Zodiac Signs that are Billionares


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Sagittarius #9

Sagittarians are said to be liberal, optimistic and have an awesome comical inclination. Sadly, they’re additionally known for making guarantees they can’t convey on, will state anything regardless of how undiplomatic it might be and can be very anxious.

At the base of the rundown, there are only three Sagittarian very rich people. They include: Fidelity Investments CEO Abigail Johnson, worth $13.4 billion (£11bn); the Hinduja siblings behind Hinduja Group, worth $14.5 billion (£12bn); and property big shots David and Simon Reuben, worth $14.4 (£12bn) billion.

Cancer # 8

cancer 3

Cancerians are portrayed as steady, faithful, enticing and exceptionally inventive. On the drawback they can likewise be ill humored, suspicious, manipulative and shaky.

With the second smallest number of billionaires is Cancer, with just five belonging to this star sign. Some of the most notable include: Tesla Motors founder and CEO Elon Musk, worth $12 billion (£9.7bn); Heineken heiress Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken, worth $12.3 billion (£10bn); and HCL cofounder Shiv Nadar, worth $11.1 billion (£9bn).

#7 Virgo


Virgos have an entire cluster of attributes that set them in great stead to be effective. They’re said to be steadfast, commonsense, diagnostic and dedicated. Be that as it may, they can likewise be excessively condemning of others, troubling and have a tendency to be all work and no play.

Six extremely rich people recognize as Virgos. Among them are business head honcho Warren Buffett, worth $72.7 billion (£59bn); Alibaba Group director Jack Ma, worth $22.7 billion (£15.8bn); and brew very rich person Jorge Paulo Lemann, worth $27.8 billion (£22.6bn).

Pisces # 7


Pisces have awesome instinct, are shrewd, tender, humane and masterful. Be that as it may, they can be frightful, excessively trusting and frequently play either the casualty or a saint.

In sixth place is Pisces with six very rich people. They include: extravagance products noble LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault, worth $34 billion (£27.7bn); Australian media head honcho Rupert Murdoch, worth $10.6 billion (£8.7bn); and Dell originator and CEO Michael Dell, worth $19.8 billion (£16.1bn).

Scorpio #5


Being brave, resourceful, passionate and stubborn are all strong traits of a Scorpio. Their weaknesses include jealousy, distrust and they can be too secretive.

While just seven tycoons call themselves a Scorpio, the world’s wealthiest man, Bill Gates, worth $75 billion (£61bn), is one of them. Different Scorpios include: Steve Jobs’ dowager Laurene Powell Jobs, worth $16.7 billion (£13.6bn); and Chinese land designer Wang Jianlin, worth $28.7 billion (£23.4bn)..

Gemini #4

gemini 1

Geminis can learn rapidly and trade thoughts; they’re additionally exceptionally inquisitive and are profoundly versatile in different circumstances. Be that as it may, they can likewise be uncertain, conflicting and anxious.

There are nine Gemini extremely rich people in the main 100 rundown. They include: Thomson Reuters administrator David Thomson, worth $23.8 billion (£19.4bn); Walmart beneficiary Jim Walton, worth $33.6 billion (£27.3bn); and Ukraine-conceived, London-based business financier Len Blavatnik, worth $15.3 billion (£12.5bn).

Aquarius # 3


Aquarians are probably going to be autonomous, unique and dynamic. They’re additionally liable to be inconsistent, uncompromising and reserved

Aquarius comes in third place with nine billionaires. They include; former New York Mayor and business magnate Michael Bloomberg, worth $40 billion (£32.6bn); UNIQLO founder Tadashi Yanai, worth $14.6 billion (£11.9bn; and Mexican telecoms tycoon Carlos Slim Helu, worth $50 billion (£40.7bn).

Libras # 2


Librans are strategic, charitable, honest, social and helpful. In any case, they’re additionally known to convey resentment, keep away from encounters and can be hesitant.

There are additionally nine Libran tycoons in the main 100 rich rundown. Among them is L’Oréal beneficiary Liliane Bettencourt, worth $36.1 billion (£29.4bn); H&M administrator Stefan Persson, worth $20.8 billion (£16.5bn); and Walmart beneficiary Alice Walton, worth $32.3 billion (£26.3bn).

Capricorn # 2

capricorn 1

Capricorns are known for being mindful, taught, brimming with discretion and are perceived pioneers. On the flipside they can be unforgiving, deigning and somewhat of a know-it-all.

There are 10 extremely rich person Capricorns. Probably the most striking are: Amazon originator and CEO Jeff Bezos, worth $45.2 billion (£37bn); Russian business person Vladimir Potanin, worth $12.1 billion (£9.8bn); and Safra National Bank of New York administrator Joseph Safra, worth $17.2 billion (£4bn)..

LEO #1

leo 1

Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted and cheerful are all traits that make up a Leo. But on the flipside they can also be stubborn, lazy, self centred and arrogant.


Cancer and Scorpio Love Connection

Cancer and Scorpio Love 

Both of you have solid, profound sentiments and you bond seriously. Thusly you wind up plainly appended to each other and stick firmly to each other. Be that as it may, your enthusiastic natures are diverse from multiple points of view as well. Tumor frequently feels more empathy and sensitivity for somebody, while Scorpio may view Cancer’s emotions as wistfulness. Whenever injured, Scorpio winds up noticeably angry and malicious. Cancer then again, cries or sulks, and typically tells the other individual (verbally or nonverbally) about it. Scorpio, by complexity, shrouds it.


You may likewise have diverse dispositions towards sexuality versus adore. For instance, Cancer may feel that Scorpio is once in a while more determined by intuition and desire than by affection, and this may turn into an issue in your relationship. By and large, however, the exceptional holding and emotionality of your relationship cultivates a profound, enduring connection between you.

Both of you are extremely touchy and natural about others’ needs and sentiments, and turn out to be profoundly connected to individuals. You two can turn out to be, close, seriously clung to each other, for you both need and look for an extremely entire passionate union with your accomplice. Tumor is extremely reliant on friends and family, as is Scorpio, however Scorpio doesn’t generally appear or let it out. When you need something or think about something or somebody, both of you are exceptionally enthusiastic and regularly lose all objectivity.

Generally you are very good, however there are a few contrasts. Scorpio is more energetic, all the more sincerely determined, and has extremely solid loves, loathes, and enthusiastic responses to individuals and circumstances (however these emotions might be covered up).


Scorpio’s profundities are uncovered to not very many, and it is troublesome for Scorpio to be straightforwardly defenseless and to surrender control in a relationship. Scorpio can be extremely malevolent when harmed or irate. Tumor, then again, is gentler, more delicate and tender, and might be resentful about circumstances by Scorpio’s energy. Disease needs and needs an exceptionally thoughtful, supporting, non-focused and tranquil environment.

