Janet Jackson Touches Down in New York with baby

Janet Jackson landed in New York Monday morning with her 6-month-old child, Eissa, and the little person is one hell of an adorable infant! A story originally sourced from TMZ, apparently, it’s Eissa’s first excursion to the U.S. that we are aware of. The child, whose father is Qatari very rich person Wissam Al Mana, was conceived in London back in January and has been there as his folks hash out their separation.

janet jackson log room

photo courtesy of long room 

Wissam moved out of the couple’s London cushion in April, however no word yet on guardianship and where little Eissa will have perpetual roots.


Sources : TMZ. Featured image courtesy of : daily express



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Taurus Blac Chyna is Demanding Child Support

elite daily tyga.jpg

Photo Credit by Elite Daily

Blac Chyna is on one of her social media rants again. This time for child support payments. Apparently Tyga hasnt been keeping up with his payments. According to TMZ She had went in on Wednesday  Tyga with the text shown below.


Photo Credit TMZ

9 hours later she uploaded this message to snap chat, which seems to be directly referring to Tyga. Screenshot_2017-03-29-15-34-10

What do you think Starz ? Do you think Blac Chyna’s point is valid? Or do you think that she shouldn’t be surprised because Tyga doesn’t pay anybody !

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Featured image photo credit from celebrity insider






The Missing Girls in D.C are considered “runaways”

The Washington D.C. young ladies who have disappeared are not wrongdoing casualties … they’ve quite recently fled their homes, as indicated by Washington D.C. authorities.

There’s been a require an examination concerning the vanishings, yet a police representative says the numbers are not disturbing … they’re in accordance with missing people details.

photo credit by urban intellectuals

There are right now 38 open instances of missing people in D.C. According to TMZ  the 12 vanished over the most recent 5 months. Nine of the young ladies are 18 or under. Ten are dark and 2 Hispanic.

Blue Light, Siren, Police, Officer, Cop, Security

A police representative says they trust all are runaways in view of the conditions of their vanishing, in any case, they say they can’t be sure.

 Child, Black, Black White, Face, Picture

It is pretty ridiculous that this is not considered a problem. It is understandable that crime should  always be taken into account, however how do they not determine that maybe the kids runaway because there was a crime committed against them. Notice how allot of these women are of African and Latino descent.There is a bigger picture to this ordeal and that why there is a social media outrage withing some communities. What are your thoughts Starz? Voice your comments and concerns below

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Taurus Cam Newton Gets in Trouble for Breaking the Rules

The Carolina Panthers opened Sunday Night Football without Cam Newton under focus.


Rather, reinforcement Derek Anderson made an amaze begin against the Seahawks, tossing a capture on the main play of the amusement on a pass that skiped off the fingers of fullback Mike Tolbert into the arms of Seattle linebacker Mike Morgan.


NBC’s Michele Tafoya reported after the a large portion of that Newton was sidelined by mentor Ron Rivera for a clothing standard infringement. A year ago’s MVP entered the diversion on Carolina’s second arrangement before playing whatever remains of the way.

Mold blunder aside, the Panthers did not look great on the field in Sunday night’s 40-7 beatdown ruled by Russell Wilson and the Seahawks.


After the diversion, Rivera told correspondents that Newton abused the group’s travel clothing standard, yet he wouldn’t clarify advance on what Newton particularly did.

“I’m not going to get into our clothing standard,” Rivera said. “Totally my choice.”

Rivera included Monday that he wasn’t stressed over open reaction to his choice.

“I knew it was going to be an encouraging craze and that is only the way it is,” Rivera said. “So to the extent I’m concerned, I’ve tended to it, he’s tended to it and I’m treating everyone the same and I will keep on doing that. So I’m finished with it. We play the Chargers and we lost the amusement yesterday.”


Newton affirmed reports that his sidelining was because of him not wearing a tie.

“I didn’t take after clothing regulation and mentor let me know that I wouldn’t begin,” Newton said. “So I remain by his choice as the position that he’s in and I tail it as one.”

