Kanye West is no longer doing Exclusive Releases

So just to get everybody caught up there is obvious beef between Jay Z and Kanye West , especially after Jay Z released a new album titled :444 throwing noticeable shade in Kanye West’s direction.


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TMZ sources had said that Kanye West was anything but pleased over the money that was being given to him from Tidal, so the two will possibly face a major case.

Kanye West was suppose to release the hit song ” Pablo” on Tidal per his contract, however since the verbal altercation with Jay Z this seems to be preventing him to release his music when he wants to and how he wants to .

What happened to the no mixing business with pleasure rule?

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Kanye West is adamant in his thinking and decision and refuses to be limited to one music platform instead he wants to be numerous platforms.

Well we cant knock him for that but we do need to remember business is business.


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Sources : TMZ

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Gemini Kanye West is Coming out With a New CD In the Mountains?

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Kanye West is making another collection, and he’s squatted in a Wyoming retreat at the highest point of a mountain to discover his motivation.

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A story originally obtained by TMZ, this  may clarify Kanye’s nonappearance from some prominent Kardashian occasions, including the Met Gala a week ago, where Kim went solo.

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The last time we saw him on camera was amid a Valentine’s supper date with Kim. He didn’t hit the phase at his own particular Yeezy mold show. What’s more, clearly, he hasn’t performed since his hospitalization in November.

Yeezy’s unquestionably attempting to detach … he’s scoured his Instagram and Twitter profiles.

Different sources disclose to us this has nothing to do with issues at home or issues with his head … it’s about making music.

Check out the video of Kim Kardashian at met Gala



Sources : TMZ,You tube, featured image courtesy of hot new hip hop

Gemini Kanye West Goes Blonde4 ?

Kanye West is back in general society eye – surfacing precisely where you’d anticipate that him will Thursday in Los Angeles.


According to TMZ  sources,The ‘Life of Pablo’ rapper was spotted at a workmanship establishment at the Pacific Design Center … also, he was donning blonde hair – an alternate look from what he had before his hospitalization for a mental breakdown.

Great to see ‘Ye getting over into what he cherishes.

Libra Kim Kardashian and Gemini Kanye West may be filing for divorce

EXCLUSIVE: PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE RATES APPLY: Kim Kardashian and family celebrate North West's 3rd birthday at Disneyland

Kim Kardashian is purportedly getting ready to DIVORCE Kanye West, however she’s holding up until he “recoups” from his mental breakdown, as indicated by US Weekly.


The 36-year-old Kardashian has not been content with their marriage, UsWeekly guaranteed on Wednesday, and she needs to separation him when the time is correct. She is likewise supposedly attempting to ‘fabricate a case for full care of the children North and Saint.’


The site additionally remains by its prior claim that West is not living with Kardashian inside their Bel-Air chateau. Refering to different sources, they report the Yeezy star has been living in a LA-territory rental as an outpatient. Different other media organizations have denied this claim – yet US Weekly stands by this claim.

Im not sure what is going on I think I will sip my tea on that one…..

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Gemini Kanye on a 5150 hold !

Kanye West’s own doctor is the person who called 911, cautioning the dispatcher Kanye was not savage but rather would get to be rough when police touched base to help him.


Law requirement sources let us know, the call came in as a male with emotional sickness. Dr. Michael Farzam said his patient’s name was “Jim Jones, 39 years of age, 5’8″, 175 lbs … experiences brief psychosis because of lack of sleep and parchedness.”


As indicated by the police report the specialist told cops he had put Kanye on a 5150 psychiatric hold and needed him taken to UCLA Medical Center. We’re told there’s an issue about whether the specialist really put Kanye on a 5150.


The report goes ahead to state Dr. Farzam advised police Kanye had endeavored to attack a staff part at the exercise center.

According to TMZ sources  Kanye was bound to the stretcher since it’s convention when cops are told somebody is on a 5150 hold.



So the Talkative Gemini Kanye West is a Trump Supporter ?


Kanye West staggered fans Thursday night in San Jose, announcing his fidelity to Donald Trump and uncovering he didn’t vote, however he was Team Donald the distance.


The group was none excessively satisfied … booing Kanye as he went ahead to discuss Trump’s great execution amid the civil arguments.

Be that as it may, … he supposes Hillary has a place in Trump’s organization.



Kanye West  was born June 8, 1977 making him a Gemni is birth chart is as followed :

Sun in 17° Gemini

Moon in 18° Pisces
Mercury in 26° Taurus
Venus in 2° Taurus
Mars in 1° Taurus
Jupiter in 14° Gemini
Saturn in 12° Leo
Uranus in 8° Scorpio (r)
Neptune in 14° Sagittarius (r)
Pluto in 11° Libra (r)
North Node in 21° Libra (r)
Chiron in 4° Taurus