You two have an exceptionally solid psychic or clairvoyant connection, and there is a lot of affectability, compassion, and comprehension between you. Vision and dedication are imperative components in your relationship and both of you may happily give or give up much for each other. Growth urges Scorpio to be responsive and to some degree aloof. Scorpio is effectively influenced by Cancer’s feelings and mind-sets, and this might befuddle or overpowering, particularly if Scorpio doesn’t have a strong feeling of self. Disease, then again, worships Scorpio, and may have an extremely wrong photo of Scorpio’s actual nature and requirements. Additionally, both of you might be exceptionally aberrant or inconspicuous in your correspondences. Endeavor to be direct and clear with each other.


You appreciate dynamic physical exercises together, and it is likely that you appreciate playing sports, going up against each other, and seeking after coexistence in a vivacious, passionate way. You are a significant “dynamic due” yet you are likewise disposed to end up plainly furious with each other and feel started by each other. The dynamism and eagerness that you stimulate in each other can likewise prompt pushiness, control battles, outrage, and antagonistic vibe. Sexual fascination is additionally extremely extraordinary and develops abruptly and suddenly.

Possessiveness, might be an issue in your relationship. Since your sexual cravings gone ahead decently all of a sudden and firmly, you will think that its difficult to control them now and again. Love and sex “detonate” in this relationship. You can’t get enough of each other. It can be a sensual blend. You have a solid proclivity with each other, an intuitive compatibility that empowers you to know each other extremely well, nearly from the begin. An essential similarity exists which helps you to overcome the upsetting or dangerous actualities of your relationship. You have a characteristic feeling of having a place with each other.


Blasts of motivation, innovative creative energy and understanding, or weird psychic encounters makes your relationship enthusiastic and strange. You may do some somewhat odd or bizarre testing together. Evasion of obligation or reality can be an issue now and again.









mar 1

Did you realize that your natal diagram can give knowledge into any part of your life at any given time? The greater part of the inquiries that I get are obviously, about sentiment and when it might introduce itself.


Others simply need to get straight to the point and know, “Will I wed? Provided that this is true, when?” Yes, your diagram can demonstrate this!

As a celestial prophet, the primary thing I would take a gander at is the state of your seventh house. The seventh house in crystal gazing rules marriage or fortified connections.


There first must be the sign that you have marriage guaranteed in your diagram. I have found throughout the times of taking a gander at outlines there are a few positions that can delay, avoid or inside and out deny marriage. I don’t prefer to give a perusing where I say “never” in instances of inquiries identified with marriage or notwithstanding having kids. For this situation, I would approach it from a perspective of this individual may have a few impediments to overcome before they could understand marriage in their lifetime.


One of these impediments that is by all accounts very nearly 100% in my examination is one having a Void Venus. Venus is the planet of affection and connections and has rulership over the seventh house in the zodiac. At the point when Venus in a diagram is Void, it implies that it is neither making or getting any significant viewpoints from different planets/lights in the outline. It can be much the same as somebody who just can’t get past the halfway point or get on the way to marriage. There are generally different reasons appearing in the outline why they might not have marriage so evident, and those future talked about at the season of the perusing.


The following marker that marriage might be postponed or denied is the planet Saturn in or administering the seventh house. I have not found that this arrangement totally denies marriage however like a Void Venus. Most circumstances, the individual either needs to “develop into” the possibility of marriage, needs to take as much time as is needed, or develop. A great deal of times when I see this kind of Saturn arrangement, it for the most part means marriage to one whom you have an age contrast with or you get hitched after your first Saturn return, which happens around age 28. In this way, it is normal that the individuals who have this who would like to wed may postpone it until they have their vocation (a Saturn thing!) and possess life all together. I generally think development with regards to this kind of position.


The Sun in a lady’s diagram is imperative in portraying their accomplice, additionally deciding whether there might be more than one marriage. More than one marriage can be seen additionally by the seventh house, and its ruler. A twofold bodied sign (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces) on the seventh can indicate more than one marriage in either a man or lady’s diagram.


The Sun in a lady’s graph in a twofold bodied sign (as observed above), or applying to at least one oriental planets can show more than one marriage. An oriental planet is one in the tenth, eleventh, twelfth, fourth, fifth and sixth place of the diagram.

For men, we look to the Moon and her applying perspectives (in spite of the fact that for this situation we disregard the Sun) to get a thought of the sort of spouse he may have.

In all cases, the sign on the seventh house and additionally the ruler in sign, house and its perspectives portray the marriage accomplice.

After I have decided if there would be marriage by taking a gander at one’s graph, the following clear question from the customer is “when”? Fortunate for us, there is a recipe for this!


Most importantly, if a lady has her Sun oriental, which means in the fourth, fifth, sixth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth house, the probability that she will have an early marriage or marriage to one more youthful is higher. In the event that the Sun is occidental, being in the first, second, third, seventh, eighth or ninth house, this can demonstrate a later marriage or marriage to one who is more seasoned. For men, we take a gander at the Moon in connection to the Sun. On the off chance that the man’s Moon is in the first or second quarter or oriental, it can demonstrate early marriage. On the off chance that in third or fourth quarter and occidental, marriage might be sometime down the road or to one more seasoned.


When one is entering a “marriage” stage in their life, their outline will regularly demonstrate this. The seventh house and also its ruler will normally be enacted by travel or movement. The Vertex is likewise generally influenced since this point in one’s diagram when actuated by a noteworthy travel/movement can demonstrate a “defining moment” in life. The Sun/Moon midpoint is additionally frequently influenced in graphs of the individuals who wed.


Sasha Starz Unlimited currently does not have a birth chart application but will soon, however if you have access to your own birth chart you want to look at the following pointers :

  • pointers to the seventh house
  • pointers to the seventh house ruler, Mars
  • pointers to the ascendant
  • pointers to the ascendant ruler, Venus
  • actuation of the Vertex
  • actuation of the Part of Marriage and Part of Spirit
  • pointers to Venus, planet of marriage
  • pointers to the  natal Sun, leader of marriage accomplice

Feel free to direct any additional comments to the ask Sasha Starz Tab












(March 21st to April nineteenth)

Aries are about getting the enjoyment in a Relationship, while in the meantime they make you feel quiet with yourself. Their dedication has its own particular exceptional place in the relationship since they don’t stop effortlessly on somebody they have confidence in. Life is about going out on a limb and making the best existing apart from everything else while despite everything you can for an Aries.