Whenever inquired as to whether he felt he was dressed fittingly, Newton had this to state:

“On the off chance that mentor doesn’t feel like I was dressed suitably, then I wasn’t.”


Newton included: “When you’re 6-5, attempting to get a shirt – I was far from home for a week – I didn’t pack a shirt. There was a considerable measure of ties that were given, yet I can’t wear a tie with this. Meaning I have a tank best on under this – we examined it inside. … I thought we were in agreement; I felt as though I wore a comparable outfit like this some time recently, and nothing was finished. However, he has administers set up and we need to comply with them. No individual is more noteworthy than most others – it is the thing that it is.”

Rivera kept up he wasn’t shaken in his technique for taking care of his players, which he said isn’t anything new.

“I’m extremely OK with it on the grounds that the reality of the situation is I need to treat everyone the same,” the mentor said Monday. “I truly do. What’s more, that is every one of that was. There was no basic message. Since I’ve done this some time recently. It’s tragic the folks I did before weren’t the quarterback and I feel that is the reason it’s such a major ordeal.”


Cam Newton was born on May 11, 1989 @12:00 pm making his sun sign a Taurus and  his moon sign leo. Leo likes to shgow off that my explin his sudden outburst to disregard the rules/

Cam Newtons Planetary Positions are as followed:

Planetary Positions at Birth
Sun:20° 47′ in Taurus
Moon:08° 15′ in Leo
Mercury:06° 49′ in Gemini
Venus:00° 18′ in Gemini
Mars:07° 38′ in Cancer
Jupiter:11° 57′ in Gemini
Saturn:13° 33′ in Capricorn
Uranus:04° 54′ in Capricorn
Neptune:12° 11′ in Capricorn
Pluto:13° 26′ in Scorpio



Gemini Kanye on a 5150 hold !

Kanye West’s own doctor is the person who called 911, cautioning the dispatcher Kanye was not savage but rather would get to be rough when police touched base to help him.


Law requirement sources let us know, the call came in as a male with emotional sickness. Dr. Michael Farzam said his patient’s name was “Jim Jones, 39 years of age, 5’8″, 175 lbs … experiences brief psychosis because of lack of sleep and parchedness.”


As indicated by the police report the specialist told cops he had put Kanye on a 5150 psychiatric hold and needed him taken to UCLA Medical Center. We’re told there’s an issue about whether the specialist really put Kanye on a 5150.


The report goes ahead to state Dr. Farzam advised police Kanye had endeavored to attack a staff part at the exercise center.

According to TMZ sources  Kanye was bound to the stretcher since it’s convention when cops are told somebody is on a 5150 hold.



So the Talkative Gemini Kanye West is a Trump Supporter ?


Kanye West staggered fans Thursday night in San Jose, announcing his fidelity to Donald Trump and uncovering he didn’t vote, however he was Team Donald the distance.


The group was none excessively satisfied … booing Kanye as he went ahead to discuss Trump’s great execution amid the civil arguments.

Be that as it may, … he supposes Hillary has a place in Trump’s organization.



Kanye West  was born June 8, 1977 making him a Gemni is birth chart is as followed :

Sun in 17° Gemini

Moon in 18° Pisces
Mercury in 26° Taurus
Venus in 2° Taurus
Mars in 1° Taurus
Jupiter in 14° Gemini
Saturn in 12° Leo
Uranus in 8° Scorpio (r)
Neptune in 14° Sagittarius (r)
Pluto in 11° Libra (r)
North Node in 21° Libra (r)
Chiron in 4° Taurus



Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby turned herself in overnight and was reserved for first degree homicide in the murdering of Terence Crutcher.


Shelby was in police care for not as much as 30 minutes – as indicated by her docs, she was reserved at 1:11 AM and discharged at 1:31 AM … when she posted $50,000 bond.


In the criminal protestation, the Tulsa D.A. says Shelby’s “trepidation brought about her irrational activities” which prompted her shooting Crutcher.


Her legal advisor says she let go in light of the fact that Crutcher was not taking after requests and, she accepts, was venturing into his vehicle’s window.

