Desiigner is a liberated person subsequent to being bolted up for his street rage occurrence … also, one thing’s without a doubt, the pokey didn’t place him in the dumps.


The “Panda” rapper was just discharged after his arraignment in NYC Saturday morning. Nothing unexpected … he didn’t speak much about the charges in transit out, yet he beyond any doubt implied the body of evidence against him won’t stick, asserting he did well and that is the reason he was just discharged all alone recognizance.


According to TMZ sources broke the story … cops supposedly found an extensive amount of pills on the console of the SUV in which the rapper was a traveler. Powers got particular amid the listening to … 57 green pills, 78 white pills and 139 round white pills. There were additionally a couple duffle sacks, professedly containing controlled substances.


Cops have not yet settled testing on the pills … be that as it may, Desiigner’s lawyer said they’re all anabolic steroids endorsed to the driver. Our law requirement sources say it was Oxycontin, methadone and steroids.


As we reported, the D.A. dropped the firearm charges since cops didn’t discover a weapon, in spite of the other driver who claims planner pointed a gun at him.

Desiigner is an Aries born on March 25th . So it is not surprise that he is facing this charge, Aries are known for the volatile tempers and wanting there own way sometimes.

Those conceived on this day are inclined to working up anguish and unworthiness feelings as they are not willing to talk about to anybody about their snags and rather they abide in their own particular inadequacies.

In spite of their powerful presentation they are some of the time anguished, unreliable and are covetous creatures.


So what do you thing starz? Do you think that him being an aries play a part in this volatile nature thoughts!!! Leave your comments below



Police have recovered no less than one firearm, different weapons and medications from Chris Brown’s home, after Chris tossed a duffel pack out the window of his home according to TMZ sources

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Cops apparently  dashed to Chris’ home early Tuesday morning after a lady called 911 and guaranteed he pulled a firearm on her.


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Police have been at the house since 3 AM and are getting a court order. Chris has not left the house, but rather different sources let us know he was rebellious as he tossed the duffel sack out the window, provoking cops and saying, “Come and get me.”

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It  also should be noted that the girl who apparently called the police is a beauty queen pageant winner

I can expect for this standoff not to end anytime soon why because Taurus are stubborn!!! Wow I feel sorry for those police f0czksox7orf57lywfhi

This comes to know surprise being that Chris Brown is a Taurus.Taureans like to do things in overabundance. With a joy looking for mentality and a liberal nature; in spite of the fact that they are steady, they lose all mindfulness with regards to eating, substance use and different indecencies. Bunches of caffeine admission can be normal in some cases to constrict the hypersomnia.



According to TMZ and Aqua sources Sean Kingston has no issue choosing huge amounts of top of the line gems, yet paying for it is another story … as indicated by the top of the line diamond setter who says they got screwed.


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NYC goldsmith Aqua Master just sued Kingston more than 9 bits of gems he gathered up a month ago – esteemed at more than $300,000. The diamond setter says Sean guaranteed his biz director would wire cash to pay his tab.


As indicated by the suit, Aqua got 2 checks rather than a wire exchange … what’s more, they bobbed. In the interim, Sean was getting a charge out of 2 precious stone neckbands, a couple of gold chains, a ring, an arm jewelry and 2 watches. A rep for Aqua lets us know Sean even paraded the products on IG.


Sean Kingston is an Aquarius so it is not strange that he would be buying this jewelry and paying it back. The dark side to some Aquarius is finding little loop holes to get money and get it fast sometimes with little or no regard to the person on business that they are scamming.


So what do you think Starz ?? Do you think that Sean Kingston just is running into money problems or his dark side is coming out ??? Leave your thoughts and comments below and feel free to like and share.

Thank you for reading !!!!

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Rihanna and Drakes Sexy Relationship


Hmmm ….It looks like to me that Drake and Rihanna have something special going on. I sense some hot fire, and I mean real hot. First of all Rihanna is a Pisces and Drake is a Scorpio which is extremely compatible. So I have done my own opinion through my YouTube video which I’d love for you to watch and to subscribe to my YouTube channel sashastarz.

Also do you know the meaning of your birthday click the link below to find out. It is so accurate its kinda scary !

I will also be doing a birth chart reading on both Rihanna and Drake so make sure you also are in tune for that. Also please please if you’d likid it. Let me know what’s your opinion about the relationship.Please leave your comments below because I would love to hear them and I’ll be happy to respond to you and remember each and every one of you are starz to me so make sure you shine bright and use all your gifts to make this world better for all of us.