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MC Hammer is excessively genuine, making it impossible to stop with regards to getting this party started, yet something is discernibly absent from his schedule.

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Mallet was warming up in a move studio Tuesday night, and the video resembles a freakin’ time twist – ’cause he hasn’t lost a stage, at 55 years of age.

Songwriters Honored At 2013 BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards - Arrivals

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He says he was taking in a standard act of kindness some help for a companion’s TV appear. It would appear that he has it under control as of now.






YG’S “Pop It and Shake It” might be like “Trip Drill”

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YG’s video happens at a pool party in Miami loaded with ladies in different conditions of strip, and it quickly took  watchers back to a period when Nelly stunned the world with a fundamentally the same as video for his 2003 single.


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As indicated by Twitter, in any event today, “Tip Drill” has progressed toward becoming something of a work of art. Many have refered to the similitudes between Nelly’s video and YG’s, and keeping in mind that some are prepared to call “Pop It” the “Tip Drill of this era,” others are more reluctant. One expansive purpose of conflict in the verbal confrontation accompanied the scandalous “Visa swipe” scene in “Tip Drill,” which is mysteriously absent in YG’s tribute (however fans came up with some fascinating thoughts regarding what that exchange would look like in 2017

Sources:Hot New Hip Hop, Featured Image Courtesy of :HotNew HipHop

Model of the Day Leo Tammy Rivera


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Tammy Rivera is our Model of the Day, to bad she is married to Waka Flocka we still like looking at her tho! She is one of the hottest starz on Love and Hip Hop!Check out her bio

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Origin: Tappahannock Virginia

Birthday: August 3, 1985 Making her a Striking Leo

Mate: Juaquin James Malphurs

Total assets: $200,000

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Season 6 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has not frustrated. The show has been turnt up an indent and pulled parched fans ideal back in. Last season one of the show’s most cherished couples earned $350,000.

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Tammy satisfied that huge pay day with dramatization between previous cast mates Betty symbol and D. Smith. Be that as it may, this time all watchers will do is pulling for Waka Flocka and his significant other. As indicated by sources Tammy’s new contract makes them win $15,000 per scene as opposed to winning a full compensation. VH1 makers weren’t too certain about her story line this season with the nonappearance of Betty Idol and needed to make sure whatever recording they utilized of Tammy’s was adequate to air.

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Waka Flocka’s better half Tammy Rivera is back as a full cast part on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. In the wake of being added to last season to blend up some show with Kalenna and Rasheeda.

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Be that as it may, this time she’s on to get it in with Joseline Hernandez. As far back as season 3 gathering, where Hernandez was blamed for cocaine utilize, Tammy and the Puerto Rican princess have been most despised enemy. Joseline has blamed Rivera for being exhausting. Be that as it may, Mona Scott doesn’t think so. The show’s maker and Executive Producer had no issue paying out almost $250,000 to film the recently wedded hip jump couple, Waka and Tammy.





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Porn Star Molly gets Bitten By Sharks While on the Set WARNING GRAPHIC MATERIAL

molly muffia

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A porn star shooting a submerged advertisement for a sex cam organization was assaulted by a shark and seriously chomped.

According to TMZ sources ,Molly Cavalli dropped down submerged into a shark confine wearing a hot white bathing suit and her nearness clearly lured a 10-foot lemon shark.








Look at the vid … Molly alarms when the shark approaches, and before you know it she’s shouting as she grips her wicked foot.

The team pulled her up to security, however the shark had done some genuine harm … it took 20 fastens to close the injury.

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Some of Molly’s old work

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Nate Dogg son Naijiel gets Busted

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Nate Dogg son, Naijiel Hale is a college football player playing for Montana State.
According to police officials and TMZ  Naijiel Hale and his team mate Darren Gardenhire was taken into custody for a pharmaceutical bust.

Police set up the bust by calling in to purchase some Xanax Naijiel happened to forward the deal to Darren Gardenhire. Authorities were watching Nate Dogg son since February. They had many under covers purchase these pharmaceuticals from Naijel so the evidence is defiantly there.


hale tmz.jpg

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Nate Dogg’s child – a school football player at Montana State – was captured alongside a partner in a medication sting operation this week, authorities say.

Authorities and sources from TMZ; say Naijiel Hale – set up numerous medication manages purchasers who ended up being covert cops back in February.

On one event, cops say they reached Hale to buy a pack of Xanax pills, and he supposedly kicked them over to his partner, Darren Gardenhire, who finished the exchange.
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Cops also  say Hale masterminded an arrangement at his home for a while where he had a third individual convey the medications.Naijiel could be facing up to  a life sentence for 2 counts of felony drug distribution and 1 count for drug possession.


Lets just hope and pray Nate Dogg has some good lawyers so that they can reduce that charge.It is unknown when Nate Dogg son’s birthday is ? More research has to be done to figure out his zodiac sign. If you have information feel free to share it.

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Pisces Justin Bieber may have a New Girl


Pisces Justin Bieber is seen with a new beau !

TMZ sources Justin Bieber was spotted nestled up with Luciana Chamone in Rio de Janeiro

Pisces Justin Bieber and the Brazilian model were also seen cuddled up in Justin’s ride on Thursday

Could it be that Justin Biebers Rising sign which is Scorpio is transcending itself out 4 and he just has that freaky urge? Or is he just young and living it up in Rio de Janeiro?

Feel Free to leave your comments and thought below Starz let me know what you think.

Justin Bieber is Pisces and below is part of the signs and planets that make up his birth chart.

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Born: March 1, 1994, 12:56 AM
In: London, Ontario (Canada)
Sun: 10°25′ Pisces Ascendant: 29°02′ Scorpio
Moon: 24°38′ Libra Mid heaven: 15°25′ Virgo
Dominants: Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius








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