At the present moment it is unknown her exact D.OB to determine her  astrological sign once we recieve that information there will be more updates starz !!!



Mia Farrow’s child, Thaddeus, shot and slaughtered himself  Sasha Starz has learned from TMZ sources


A Connecticut restorative inspector lets us know Thaddeus Farrow kicked the bucket of a discharge twisted to the middle … with the passing ruled as a suicide.


Thaddeus was maintained dead Wednesday after an existence undermining damage he endured in his auto. He kicked the bucket at Danbury Hospital in Fairfield County. He was 27.


Mia received Thaddeus in 1994 from Calcutta, India. He was one of 10 kids she’s received, and was likewise paraplegic because of polio.


Thaddeus was received after Mia’s part from Woody Allen

Thaddeus was born in 1988 it is unclear when his birthday was to confirm his actual zodiac sign




Alexis Arquette passed on Sunday morning encompassed by family and companions … the family confided to TMZ sources.


Alexis’ kin, Richmond Arquette says Alexis went on at 12:32 AM while listening to David Bowie’s, “Starman.”

AFI Associates Honors Arquette Family With Award - Event

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – MAY 10: Actress Alexis Arquette accepts the “Platinum Circle Award” onstage with David Arquette, Courteney Cox Arquette and Thomas Jane in the background at the AFI Associates luncheon honoring Hollywood’s Arquette family with the 6th Annual “Platinum Circle Award” held at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel on May 10, 2006 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for AFI)

Other than being the kin of David and Patricia Arquette – Alexis was known for her parts in “Mash Fiction” and “The Wedding Singer,” and being a winner for trans rights.

As mentioned earlier Aexis was a leo. These are individuals who radiate imagination in all circles of life. The certainty, desire, knowledge and positive believing that they ooze are excellent and unparallel amongst all zodiac signs.

Natalia Fabia's 2012 Miss Hooker Pageant

LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 30: Reality TV Pesonality Alexis Arquette attends the 2012 Miss Hooker pageant at The Dragonfly Bar on March 30, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

They are additionally the most legitimate amongst every one of the signs. It is truly difficult to miss them if you be in a room loaded with other individuals.


David discharged an announcement about Alexis’ demise, saying, “Never have I had the pleasure of knowing and cherishing a more entertaining more delightful soul then my sibling/sister Alexis.”

According to sources she has been battling a sickness for some time

What do you think starz about this honorable Leo?

Leave replies and comments below.



Master P is loaded with it when he says he’s bankrupt, and much more dreadful – he’s transformed 3 of his children into pawns in his separation war with Sonya Miller … as per Sonya, in any case.

It should be noted that Master P is a Taurus and Sonya is a Scorpio not necessarily the greatest match it was surprising that they lasted for 20 something odd years.


Scorpio is forceful and bossy. Taurus doesn’t prefer to be surged or given requests. The two altered signs will achieve a stalemate on numerous life issues as they attempt to mix their universes. Neither knows the significance of bargain.


Sonya is presently terminating back at her repelled spouse and their youngsters. TMZ originally broke the story  about the children composing letters to the judge saying they favored living with Dad since Mom is a medication junkie.


Ido very well believe Sonya is dipping in some drugs thats just what Scorpios do and did i mention that she does appear very sickly skinny or is that just old age ?

Be that as it may, in new docs, Sonya says that Master P is pissed about late court orders for him to pay her what she’s owed … so he utilized the children to delude the court.


She tackles P’s child rearing excessively … saying his choice to include the youngsters was egotistical and not to their greatest advantage. Sonya’s likewise not purchasing his case he just makes $2,441 every month.

She guarantees his total assets was $350 mil inside the most recent 5 years, in addition to … despite everything he comes in a Rolls.


Primary concern – Sonya thinks Master P is more worried about his money than their children which sounds like a typical Taurus I hate to say it.


Scorpio couldn’t think less about the material parts of life, in spite of the fact that Taurus takes a stab at them every day keeping in mind the end goal to feel secure. Taurus cherishes cash, an advantage about which Scorpio is undecided.