When they are gone, you can’t resist the opportunity to feel how your life is somewhat exhausting without them around, how it has lost that start. Being around them makes you feel like life is truly justified, despite all the trouble, that the battles are only a piece of accomplishing something more prominent. Indeed, even the ordinary routine appears like a bit of cake when you are dating an Aries. You can likewise read our extremely popular articles on the most proficient method to love an Aries and how you ought to be cherished.

When they abandon, it resembles they take away that touch of fervor and interest with them and you will miss the amount you appreciated even the humblest things of your life and reality itself. An Aries will show you the value of tolerance and when and how to contribute it. After you both go separate ways, you will miss that quality beyond all doubt; not everybody can show you the value of tolerance actually, they request it.

For an Aries, winning means a considerable measure yet more than that, with regards to somebody they think about, the procedure itself is the thing that matters more. When you are with another person, you will miss getting a charge out of the way toward accomplishing something significant more than really winning it, and the way that your new accomplice does not see it a similar way will just make you miss your Aries ex more.



(April twentieth to May 21st)

The Bull is outstanding for its unyielding quality and the courageous requirement for security with the individual they be with. They beyond any doubt are an intense nut to open however once you break through to a Taurus, they ensure you understand that you are in forever and frivolous little issues are not going to change that. Notwithstanding when things get unpleasant between both of you, you will realize that being the resolved individual that they are, your Taurian accomplice won’t simply abandon you that effectively; they will absolutely endure your instabilities and offense and try for you regardless.

Their need to feel secure around you additionally eclipses and you will acknowledge not everybody can do that, regardless of how huge or little the contention is. So when you say a final farewell to a Taurus, you will miss the wellbeing and security they gave you, and the way that transitory misfortunes are not a sufficient motivation to discard the relationship. You will miss their sense of duty regarding the relationship, which is not something everybody can pull off perfectly like a Taurus does. They have faith in the virtue of benevolence – not simply to fulfill their accomplice and substance additionally to make the relationship solid over the long haul.

You may discover somebody who is likely more magnanimous than your Taurian ex however not at all like them, your new accomplice will most likely perform caring represents you seemingly out of the blue and have that be sufficient. Where the relationship goes from that point won’t not mean much to them as it does to a Taurus. You will miss how your Taurus ex dependably safeguarded you regardless, dependably had your back and never showed signs of change that for anybody. You can likewise read our another piece on 7 things that make Taurus the most sentimental accomplice ever.


(May 22nd to June 21st)

Gemini is spoken to by the images of twins – they have a double nature. That goes for everything. They have a one of a kind point of view; where you thought just a single viewpoint existed to a truth, a Gemini will make you see the opposite side of the coin, consequently expanding your viewpoint as a rule.

Their capacity to make you see things distinctively is the thing that you will miss the most once they are gone, on the grounds that life turns into very dull when you just take a gander at things and substances from one point. As mind boggling as everything seems to be, your Gemini accomplice makes you realize totally new possibilities – that makes for a significant intriguing identity, wouldn’t you agree? Furthermore, the fun they acquire to the relationship is additionally another element you will painfully miss about your Gemini ex. Likewise read our different article for Geminies: 5 Easy Ways to Love a Gemini.

They convey another shading to enthusiasm and how to accomplish it. Having somebody like that leave your life will make you perceive that it is so important to have somebody diverse, vivacious and brimming with life to impart your encounters and musings to. A Gemini shows you the value of not just observing things with a radical new point of view additionally how others’ feelings matter, and that it is so essential to acknowledge others with no bias, a quality not everybody conveys well. – keep perusing on next page

mi 2


(August 23rd to September 22nd)

A Virgo partner is all about upgrading your life to its fullest, in literally every possible way. They have a knack for ordering things, helping out in whichever way they can, making you figure your way out through times and a lot more.

You will miss all of this and more after you break up with your Virgo partner. It is not every day that you meet someone who, instead of draining you like most people do, brings out the best in you and makes you believe in yourself. Virgos are just so pure in all the random acts of kindness they do for your sake that you will find yourself badly craving something like that in your new partner. Being the ultimate good guys, they make life all the more organized yet comfortable to live with and that is what you will miss the most about them – not just the simple things they did for you like arranging your work desk or setting up the cables properly or sitting late at night listening to you vent about their bad day and so forth.


They are the ones who pat you on the back, ‘there, there’ you and make you feel at home with yourself. When they leave, you will forever search for that kind of peace in someone new. Sure, Virgos are the ones who worry way more than they should. That is only because they care for you that much. They are never ignorant of what your needs and wants are and do all in their power to help you fulfill them. Here are 13 things that you should know about loving a Virgo.


(June 22nd to July 22nd)

With regards to the sustaining Crab – that is the thing that you will miss about them the most. Regardless of the possibility that you are dating another person who’s extraordinary and cherishes you a considerable measure, you will wonder constantly on the off chance that any other individual will give you an affection as absolutely unrestricted as your Cancerian ex did.

About supporting and making the other individual feel at home regardless of the brutality of life around them, your Cancerian accomplice will dependably be that quiet, safe place you can go to. When they leave, hereafter, that protected place leaves from you too and you will miss that the most. Indeed, you will even miss the clinginess your Cancerian ex frequently had. An excessive number of individuals have turned out to be shut and protected and thus, they don’t generally know about the correct words to state or the correct things to do to make you open up and have it feel among the most normal things in the entire world. Because of their tenacity and clingy nature, a Cancerian never abandons you and makes you see the magnificence in trusting in them, to give it every one of the a chance to out, to comprehend you and your torment at a level you didn’t anticipate that them will. Additionally read 10 things you have to think about a Cancerian lady.

Not everybody can give you that. So when your new accomplice keeps on drifting on about some progressing political emergency or the other, you will end up missing how your Cancerian ex dependably sat adjacent to you being all clingy and made you open up about whatever harsh fix you were experiencing, doing what they could have done in an opportunity to improve you feel and secure.


(July 23rd to August 22nd)

Leo may be all profoundly prideful and victors yet in spite of the greater part of that, they know superior to anybody what and who to offer significance to. They will demonstrate you faithfully how all that you say, do and think matters significantly more than you give yourself acknowledgment for.

So when they are gone, you will truly miss how much significance they provided for you and your sentiments and so forth, something your new accomplice won’t not do as pleasantly. It is their feeling of what is deserving of their endeavors and what is not that makes them climb mountains for you even with zero quality – the solid identity sort that Leos are – in light of the fact that they have faith in you, have confidence in trying for you don’t with anything to pick up for themselves.

