LOVE AND HIP HOP REUNION SECRETS click the link to find out more !! was IN THE BUILDING for the Love and Hip Hop get-together show – and it was similarly as CRAZY as you can envision.

To start with, we need to disclose to you that Tammy, Waka, Rod, Jasmine and Keanna were NOT at the get-together.

In the first place to the FIGHTING!!

At a certain point in the show, Lovely MiMi and Jessica Dime get into a quarrel at the get-together, and what’s insane is that LOVELY MiMi seemed to win. That Asian woman GOT HANDS. In the wake of thrashing Jessica, she then began grumbling, that she “broke a nail” LOL.

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Photo Courtesy of VH1

Stevie J. had no impact in the ratchetness . . . he had his lawyer exhibit – and counseled him before noting a few inquiries. LOL.

At a certain point Joseline (who had all the earmarks of being HIGH ON SOME TYPE OF NARCOTIC) gets annoyed with maker Mona Scott Young and she leaves the gathering early. She was instantly FIRED FROM THE SHOW.

In any case, Joseline went via web-based networking media and asserted that she’s authoritatively QUITTING the show:

Sierra, Shooter and Moriah all began contending – however NO it didn’t get physical: Moriah gotten out Shooter saying he was penniless and Shooter said on his life that he “place her within proper limits”.

Regardless of Rod, Jasmine and Keanna not going to the get-together, the DNA comes about for Jasmine’s child were be uncovered. Jasmine composed Rasheeda a letter apologizing for not conversing with her lady to lady.

What’s more, the outcomes are . . . Kirk IS THE FATHER.






Sources: Media Take Out, Featured Image Courtesy of : VH1