’s suing to get all the money back, plus interest … STAT!

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Sources:TMZ,featured image courtesy of the howard theater

BVR Bklynvex Records A Musical Entrepreneur with a Passion

Make Room for the Taurus Bklynvex who is also Musically inclined and apparently the jack of all trades !!


Ladies Bklynvex is single and he just had a birthday not to long ago on April 28th.Born and raised Brooklyn New York this talented Taurus has been rapping for 23 years now so hes no rookie to the game.


Not only can he rap but Bklynvex is also  very technologically advanced.


He can do various forms of graphic design and art especially C.D. covers! He is an amazing video/film editor,and a gamer on his spare time.


He gives various tutorials on how to beat various games. And did you say your computer was broken ? Well he can fix that too and also offers tutorials on that as well

If you would like more information, on booking  or other services feel free to add him on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bklynvex#

,Instagram: Bklynvex

Twitter at : Bkynvex

Raw Talent Gemini John Strong

Meet the Raw talent of the day John Strong

received_1384144994962835John Strong is a rapper/song writer. He is also the C.E.O of Grind Hard Records.Bio:
Who is John “Doe” Thomas In his own words he describes himself as
“A man who was born and raised in tha rough streets of Oklahoma City. Learning to survive in a city that was overtaken by gangs in the late 80’s. The drug trade came wit it and that’s when my journey started… I never got into gangs ,but I was fascinated with streets, hustlers, pretty women and dope rides. Needless to say I became a hustler at the early age Of 12. My mother never know I sold dope until I went to prison 14 years later 2006- 2009. Once released from prison I felt the need to go down the same road I once traveled. I begin doing music and learning the art of music and the business. Dropped my 1st. Mixtape called “I’m Still Here” which eventually sold over 5000 copies independently. Shortly after I dropped a album called ” Deep Thought” which sold over 10,000 independently… That’s when I knew I was onto something great… Going through the hardships of trying to record several place I begin recording myself and producing. A year later I started a record label called Grind Hard Records ,LLC. Which became a household name in Oklahoma City. I’ve had the pleasure of recording for many local and industry artist across the country… Earning the income of $60,000 to $70,000 A year. I’ve signed over 30 artists in the last 4 years. Only remaing 5 today… My story is a testimony of faith and what change can do for your life when u chose to change your mind and way of thinking… I used the same methods in the drug trade into my company… If u have a dope product it will sell itself.
Change is always possible as long as your breathing… ”

He was born on June 19,th 1983 making his sun sign Gemini. Indviduals conceived on June 19 Zodiac are honored with the capacity to fortify and inspire others. Their resolve and boldness, alongside their understanding, resilience and by and large great aims, fill in as a rousing illustration. Regardless of whether they understand it or not, they are impetuses impelling others without hesitation and propelling circumstances simultaneously.

Check out some of his latest music videos throughout the post !!

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