Not everybody will have the capacity to see through the mist and value you in ways like a Leo does. That is the thing that you will search for in each new accomplice you are with later on. You will extraordinarily miss the feeling of lack of concern you encountered being with a Leo. When others will anticipate from you and loading you with irrelevant things, you will miss how your Leo ex constantly made you feel commendable and sufficiently solid to do anything you needed, without any desires or show at all. Here are a few characteristics of Leo ladies and how you ought to treat them the correct way. – keep perusing on next page

MI 1


(September 23rd to October 22nd)

You may know about Libras as to some degree exhausting, law partners who are about adjust however they are far more than that. They are the most talented among whatever remains of the zodiacs with beguiling identities and awesome social abilities that inspire anybody that runs over them. Life is about giving up and clutching the opportune individuals and things for Libras. Their capacity to keep up the harmony between the two is the sole variable which makes you, as their accomplice, entirety.

When they abandon, you will search for this sort of healthy feeling in whomever you be with yet it will never be the same as it was with a Libra – the manager of adjust and fulfillment in life. It will be difficult to have somebody like that leave and you will miss feeling complete like you did with your Libra ex.

Being with them makes you feel not simply total regardless of your weaknesses and capacities that you need, however it likewise makes you feel like the best couple on the planet, what with their charms and healthiness to add to the prosperity of your relationship. That is something you will miss seriously after you say a final farewell to your Libra accomplice. Regardless of the possibility that you get in a battle with a Libra, and the outrage chills off, they will later make you see the significance of equity in a relationship – which goes both ways. Likewise read Why are Libras considered as the best long haul accomplices

They won’t simply tune in to your viewpoint and your purposes behind saying what you said yet they will likewise attempt to discover rationale in it, to see who is all the more just. That basic demonstration of theirs is the thing that you will miss extraordinarily when you stay there intuition how your new accomplice did not in any case try tuning in to your side of the story like your Libra ex did. You will lament leaving somebody who did not offer approach to outrage and feelings and gave more an incentive to who’s on the privilege in a contention.


(October 23rd to November 22nd)

Consolidate two differentiating qualities: a wild nature and a profound, energetic sweetheart and you get a relationship that can stand the trial of time, destiny and whatever other pitiless constrain of nature out there. These two attributes are what your Scorpio accomplice is about, for the most part.

They keep up a well-kept adjust in the relationship which rotates around being furious and solid willed enough to complete things yet in the meantime, give their everything to you with a sympathy like no other.

These two things are extremely uncommon to exist in a man so being a couple that can crash through the intense floods of life and after that sail quickly later… now that is something you will miss each day, every day after you say a final farewell to your Scorpio accomplice. When you are no longer with them, you will see the criticalness to beat impediments in addition to appreciate some profound energy that is regularly compulsory in a perfect accomplice.

Of course, you may discover another person with that sort of identity yet you can’t make sure they will play both the parts in way as adjusted as your Scorpio ex did; on the grounds that everybody knows the way however few really walk it. You will woefully miss your Scorpio ex’s wild standpoint and conduct while in the meantime missing the delicacy they adored you with. In case you’re anticipating dating a Scorpio then you ought to know the 15 Brutally Honest things about Scorpios.


(November 23rd to December 21st)

You Sagittarius ex’s suddenness is the thing that you will end up missing the most after the separate. They have an inclination for dependably be exploring new territory and energizing. The profound esteem and centrality they provided for you and the relationship overall will be something you don’t know to get in your new accomplice.

Losing your Sagittarius accomplice will make you perceive how dull individuals can at times be, something you had neglected some time recently. The fun time they give you resembles no other. You will come to encounter new meanings of family, security, care and regard with your Sagittarius accomplice and when they are no longer with you, you will end up taking a second look at similar definitions shown in your new accomplice that you will acknowledge how wonderful and cherishing your Sagittarius ex made it look.

It is not just the feeling of being cherished so truly and having a considerable measure of fun together that you will miss about your Sagittarius ex, additionally how they made you see brilliant light even in the darkest of times. Their capacity to see the positive side of life will be something you will search for in your new accomplice and you may discover it yet at the same time… it won’t be the same.

Sagittarius may be about being unconstrained yet in the meantime, they esteem their accomplice’s flexibility as well. Presently when most couple search for accomplishing that flexibility together, one of the two now and then unconsciously and even inadvertently takes the high ground while alternate understands kind of left. Additionally read, 10 Ways to Love a Sagittarius.

Going separate ways with your Sagittarius accomplice will make you perceive how preferably they esteemed your need to feel free while being submitted and you will miss that all the more so. You will long for to feel that opportunity you felt with your Sagittarius accomplice regardless of remaining inside the limits of steadfastness, truth, regard and love


(December 22nd to January 20th)

Being a couple with a Capricorn is definitely qualified as being a power couple. They are basically the sort of person everyone wants to be – successful, hardworking and somewhat flawless but yet whatever flaws there are, they carry them well. Being with a Capricorn is like living on the upper side of life – you get the best of both worlds, literally.

So when you have to move on from them after the break up, you are basically moving on to something lesser, something not as great as that given by your Capricorn ex. Their ability to make you set your goals then devise ideal ways to achieve them – that is something that makes you closer to being successful and not everyone can do that for you like your Capricorn partner did. You will miss that badly once they are gone.

You will replay the feeling of joy in your head and heart which they made you experience by making you work hard for what you truly believed in. Capricorns are very strong-willed people. They make their partners feel the same way. Walking away from one makes you wonder if you will ever find someone new with that kind of power. They are the kind to build you up when you are sure of nothing else but breaking down. Their will trust you when there is least reason to just so you could find your courage to carry on in life again. Having such a resilient support system to part ways with will leave you stranded to begin anew, all by yourself.


(January 21st to February 18th)

Being with an Aquarius is being at your self’s best version – at all costs. The phrase ‘he/she makes me a better person’ is something you hear from a lot of couples but in case of dating an Aquarius, it could not be truer. They feel genuinely happy doing whatever they can for you. Breaking up with them and moving on to someone new will make you wonder if that was the best you could ever be, for yourself as well as for others.

Not everyone can see the beauty, appreciate simplicity and find purity in day-to-day acts of kindness and generosity like an Aquarius does and you are going to miss this very much after your break up with someone like an Aquarius. The unparalleled straightforwardness of an Aquarius is what you cannot to be sure to find in your new partner. Their simplistic need to not complicate things lest you get the wrong idea and get hurt is a quality trait not everyone possesses; and you will regret walking away from someone like that.

Aquarius have a temper but it quickly cools down and they begin to see their love and respect for you and hence act accordingly. Being with someone new and waiting for that moment when the anger subsides, you will catch yourself missing how your Aquarius ex easily let go of their anger and how quickly things went back to normal. That sweet normalcy – not just in the case of fights and arguments but in other things as well – is what you will miss heavily after you break up with your Aquarius partner.

