The Top Wealthiest Hip Hop Artist Forbes list 2017

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In order to be a successful millionaire you must study millionaires.

If you want to succeed in the Hiphop game you must know what these successful people did and how they got there . That is why we are big on doing Bios here at SashaStarzunlimited.

Take a look below at the richest rappers in the game.

  1. Diddy 820 million

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  2. Dr Dre 740 million

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  3. Birdman 110 million

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  5. Drake 90 million

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Taurus Meek Mills is getting back at Nicki on his Birthday

There are every one of the verses that appear to be coordinated at Meek’s Young Money adversaries.

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According to New HipHop, Three new Meek Mill tracks arrived today, on the MMG rapper’s 30th birthday celebration. The three-track “Meekend Music” package incorporates a collab with A$AP Ferg (“$lay”) and additionally one with Young Thug (“Backboard”). Likewise with most everything Meek puts out, fans listened mindfully for any verses that may be coordinated at his adversaries. Also, however each of the melodies are a long way from being diss tracks, Taurus,Meek seems to take a couple of shots at Drake and Sagittarius, Nicki Minaj.

Meek Mill

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Taurus Meek never says Scorpio ,Drake by name, however he alludes to the ghostwriting discussion that commenced their hair-raising meat just about two years prior. “Pressing in this bitch and you know we reloaded/Look at the credits and disclose to you who composed it,” he raps on “$lay.”t

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At that point on he main solo tune, “Left Hollywood,” Meek notices the title of Drake’s most recent collection, or “playlist.” “Where I’m from, in the event that you turn 18, then that is More Life,” Meek raps on the persuasive track.

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“$lay” likewise incorporates a few bars gone for Meek’s ex-woman, who quite recently put out the video for “Lament in Your Tears,” which is pondered their separation. Accommodating starts “$lay” with a joke on Nicki’s last name, rapping, “Woke up today I had a ménage.” He likewise appears to yell out to the lady whom Nicki has been beefing with, Remy Ma. “I’m on the rooftop with that extension/When I hit them little bitches like Remy my n*gga.”


It’s not amazing Meek has offered a melodious reaction to “Lament in Your Tears” and also the shots Nicki may have gone up against “No Frauds.” As for his progressing fight with Drake, it doesn’t appear like both of them are in all out hamburger mode, however these new tunes do provide reason to feel ambiguous about uncertainty Rick Ross’ current claim that he had viably settled every one of the strains amongst MMG and OVO.

Just fyi :Nicki Minaj is a Sagittarius and Meek Mill is a Taurus. So we are dealing with fore and earth so I will let you do the math !!!!





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Porn Star Says She is Pregnant with Scorpio Drakes Baby

Sophie and Drake we’re seen out in Amsterdam back in January.


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Drake’s reps assert the child isn’t is:

“This lady has an exceptionally sketchy foundation. She has confessed to having numerous connections. We comprehend she may have issues getting into the United States. She’s one of numerous ladies asserting he got them pregnant. These cases have constantly ended up being unwarranted. In the event that it is in truth Drake’s youngster, which he doesn’t trust, he would make the best choice by the tyke.


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According to TMZ and the Shade room Sophie Brussaux is three-and-a-half months prego, and claims she has these were texts obtained from the porn star and Drake going like this :

Drake: I need you to have a fetus removal.

Brussaux: I can’t murder my child just to humor you too bad.

Drake: Indulge me? F*** you.

Brussaux: What?

Drake: You do realize what you’re doing you believe will get cash.

It is also interesting to note that Drake is a Scorpio so his vast choice of sexual variance should not be of surprise.


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Scorpio Drake Shows Compassion to a Burgarly


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A Pennsylvania woman broke into Drakes home …..not to steal money but to drink all of his soft drinks up!!! According to Tmz sources ,

Drake Performs An The SSE Hydro In Glasgow

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Drake’s legal counselor has reached the L.A. Province D.A. what’s more, made it clear the rapper won’t collaborate in any indictment of the woman who by one means or another got into his Hidden Hills manor, slipped on one of his hoodies and afterward grabbed a Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji Water.


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We’re told Drake trusts the lady has mental issues and supposes it is savage to make her a criminal and send her to jail for the April 3 occurrence where nobody was harmed and little was taken.


Typical Scorpio they feel strong compassion for the sick and helpless.Good for him I hope that lady gets the treatment that she needs !


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What do you think Starz leave your thoughts and comments below!!!



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Scorpio Drake is to High to Perform

Drake experienced a dumb high to the point of being unable to perform at his show in Amsterdam per Media Take Out. It is however no secret that most Scorpios love some drug of some sort.drake 2.jpg

Drake suddenly drop his Amsterdam show the previous evening, and the official reason for the cancellation was “ailment.” In truth Drake’s legitimate representative stated, “Drake needed to perform today around evening time, yet lamentably he turned out to be sick and his specialist has revealed to him he can’t perform.”
To high to perform ???? Was weed the only thing that this Scorpio was doing ? I think not !!!!As indicated by Media Take Out, Drake allegedly smoked some weed blended with hash, and it was excessively solid for him. Sources close to the rapper noted that the rapper was just too high !!!


What do you think Starz ? Do you think that it was unfair for Drake to disappoint his fans? Or do you just think it happens sometimes?

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Rihanna and Drakes Sexy Relationship


Hmmm ….It looks like to me that Drake and Rihanna have something special going on. I sense some hot fire, and I mean real hot. First of all Rihanna is a Pisces and Drake is a Scorpio which is extremely compatible. So I have done my own opinion through my YouTube video which I’d love for you to watch and to subscribe to my YouTube channel sashastarz.

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I will also be doing a birth chart reading on both Rihanna and Drake so make sure you also are in tune for that. Also please please if you’d likid it. Let me know what’s your opinion about the relationship.Please leave your comments below because I would love to hear them and I’ll be happy to respond to you and remember each and every one of you are starz to me so make sure you shine bright and use all your gifts to make this world better for all of us.