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Cardi B was born on October 11th ,1992 making her sun sign a Libra to learn more about libras click this link –> Libra Personality how to seduce one  .You may know her from some of her songs, others might know her from the cast of Love and Hip Hop, however Cardi B’s superstar begun well before she was thrown in Love and Hip Hop.

The retired stripper utilizes her web-based social networking profiles to drop recordings talking reality about her background with definitely no channel.

Her trustworthiness has accumulated her a huge number of adherents and on the whole her 30 second recordings have turned into a web sensation with more than 1 million perspectives. It was an easy decision for Mona Scott to supplier her a move on the show.

cardi b love and hip bounce cast photoBoth of Cardi B’s folks were conceived in the Caribbean and moved to New York before she was conceived. Cardi experienced childhood in the Bronx with her more youthful sister.

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You know you awful if your folks nicknamed you Barcardi. Her sister’s moniker is Hennessy. In spite of the “awful bitch” picture she accumulated through online networking, Cardi headed off to college. She dropped out and began stripping at 18 years of age.

Libra Cardi B been doing very well here as of recently,it is said that she may consider doing more acting gigs to mix in with her modeling and rapping profession .She has featured in many songs already and has produced some ear catchy hits!!!



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Cancer Sun Sign Tameka Harris aka “Tiny” breaks silence Bout the Mysterious Model


Cancer sun sign, Tiny Harris went on The Wendy Williams Show a day ago. as she talked about her pending separation from T.I., the Atlanta rapper’s association with model Bernice Burgos, and her own association with boxer Floyd Mayweather.


The Xscape songstress affirmed that unscripted television did in certainty “put a little strain” on her association with T.I. since “it keeps individuals in your business.” The two showed up on VH1’s “T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle” reality appear for six seasons, the remainder of which is airing now.




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Notwithstanding bits of gossip about a claimed connection between T.I. what’s more, Bernice Burgos, Tiny uncovered that the rapper isn’t with Burgos. The artist likewise included that Burgos, who she alluded to as somebody “that comes in and is gone,” had no association with her separation from T.I.


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As indicated by Tiny, her exclusive issue with Burgos came when the model offered unwelcome editorial on her marriage in video transferred to Instagram.

“He’s not even with her, above all else,” Tiny said. “What’s more, she doesn’t have anything to do with whatever was going ahead with us some time recently, in any case. We were at that point experiencing whatever we were experiencing. She just came in the photo after I petitioned for separation. Furthermore, the main issue I have with her is … Somebody made a remark about her on my page. I said what I said. She answered. That is cool.


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“Yet, then you return with another video, talking on my marriage, which is a no-no,” she included. “And after that you return with the last video, singing my melody. What’s more, I’m feeling like ‘Alright, now you continue coming’ … I ventured to him like, ‘Don’t she know her place? She should be calm.’ Every lady that is not the one realizes that you expected to be peaceful.”



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Little later affirmed that in spite of a video of her hitting the dance floor with boxer Floyd Mayweather at a gathering for Mariah Carey, the two are simply companions.

“I wasn’t up on him, Wendy. Really, I was at that point moving,” Tiny said. “We’re companions. It’s never been anything additional with me and Floyd. Never. However, I’ve been knowing Floyd for quite a while. He’s a pleasant looking man, yet it’s never been something besides a kinship.”

In December of a year ago, Tiny petitioned for separation from T.I., taking after a marriage of over six years. In spite of the fact that it’s indistinct if the separation has been settled, Tiny revealed on to Williams that she and T.I. “try not to have anything now.”



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Ti is a Libra and Tina is a Cancer sign read  if you have ever been  a relationship like this leave your thoughts and comments below !!!


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