Their cool, calm and collected demeanor is not something you can be totally sure to find in a new partner.


(February nineteenth to March twentieth)

The Piscean is a significant intriguing identity. They have a profound love for workmanship and great self-expression. They make you see life and all its wealth in new hues, ones that will leave a profound effect on you for quite a while. Consequently, leaving somebody like that will make you understand how the greater part of the rest of this universes sees life in such dull hues and that your Pisces ex had genuinely opened your eyes to the magnificence out there.

Their feeling of understanding things at a fairly prevalent level may have made you mediocre yet there is doubtlessly once you go separate ways with them, you will definitely miss the way they told the most basic stories with such imagination, or the way the depicted life’s fundamental joys as something far extraordinary, or how they made you seek after your objectives utilizing the best of all you have and innumerable other important attempts they put resources into the relationship. You will truly lament making your Pisces accomplice simply one more someone that you used to know after they made you know the value of every other person, particularly you





Sources :Relationship Rules,relrules.com

Cops were Trying to Kill Gemini Kendrick Lamar’s Vibe

Kendrick Lamar got pulled over in Bev Hills Friday evening, yet it won’t demolish his end of the week. Kendrick Lamar was born on June 18th 1987.

ken billboard

Photo Courtesy of Billboard

Our photo seen Kendrick in the driver’s seat of a dark G-Wagon that happened to have quite recently been pulled over by BHPD. It’s unmistakable the whiz was modest, and did NOT play the “don’t you know my identity” card.

ken tmz

Photo Courtesy TMZ

We know this in light of the fact that the officer brought in Kendrick’s information to dispatch – you can hear it on the radio.

At last however … he drove off without a feared yellow sheet of paper. Appears the cop let him off with a notice. While Kendrick was tight-lipped regarding why he was halted … the cop gave us a solid clue.

It’s great to be the Kendrick. For sooo many reasons.


Sources : TMZ 

Dark Zodiac The Terrifying Truth about Your Zodiac Sign


**Warning **This Article is for fun and it is intended to be for entertainment purposes we encourage you to use as such and don pass judgement on your fellow companions

And furthermore… Try not to pass them on to your dear companions since we would prefer not to be in charge of any resulting disagreement! We might want to apologize ahead of time for any offense but sometimes the truth about our dark side hurts.


Terrifying Truth with Aries in Dark Zodiac!


You are only a primate. You charge quick like a savage and you haven’t the foggiest what nuance could mean. In addition, you are an open threat since you are forceful and absolutely oblivious, also your over the top naivety, and your oversimplified and unpleasant vision of things. The temperances of briskness appear to be absolutely “greek to you, which would come down to a limit: ” The hellfire with the outcomes! “. To put it plainly, individuals just find in you some kind of out of control and very moronic mammoth. To talk reality, there is very little to include, for your temperament is without any intriguing many-sided quality.

The Terrifying Truth of Taurus in Dark Astrology



Your largeness is coordinated just by your amazing gradualness. How about we not overlook that you are as tenacious as a donkey. In any case, would it say it isn’t said that “exclusive simpletons don’t alter their opinions”? You are a fat realist and you can’t see more remote than the finish of your nose. You are ravenous for benefit, henceforth your possessive and even parsimonious side. “How about we live to eat and we should not eat to live” could well be your maxim. Scholarly and dynamic matters are well past you, since you are coarsely practical and straightforward. In conclusion, you have no intrigue other than nourishment and solace, much the same as a creature that pigs out, and that can’t consider whatever else.


The Terrifying Truth about Gemini in Dark Astrology

It is said that you are interested in regards to everything and exceptionally versatile. Really, it is an absence of significance and consistency that portrays you. You are totally not able to concentrate on anything, and your scholarly procedure is extremely shallow. All that you say is absolutely uninteresting. It’s quite recently hot air regardless. You don’t trust a solitary word you express, and you overlook all that you say a couple of minutes after the fact. You bounce starting with one subject then onto the next to complete a discussion keeping in mind the end goal to seem proficient and intriguing. Be that as it may, it is very certain that, under your academic finish, you are an average and shallow individual. You have no feelings and no empathy. You take after a wise robot, which rehashes what it has been instructed, or what it has encountered, without intuition independent from anyone else.

The Terrifying Truth about Cancer in Dark Astrology

mama boy.jpg

The enormous darling Mummy’s child! This is something you have likely heard all the time when individuals would allude to you. Your extreme touchiness is exceptionally aggravating in light of the fact that individuals can never disclose to you what they truly consider you without making them wail your heart out. Without a doubt, you have no influence over your feelings, and your escort, and yourself, think that its exceptionally hard to endure your states of mind. Your mental age is eight years regardless you live in a phase of youth. Really, you live more in your mind than in the genuine living. You can’t go up against the world and you vegetate in your cozy and warm little universe. Your memory is unreasonably great, and you can’t dispose of your discouraging wistfulness. In a word, you are a timid, detached, maniacal and egotistical seemingly insignificant detail.

The Terrifying Truth about  Leo  in Dark Astrology

mirror.jpgKeep an eye out! Expect no commend, you who are so narcissistic thus brimming with yourself! Being a Leo is a long way from complimenting, in opposition to what you may think. Moreover, you are persuaded that you are an outstanding individual, while you are shockingly crazy since it is clear to everybody that you make a decent attempt to show up a vastly improved individual than what you truly are. Really, you have a tremendous feeling of inadequacy. You live just through other individuals since, where it counts, you realize that you are not worth much. You toss compliments at yourself, and after that you don’t comprehend why others stay wary in your face. Obviously, you additionally carry on like a little despot versus your court of wolves in sheep’s clothing without understanding that their adulations absolutely need truthfulness. Clear-sightedness is not among your qualities, should you have any. You act like a ruined imp, tyrannical, self-ingested, and bossy.


The Terrifying Truth about Virgo in Dark Astrology


You have such a variety of defects that it is anything but difficult to list them. For example, you are notable for your feeling of inadequacy (which is a complex, as well as substantial truth, as you most likely are aware; in addition, you should be given acknowledgment for your clarity). Your whole life is restricted to being a hireling, a right-hand individual, to sum things up, a doormat with no feeling of self-esteem. We should include that you are unsettled and that you control yourself to death since you severely dislike anything that may irritate your unimportant dull life. Your fixation on cleanliness and points of interest is verging on insanity, and even on anxiety, which is very terrifying to witness. Your room should dependably be in impeccable request, to the degree that one ends up noticeably awkward and restless. These two last attributes are additionally parts of your character, which you are splendidly mindful of. Is it truly important to continue? Better not, keeping in mind that you wind up as some kind of unchecked sociopath (the distraught Virgin, you know!), which is something you wouldn’t need, not at any cost, okay? At long last, you generally travel between various extremes, and that is the issue that is finally too much to bear!

