Capricorn Big Black “made sure his Daughter was Straight

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Christopher Boykins was born  January 17, 1972, making his sun sign a  CapricornIII. It is not a surprise that he did save up for his daughter. Capricorns tend to be very focused on saving money and material success. They tend to take family responsibility highly seriously.  Christopher ‘Big Black’ Boykin’s little girl will have NO cash stresses since her dad did everything in existence considering her … counting sparing like insane for her.

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According to TMZ sources ,he set up a school finance for 9-year-old, Isis, and her instruction is essentially secured.  He was exclusively centered around being an incredible father, and it constrained him to be exceptionally savvy with cash and ventures.


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Chris knew his family history of heart issues … another reason he was resolved to leave Isis enough to live serenely.







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