Kanye West is no longer doing Exclusive Releases

So just to get everybody caught up there is obvious beef between Jay Z and Kanye West , especially after Jay Z released a new album titled :444 throwing noticeable shade in Kanye West’s direction.


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TMZ sources had said that Kanye West was anything but pleased over the money that was being given to him from Tidal, so the two will possibly face a major case.

Kanye West was suppose to release the hit song ” Pablo” on Tidal per his contract, however since the verbal altercation with Jay Z this seems to be preventing him to release his music when he wants to and how he wants to .

What happened to the no mixing business with pleasure rule?

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Kanye West is adamant in his thinking and decision and refuses to be limited to one music platform instead he wants to be numerous platforms.

Well we cant knock him for that but we do need to remember business is business.


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Amber Rose Claims She Slept With Jay Z **UPDATE **

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Early on Today Amber Rose’s Twitter went crazy claiming that she allegedly slept with Jay Z and that Tyga’s music was trash.

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She however later got on and did a video saying,”I think my Instagram got hacked.” While she was talking Charlamane the God said, but Tygas music is trash……. HMMMMM SHADE OR NAH  OR JUST TELLING THE TRUTH !! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW !!

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Leo No Chaser Rap Artist New Hot Raw Talent


Young artist by the name Hendog No Chaser.


I Started rapping around the age of 12. At first it was just something fun to do on the side but as I got older around the age of 15, I decided to start doing something with it.


At the age of 16 I decided to drop my first mixtape called “Take A Shot.” Within the next week I had people pulling up to the school jammin my music.


I recorded,wrote all the lyrics, and produced the whole mixtape myself. I’m an independent artist that’s in the works of branding my own company.


Over the years I’ve done several shows opening up for major artists such as Trick Daddy in 2009 at the super bowl after party in Tampa, and Plies at his “Plenty Money” car show Easter Sunday in 2009 in ft.laudedale as well. I grew up moving from City to City was born in Germany but the first place I remember is Chicago.


Wit Tha Plugg by Hen No Chaser

My mother was in the military so we moved around a lot. Going from different places around the world help me see different styles and different artists and help me gradually become better as a artist.


I was young and buck and it seemed as if I could never get off the streets..At the age of 19 I got stabbed and the stomach back and arm that left me in the hospital for a week.


After almost having my life taken from me I decided to really push strong with my music and use that as motivation to do better.


I had my son at the age of 21.. He has taken my life into a more positive direction.


I’ve decided to take my passion and go to Full Throttle! my style is original and dope if I say myself.lol.


The love of my music and the fans that love my music is what allows me to keep going. But my son is my motivation to conquer all!

For Booking and Contact :

Gmail: Hendognochaser@gmail.com


Gemini Sign Fetty Wap Gets Robbed

IN PATERSON New Jersey- A growing feud between multi-platinum offering rapper Fetty Wap and a underground rap artist is behind gunfire in Paterson which harmed three individuals.

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Raheem Thomas, 36, is accused of disturbed ambush and weapons offenses for a fight inside a 24-hour shop which went before the shooting, police said.
Blue Light, Siren, Police, Officer, Cop, Security
In January, Thomas and different specialists on his Muscle Group Ent. mark put out a diss track going at Fetty Wap, whose genuine name is Willie Maxwell. The melody included another nearby rapper, Justin Pope, otherwise known as P. Dice. Pope, who was a previous individual from Fetty Wap’s “Remy Boyz” and included on the hit tune “679,” and is right now suing Fetty Wap for $7 million purportedly owed because of his appearance on the melody.

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P Dice was accused of endeavored murder a year ago after a shot from a shootout flew through the window of a Rosa Parks Street home and hit a 7-year-old kid.


