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Did you realize that your natal diagram can give knowledge into any part of your life at any given time? The greater part of the inquiries that I get are obviously, about sentiment and when it might introduce itself.


Others simply need to get straight to the point and know, “Will I wed? Provided that this is true, when?” Yes, your diagram can demonstrate this!

As a celestial prophet, the primary thing I would take a gander at is the state of your seventh house. The seventh house in crystal gazing rules marriage or fortified connections.


There first must be the sign that you have marriage guaranteed in your diagram. I have found throughout the times of taking a gander at outlines there are a few positions that can delay, avoid or inside and out deny marriage. I don’t prefer to give a perusing where I say “never” in instances of inquiries identified with marriage or notwithstanding having kids. For this situation, I would approach it from a perspective of this individual may have a few impediments to overcome before they could understand marriage in their lifetime.


One of these impediments that is by all accounts very nearly 100% in my examination is one having a Void Venus. Venus is the planet of affection and connections and has rulership over the seventh house in the zodiac. At the point when Venus in a diagram is Void, it implies that it is neither making or getting any significant viewpoints from different planets/lights in the outline. It can be much the same as somebody who just can’t get past the halfway point or get on the way to marriage. There are generally different reasons appearing in the outline why they might not have marriage so evident, and those future talked about at the season of the perusing.


The following marker that marriage might be postponed or denied is the planet Saturn in or administering the seventh house. I have not found that this arrangement totally denies marriage however like a Void Venus. Most circumstances, the individual either needs to “develop into” the possibility of marriage, needs to take as much time as is needed, or develop. A great deal of times when I see this kind of Saturn arrangement, it for the most part means marriage to one whom you have an age contrast with or you get hitched after your first Saturn return, which happens around age 28. In this way, it is normal that the individuals who have this who would like to wed may postpone it until they have their vocation (a Saturn thing!) and possess life all together. I generally think development with regards to this kind of position.


The Sun in a lady’s diagram is imperative in portraying their accomplice, additionally deciding whether there might be more than one marriage. More than one marriage can be seen additionally by the seventh house, and its ruler. A twofold bodied sign (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces) on the seventh can indicate more than one marriage in either a man or lady’s diagram.


The Sun in a lady’s graph in a twofold bodied sign (as observed above), or applying to at least one oriental planets can show more than one marriage. An oriental planet is one in the tenth, eleventh, twelfth, fourth, fifth and sixth place of the diagram.

For men, we look to the Moon and her applying perspectives (in spite of the fact that for this situation we disregard the Sun) to get a thought of the sort of spouse he may have.

In all cases, the sign on the seventh house and additionally the ruler in sign, house and its perspectives portray the marriage accomplice.

After I have decided if there would be marriage by taking a gander at one’s graph, the following clear question from the customer is “when”? Fortunate for us, there is a recipe for this!


Most importantly, if a lady has her Sun oriental, which means in the fourth, fifth, sixth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth house, the probability that she will have an early marriage or marriage to one more youthful is higher. In the event that the Sun is occidental, being in the first, second, third, seventh, eighth or ninth house, this can demonstrate a later marriage or marriage to one who is more seasoned. For men, we take a gander at the Moon in connection to the Sun. On the off chance that the man’s Moon is in the first or second quarter or oriental, it can demonstrate early marriage. On the off chance that in third or fourth quarter and occidental, marriage might be sometime down the road or to one more seasoned.


When one is entering a “marriage” stage in their life, their outline will regularly demonstrate this. The seventh house and also its ruler will normally be enacted by travel or movement. The Vertex is likewise generally influenced since this point in one’s diagram when actuated by a noteworthy travel/movement can demonstrate a “defining moment” in life. The Sun/Moon midpoint is additionally frequently influenced in graphs of the individuals who wed.


Sasha Starz Unlimited currently does not have a birth chart application but will soon, however if you have access to your own birth chart you want to look at the following pointers :

  • pointers to the seventh house
  • pointers to the seventh house ruler, Mars
  • pointers to the ascendant
  • pointers to the ascendant ruler, Venus
  • actuation of the Vertex
  • actuation of the Part of Marriage and Part of Spirit
  • pointers to Venus, planet of marriage
  • pointers to the  natal Sun, leader of marriage accomplice

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Horoscope for April 2017



Aries likes to lead the pack, yet considerably more than that, Aries just likes to be the first to go and the first to arrive… wherever “there” is.

In this time of Aries (Walk 20-April 20, 2017), it is critical that we are aware of our activities, both exclusively and all in all. It is important to note that with every action is a reaction. Also anything that we put in the world prepare to get it back during this time.

jumping.jpgAdoring and supporting expectations will deliver derisive and terrible goals. Innovative aims will deliver dangerous countermeasures. However recall that we would not comprehend nor value the adoration we get in the event that we didn’t know its shadow. What’s more, every demonstration of obliteration – whether it is intended to hurt or help – is a demonstration of adoration, for in the space cleared by that annihilation something can be made in its place.


The Universe delivers enchantment and wonders not from our attempting to drive results, but rather from our eagerness to make a move to make and deliver our heart’s wishes. The Universe will liberally help us on our excursion, yet it won’t convey us… we should step forward, to take proprietorship for what we are making. The Universe can just aid creation when we believe its nearness and permit it to furnish us with our most astounding great.



So the April horoscope 2017 demonstrates a time of vitality and activity… what are you willing to accomplish for yourself to permit and empower the Universe to do what it needs to accomplish for you? What are you willing to do to have your heart’s goals spring forward into the truth of your background?

During this time a New Moon/Supermoon In Taurus, on  April, 26th


This month we have Another Moon in Taurus on April  26th at 15:16 GMT. The indication of Taurus is managed by the planet Venus, which oversees our connections, our energy about magnificence and our erotic nature, and in addition our association with Mother Earth and her bounteous blessings. The indication of Taurus is additionally about sustaining and dealing with our physical bodies, our security and material qualities, and our money related frameworks, and the very land we stroll upon.

The April horoscope demonstrates that this month requests that we investigate how we can make more wealth, more magnificence, more beauty in our lives by going past the essential “dread and survival” mode… … how might we better maintain ourselves and our planet even with the consistent dread of monetary misfortunes and material need? On the off chance that we are unshakably clutching to old negative behavior patterns, this New Moon empowers us to see where we have been “trapped” and to push ahead.feet-1245957_960_720

Venus says that Excellence rouses and recuperates us; music, craftsmanship, and move all sustain our souls.

Taurus places us in contact with our physical faculties and our needs. It is safe to say that we are focusing on the supplements we put in our bodies? Is it true that we are regarding every one of our “relations”?


April is a decent month to have a back rub, plant a herb cultivate, go out for a stroll in nature and notice the blooms. Leave the trash and negativity behind and make yourself (and your friends and family) a sound home-cooked supper arranged with some love.

Notwithstanding simply being worried with the nature of our every day lives, would we say we are putting more heart into our connections? Are we willing to love ourselves and also our noteworthy others… .and that this month is the ideal time to plant our seeds for a more abundant harvest for the upcoming month.