The Terrifying Truth about Libra in Dark Astrology


Since it is the image of Libra, the very word “Adjust” makes you feel sorry to learn conceived under this sign. Having a normal protest speak to your sign must not feel excessively complimenting, without a doubt. Also, you don’t know how to attest yourself. Since isolation is your fear, you line up with individuals who are the most grounded ones since you are persuaded that they won’t let you down. You don’t generally have a private life. You live for others and as per what they consider you. You endeavor to if you don’t mind which infers that you are misleading and reluctant about all that you say… You likely continually feel that you are on the razor’s edge: not a solitary word missing, or in overabundance, not a solitary error. Generally war will break out, and this… No compelling reason to include more! Your self-announced creative bowed is only dullness and garishness. In truth, you are excessively savvy and cool. A mini-computer with an enchanting grin is the portrayal that fits you best.


The Terrifying Truth about Scorpio in Dark Astrology


There is little that could be added to your awful notoriety. In any case, we trust it fascinating to wind the blade still further. You are a tricky, curious and forceful individual. Surprisingly, you help to remember scorpions (no play on words planned!), additionally of sewer rats, unreasonable, trivial and terrifying. You delight in other individuals’ sufferings, so kindly don’t indicate that it is on the grounds that you need to help them rise above their difficulties and know themselves better, since we know extremely well that your abhorrent and crafty nature appreciates drawing in consideration and mixing up sick feeling. You are accepted to have an extraordinary sexual vitality. Notwithstanding, it has more to do with a lamentable inclination to discharge your driving forces, since you can’t control them. You likewise develop a high supposition of yourself, and to make yourself fascinating, you play the secretive and defiant personage. By the by, clearly you feel disliked, which drives you practically jumpy. You see fiendish all over the place, and to secure yourself against it, similar to a creepy crawly setting its spider webs, you continue controlling everybody in your company (you ought to concede that it is terribly troublesome for you a while later to escape the chaos you have made).


The Terrifying Truth about Sagittarius in Dark Astrology


Try not to believe that your great notoriety will keep us from making a total rundown of your various blemishes! Right off the bat, you claim to be a thinker enriched with receptiveness. Really, it is just an approach to escape ordinary substances that you discover exhausting. It is more exact to state that you have no internal life. Your enthusiasm for culture and deep sense of being is only an enthusiasm, as we have specified as of now! To be sure, you have no impression of your own. You idiotically rehash what you have perused or listened, and you gladly surmise that you can seem, by all accounts, to be an astute individual who has a monstrous information of the world. Also, you never dive deep, and keeping in mind that you egotistically show your insight, you demonstrate no basic or explanatory personality. You are a genuine dry spell and you are fretful, which converts into bothering whimsical, absence of dependability, and no feeling of duty or reliability… In conclusion, you can’t satisfy your guarantees. You misrepresent everything with a specific end goal to awe your fans (yes, you are pleased, unquestionably), and you have no idea what “politeness” implies. Numerous among you are quite trifling and materialistic.

The Terrifying Truth about Capricorn in Dark Astrology


We have a craving for summing your character as tails: you are a little nark! In fact, you do all that you can so as to go unnoticed, and your absence of self-assurance is recently sickening. You are pernicious, as wonderful as a corrections officer, as idiotic as a tomb, as cool as a carcass and as unbending as a skeleton. As though you needed to compensate for your blemishes, you attempt to utilize amusing, or rather some sort of lamentable and lifeless self-joke, yet you don’t persuade anyone, not by any means yourself. In addition, is there anything in which you accept? Your vocation? All things considered, yes. You are a social climber, a goal-oriented individual, in a nutshell, a shark. You’re passionate longing to succeed and to pound your casualties in your way demonstrates that you are extremely understanding and ascertaining. Since you get ready for the more drawn out term, you neglect to live in the present. You are totally centered around yourself and on your work (in this way, you are narrow minded what’s more), and you don’t comprehend what it resembles to have a fabulous time. For sure, you are never found joking around on the grounds that it would be incoherent from your part. To put it plainly, you are exhausting to death, and on top of that, cynical… No, don’t shoot yourself in light of the fact that, as fantastic as it might appear, there might be a few people who adore you!

The Terrifying Truth about Aquarius in Dark Astrology!


You attempt to resemble an unconventional and defiant individual, some kind of prophet who might offer reality. Really, you so totally need significance that you do all that you can keeping in mind the end goal to remunerate this blemish. You are profoundly mindful of the way that you are just a single sheep among numerous others, yet you can’t acknowledge this thought! Subsequently, you urgently endeavor to emerge of the group, and you show your individuality, yet now and then the circumstance gains out of power, and you turn into a rebel, absolutely maladjusted to your condition. In this way, don’t whine that nobody needs to be your companion! To you, companionship is a sacrosanct esteem, however have you got a thought of what it really is? You are so profoundly withdrew and indifferent (and yes, your obvious eccentric repays this) since you are excessively cerebral and you avoid imply connections and individual insider facts. It is much more terrible with regards to love connections! Your unending autonomy would hurt a considerable number accomplices… You claim to be liberal and unselfish, yet wouldn’t you say that these qualities don’t have a place with hypotheses and ought to spring from the heart? Quit trusting that you are an imaginative virtuoso in the vanguard in light of the fact that else, one of nowadays, you will wind up in a psychiatric healing facility…


The Terrifying Truth about Pisces in Dark Astrology!


Haze, gloom, upheaval… these are the words which portray you best. Clearness, sharpness and sound judgment are not your benefits… You resemble a jellyfish in the ocean, and you let the tide convey you without your knowing where to, how, and why. Moreover, you couldn’t mind less, right? Apathy is likewise one of your attributes. You don’t know precisely what you think, or your identity. Under such conditions, clearly it is troublesome for you to stay consistent with yourself, which converts into shakiness, unfaithfulness (you are never sure that you truly adore a man) and advantage. You delight in psychodramas and you ace the specialty of shady mistake, and in addition insane mythomania. Your wistfulness makes life muddled for you. It resembles a crazy ride, now going into a supernatural stupor, now falling into the most serious despondency. Your clear non-abrasiveness and liberality hide your absence of solidness and in addition the way that you have no spine. You don’t know how to state no, and in light of the fact that you are a sucker, you get ambled with every one of the underdogs, with whom nobody needs to bargain. Obviously that you need resolution and that you are definitely not the energetic sort!