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Thomas went on Youtube to clarify that the meat began when Muscle Group advanced “Trap Ruler,” Fetty Wap’s breakout single. One of Thomas’ specialists, nearby rapper Franco Osiago, collaborated with a then short haired Fetty Wap for a melody titled “Zoowop.” Thomas asserts that Fetty Wap and his RGF group neglected to help advance the tune and respond his endeavors. He likewise disagreed with Maxwell saying he and his RGF group ran Paterson.

“Ya’ll … over here living off the f****** brutality that is occurring around here that I’m attempting to stop,” Thomas said in the video. “I’m attempting to stop this s***.”

Thomas, who put in over five years in jail for medication and weapons offenses, additionally asserts that Fetty Wap and the RGF team attempted to stonewall him by asking DJ’s at New York City radio stations to quit playing Osiago’s melody.


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Rapper comes to court with $165K in real money, pays $360 fine

Rapper comes to court with $165K in real money, pays $360 fine

Paterson rapper Fetty Wap pled blameworthy Wednesday to a few driving offenses, including tinted windows, appearing to court with his pockets flooding with money.

On Saturday, Fetty Wap relate Nit Da Grit was found in a photograph with Maxwell’s legal counselor Navarro Dim at NYC club Le Souk, where Fetty Wap likewise was. and around Nit Da Grits’ neck was a “1738” chain composed by big name diamond setter Eliantte Avianne.


Photo Credit by TMZ

It isn’t clear if the chain was looted or taken amid a perfect minute inside the shop yet Thomas was later found in a photograph grinning with the chain, wearing a red coat that he was likewise observed in with amid the battle.

That video, acquired by TMZ, demonstrates Thomas clearly gun whip somebody amid a battle and after that remain with a firearm next to him. Maxwell can be seen entrapped with two other individuals before running out.

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Maxwell was not harmed in the occurrence, police said. Thomas has not been accused of theft or in the shootings as of Monday night yet police said more charges are pending.

On Sunday Thomas took to Instagram to clear up.

“Just to set the record straight. I for one didn’t take @fettywap1738 chain,” he wrote in the post. “Did I bring a photo with it? Yes. The entire down the slope got a photo with it on.”

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Fetty Wap is a Gemini and his chart is as followed :

June 7, 1991, 12:00 PM ( im not sure exactly what time he was born
Birth : Paterson (NJ) (United States)
Sun: 16°25′ Gemini
Moon: 10°52′ Aries
Dominant Signs and Planets Leo, Gemini, Aries
Mercury, Pluto, Mars
Fire, Air / Fixed










Sagittarius Taylor Swift Butt Grabbing Interview

The radio meeting with the person blamed for snatching Taylor Swift’s can was unexpectedly expelled from the station’s site – and there are clashing stories about who pulled the fitting.


                                                                                                                                                              courtesy of TMZ

Previous radio DJ David Mueller went on iHeart’s “Magic in the Morning” demonstrate Tuesday and gave his side of the story. It was the first occasion when he had an opportunity to argue his honesty freely. Be that as it may, sources associated with iHeart let TMZ know the whole sound clasp was erased from Mojo’s site at the request of Taylor’s kin.


We’re told not long after the meeting was posted on the web, the “Magic” group got a call to evacuate it … keeping in mind the end goal to safeguard iHeart’s great association with Taylor … who routinely performs at iHeartRadio appears.

No particular reason was given for why her reps needed it down … as per our sources, however it doesn’t take a virtuoso to make sense of it. Mueller appeared to be a thoughtful figure as he clarified his side of the notorious keep running in with Taylor.

1110-taylor-quick ass-get tmzAn iHeart representative denies Taylor was included. The rep did not give any clarification to the Mueller clasp’s expulsion. Sources near Taylor recount a similar story – it wasn’t me. Same for Mueller’s lawful group.

Whoever needed it murdered has an issue however – the meeting’s been recorded, so it lives on.


Taylor Swift was born on December 13th, 1989 making her sun sign a sagittarius and her  her moon sign being a Cancer. Interesting she has the same sun and moon as myself !!!!!


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