Aquarius Young Fre$h Front and Center Stage Check Raw Talent

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Ladies and Gentlemen coming to center stage with some extraordinary gifts I present to you Young Fre$h!! Fre$h is an Aquarius you can tell from his story and his work that he is very different and talented and someone you should keep your eye on !!

“started rappin since a shorti round 12 me an 1 friends that i grew up wit since baby diapers started takin it serious n decided that its wat we love to do n helps us stay out the streets from feeding into the negative kept money in our pockets as we go n stayed n the studio my manager seen how gifted we were n how much we cared n worked he showed us everything we needed to learn step by step”

Check out his story


Young Fre$h was born and raised towards the west part of  Chicago Illinois. Also known as Chiraq, were guns and violence were a normal way of life.


“Growing up out west was more of a blessing and a  curse at times ” .  He described his block as a “bipolar neighborhood”. Fre$h enjoyed the Summer Chicago part when he was with friends no beef spitting barz and doing a little rap offs and perfecting his abilities. He didn’t however enjoy hearing that one of his friends got shot, or just  trying to stay clear of random bullets.18337076_295090984281309_155902224_n

Fre$h states , So many deaths happened it worried lots of parents n kids around the neighborhood bout.they safety so things started breaking apart heavily. Fre$h however didnt let the setbacks of life get him down.


He used his talent and very intelligent Aquarius mind to branch out. Fre$h went from writting songs for others, landing on features for other artist, and even coming up with his own album.It wasnt long until others heard his work or seen his Shows.

“Got a album coming out soon called the Jungle book explaining the life of me as n artist n how it all started n how things were as a young artist from Chicago missed many friends to the streets n trying to  make the world a better place by helping the poor feeding the homeless n taking care of fans n family to make things more peaceful n a better environment for the new generation.


In 2015 Young Fre$h became part of the group called 400 band in 2015.  Since the group debuted, Fre$h had linked up with some big names in the game . Band Kamp and Paris Bueller, S.B.E (Chicago native) to name few.

So make sure you keep your ears and eyes open for him hes on a come up. For collaborations, booking, or features. Please refer to the card above : Snapchat is below, Youtube subscribe to : 400Block MuzIkGroup  18318537_295090934281314_2031778972_o



Desiigner is a liberated person subsequent to being bolted up for his street rage occurrence … also, one thing’s without a doubt, the pokey didn’t place him in the dumps.


The “Panda” rapper was just discharged after his arraignment in NYC Saturday morning. Nothing unexpected … he didn’t speak much about the charges in transit out, yet he beyond any doubt implied the body of evidence against him won’t stick, asserting he did well and that is the reason he was just discharged all alone recognizance.


According to TMZ sources broke the story … cops supposedly found an extensive amount of pills on the console of the SUV in which the rapper was a traveler. Powers got particular amid the listening to … 57 green pills, 78 white pills and 139 round white pills. There were additionally a couple duffle sacks, professedly containing controlled substances.


Cops have not yet settled testing on the pills … be that as it may, Desiigner’s lawyer said they’re all anabolic steroids endorsed to the driver. Our law requirement sources say it was Oxycontin, methadone and steroids.


As we reported, the D.A. dropped the firearm charges since cops didn’t discover a weapon, in spite of the other driver who claims planner pointed a gun at him.

Desiigner is an Aries born on March 25th . So it is not surprise that he is facing this charge, Aries are known for the volatile tempers and wanting there own way sometimes.

Those conceived on this day are inclined to working up anguish and unworthiness feelings as they are not willing to talk about to anybody about their snags and rather they abide in their own particular inadequacies.

In spite of their powerful presentation they are some of the time anguished, unreliable and are covetous creatures.


So what do you thing starz? Do you think that him being an aries play a part in this volatile nature thoughts!!! Leave your comments below