Furthermore, yet again…

Kindly don’t pass these description on to your dear companions since we would prefer not to be in charge of any resulting discord! We might want to apologize ahead of time for any offense you may take from the terrifying portrayals.



What do you think Starz? Leave your thoughts and Comments below!!!






Sources: astrotheme.com

New Raw Talent King Seth Pollo a Born Legend and Entertainer


Okay Starz so if you never believed in magic, Let me make you into a believers ! Make way for royalty coming from Brooklyn New York King Seth Pollo ! There is  a long list of abilities that this King can do so get you a pen and piece of paper and take notes.


“Rite now with my new song Nike on dash board ft b.v.r  I’m killing the street with a new sound .”  in Seth’s words


It all started when Seth was just a tyke he would display artistic abilities. Seth surpassed his peers in art and acting class.  When he reached 10 years old he  was a co star in his brothers production “Streets Production.” It didn’t stop there by the time the young King became a teenager he became an Actor in Broadway in New York .received_730909087081229


Astrology Fun Facts: King Seth is a Cancer III and he was born on July 14 the the day of the Convincing Story Teller ! No wonder why he is such a good actor !People born on this day tend to be charming, inspirational, and hint of humor.They also usually have a great grab on their professional work that is truly astonishing. It is no doubt that people on this day would consider themselves as Kings.


Soon after King Young Seth graduated he had already landed two lead acting roles in two  Indie Films and two more Broadway Plays. He later on widened his intelligence and artistic abilities to creative writing, modeling,producing and Rapping.received_730911273747677

However  King Seth Pollo has always been rapping since he was a child,by the time he was 20 he started really putting his focus on it.King Young Seth learned how to produce and rap his own songs by himself. He mastered flawlessness that he was able to produce for others on the side,while still maintaining his acting career.

Oh you think it stopped there?  Nope remember we are dealing with royalty an above average type of person. King Seth Pollo was also featured in other films listed below:


  • 1.Actors versus models. Film
    2. Grand street shaving c.o film
    3.The bench series. web series
    4.Trapped.  (his own film that he directed himself!)
    5 Hang em out to Dry.  (Music video)
    6. King Seth Pollo “Why you Waste your Time.”  (Music video.)
    7.”Spike Lee” film it’s on YouTube it is called
    8.”The Cast and Myself “(where he landed first place for the Sundance film Festival)
    9. “It’s your fault your Single” (one of his hit singles!)
    10.Hashim  trends film11.Kenya eyes. (Where he can be seen  wearing a black hoodie on the picture for the video)


For contact info on booking,events,films,or beats  email Sasha Starz at sashastarzunlimited@gmail.com

What does your Sign Do During a Near Death Experience




What Aries sees: Aries sees a brilliant white divider. His Astral body instantly accuses towards it of its horns! The divider moves away and Aries ends up in a tasty green field, loaded with respectable and excellent souls in white garments.

How Aries responds: What is going on here? Who is the supervisor? I might want to meet God! What, I need to sit tight for my turn!? No, no, you don’t get it! I am in a rush! I am dead? Truly?! I never envisioned this could transpire! Pardon me, pardon me, who is giving the coronas here?

Back in the body: I knew it! I am number one—I conquered Death!



What Taurus sees: Taurus is moving through a white passage over his head there is a white light. From the finish of hall he can hear a delicate heavenly choir and can notice the lavender and myrrh

How Taurus responds: Taurus feels joyful till he understands that something is wrong. He glances around and sees he no longer had a physical body! “goodness my God, I have no stomach! Neither teeth! How am I going to eat? In what manner will I drink? Backpedal, you Grim Reaper!” Taurus returns to his healing center bed, not having seen nor God nor heaven!

Back in the body: Nurse, I think I have recouped enough for a little steak. Will you include a few fries as well?



What Gemini sees: White, Divine, finish quiet. The Gemini feels sufficiently great in this and in the other world and parallel universes, however he is beginning to feel tormented by the absence of verbal correspondence.

How Gemini responds: No one is talking. Clairvoyance is not as much fun as attempting to clarify things with words! Hush and just this while light! What occurring on facebook, let me check. Where is my telephone? No, I can’t make without my telephone, I am backpedaling!

Back in the body: .”… and after that I saw this while Light, so splendid, it practically blinded me! I am still somewhat mixed up! Do you recollect that film about the paranormal wonders,… hold up what was its name? Anyway, I something fundamentally the same as… ..hold up, don’t go, I haven’t completed yet!”



Cancers typically attempt and inhabit slightest till 118! They are mindful and it is uncommon to be in close passing circumstances! Yet at the same time…

What Cancer sees: An excellent white château, which is drifting on delicate pink mists. Cancer begins flying towards the palace and exactly when he is going to achieve it…

How Cancer responds: It is so magnificent, I am flying! Be that as it may, my kids are not here… I guaranteed my sister to take out the canine… I can’t remain! I am backpedaling!!

Back in the body: I am alive! God, I practically passed on! I should be more cautious! I better make a disaster protection, so my friends and family are not left without anything!



What Leo sees: A colossal, gold and precious stone ball room. Leo sees many Angles orchestrated in a pyramid and singing, at the highest point of it is God. Leo understands that he won’t be the supervisor in this kingdom!

How Leo responds: Oh, this is the way everybody ought to welcome me-marking and cheering! There will be a gathering here! Gracious hold up, who is this at the top? Goodness greetings, Dad! Could I come sit beside you? No?! However, I am your most loved child?! All things considered, send me back till I am meriting to sit by you!

Back in the body: Amazing, I generally knew I was uncommon and picked! I am God’s child! Presently I will demonstrate it to the world!



What Virgo sees: Virgo is drifting in a consummately clear and clean white passage while seeing what should be enhanced in the environment.

How Virgo responds: While coasting joyfully, something begins to stress Virgo: ” will they figure out how to adapt without me at home! What’s more, this new tasks at work, they will botch it up without me! I need to backpedal everybody is depending one!”

Back in the body: “there is shape on the roof. Furthermore, they call this a top private doctor’s facility! I have to call the sterile. Yet, he won’t do it right it! I better do it my self, when I can get up!”



Libra’s spirit leaves the body, then returns, then goes out once more. It swings back to go in, yet ultimately it chooses to remain out.

What Libra sees: At the finish of the passage Libra sees a Light Being!

How Libra responds: “Amazing, this must be my unparalleled Soulmate! At long last! … .wait..this resembles my grandma! Grandmother, so great to see you once more! Where is my perfect partner?” Grandma: “he is on Earth, my tyke, yet you can help him from Heaven with petition!” “No, thank you, I would rather meet him face to face!” Goes back to body!

Back in the body: Right, I better begin the inquiry! I will join with all dating locales and one day I will discover him!!”


Scorpios resemble felines they have 9 lives! Due to this they think that its intriguing to test Death and design better and more up to date approaches to become more acquainted with it!

What Scorpio sees: A brilliant room loaded with light creatures who are singing glorying melodies to God!

How Scorpio Reacts: Everyone is excellent., so immaculate… ..however hold up, they are neither men nor ladies everybody is male/female! How would you get the chance to have intercourse and feel energy here? I better backpedal!

Back in the body: What is occurring? Which world am I in? Gracious back here! Next time, I better look at Hell—they will be a graceless group there!” Starts arranging his next Near Death Experience!

dea 2



What Sagittarius sees: The standard white passage, Light.

How Sagittarius Reacts: Saggie’s spirit leaves the body with a triumphant chuckling! It is at long last ready to dispose of this trap of a body! Hang has been attempting to achieve demise all his life in different ways: parachuting, budgie hopping, climbing rocks, instructing others, and so forth. It has no aim of backpedaling! Presently it has no ethical impediments and it can learn such a large number of new energizing things, visit such a large number of universes! It has such a variety of inquiries concerning life and creation! It can educate the Heaven being such a large number of things about Life of Earth…

The Light Beings in Heaven, get so tired of Sagittarius that they deceive him into backpedaling to his body!

Back in the body: I am alive? Stunning, it was so energizing my best trek, ever! I trust they sent me back to accumulate more understanding and realize them astuteness life of Earth! I will show them appropriately next time!



What Capricorn sees: It may take for a short time for Capricorn till he understands he is dead. There are uncommon workplaces for recently arrived Capricorns which prep them about existence in the Beyond. A develop respectable edge in a suit, conveys an envelope to Capricorn named: “How to Succeed in the Astral World”

How Capricorn responds: As soon as Capricorn acknowledges he is not in the physical world, he gets irritates and does not have any desire to acknowledge it or trust it! He records a protestation and solicitations an arrival to Earth!

Back in the body: Where am I? I was in trance like state… obviously, what I saw was a pipedream in view of the absence of oxygen in the cerebrum!



What Aquarius sees: Aquarius discovers him self in a flawless gem city of light.

How Aquarius responds: Finally a perfect, utopic culture! Everybody is equivalent, everybody matters! … What? You say there is no through and through freedom here? Everybody does God’s will? How are changes made? Did you say, Hell is an Anarchy? Possibly I ought to visit there rather !” He goes to hellfire and begins a crusade for flexibility and rights… the Devil gets tired of him and sends Aquarius back to Earth.

Back in the body: Aquarius opens one eye, sees he is back in his body, and as an indication of challenge backpedals to rest!



What Pisces see: Pisces scarcely sees he is in the Other World-it feels so normal! He has been there such a large number of times in his fantasies and creative ability! He circumvents lackadaisical lolling in the natural encompassing, going by his most loved greenery enclosures and hotspots of choirs and craftsmanship. When he has sufficiently rested and filled his spirit with bliss, chooses the time has come to wake up.









Sources: Astrolada

Fine Man for the Day Scorpio Future

2015 Budweiser Made in America Festival - Day 2

Photo Courtesy of Pintrest

Future not only is talented but he looks good too!!! 

Real Name: Nayvadius Cash
Date Of Birth: November 20th, 1983 technically he was born on a cusp which makes him a Scorpio Sagittarius —>
Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America
Labels: Freebandz Entertainment / A1 Recordings / Epic Records
Nicknames: Future Hendrix, Astronaut Kid, and Super Future

future pintrest a

Photo Courtesy of Prince Williams ATL pics

Short Bio:

Future, otherwise called as Future Hendrix, Astronaut Kid and Super Future, is a lyricist and music craftsman that can both rap and sing. He was conceived with the name Nayvadius Wilburn in Atlanta, Georgia on November twentieth, 1983, yet that name has now been lawfully changed to Nayvadius Cash.

future pintrest

Photo Courtesy of Pintrest 

The Astronaut Kid inked an arrangement with L.A. Reid in September, 2011 by marking an agreement with Epic Records. He is likewise subsidiary with A1 Recordings, a record mark established by Rocko, and is the organizer of his own name called Freebandz Entertainment otherwise known as F.B.G. (Free Band Gang/Global). More data on Future’s mark and the craftsmen subsidiary can be found here.

future pintrest

Photo Courtesy of Pintrest 

His stage name happened after a portion of the individuals from the Dungeon Family continued calling him “The Future”. They likewise nicknamed him “Meathead”, obviously he would run with the name “Future” over “Meathead”. The Dungeon Family were likewise a major impact to Future as he took in a great deal from them while he watched them work in the studio. One of Future’s cousins, Rico Wade, who is a maker and the organizer of the Dungeon Family, was the fundamental individual that helped the Astronaut Kid begin composing and pick a profession way in rap.

future pin 2

Photo Courtesy of Pintrest

It is unknown the time he was born so we will just say 12:00. Some of the signs that are in his birthchart is as followed 

Born: November 20, 1983, 12:00 PM (unknown)
In: Atlanta (GA) (United States)
Sun: 27°48′ Scorpio  Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp
Moon: 0°08′ Gemini
Dominants: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra
Pluto, Venus, Moon
Air, Fire / Mutable






Sources:Futurefanz.com, astrotheme ,Featured image courtesy of : Standford news 

Leo Kylie getting cozy with Virgo Travis Scott on A Yacht in Miami

ky logo 2

Photo courtesy of Instar images 

Travis Scott must favor blondes, ’cause Kylie Jenner backpedaled to her platinum hope to party with her BF … on a vessel!

ky tmz 1

Photo Courtesy of TMZ

According to TMZ, the couple landed by yacht, normally, for a supper party at Miami’s River Yacht Club. They got comfortable on the deck while companions – and some huge bodyguards – processed around.

ky logo

Photo Courtesy of Instar

The sentimental night out was expensive … they ate with Miami nightlife big shot David Grutman. We don’t know who gotten the tab, yet it was $2,000 … what’s more, a lot of that was shots of Don Julio.

ky daily mail

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images 

Positive formula for an unpleasant ride home … on a pontoon, in any case.


It is funny to point out that Kylie is a Leo and Travis Scott is A Vky tmz 1irgo not really a compatible match since fire can burn up the earth but we shall see were this goes !! We are happy for Kylie she deserves to live her life!!




Sources :TMZ,featured image courtesy of just jared