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Gemini Donald Trump goes for Twitter

Donald Trump dissed Twitter – the organization that, apparently, assumed the greatest part in getting him into the White House.

Trump welcomed the heads of colossal tech organizations to Trump Tower for a summit Wednesday – Tesla’s Elon Musk, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Apple’s Tim Cook were among the participants. Indeed, even Uber’s CEO was at the grown-up’s table.


Twitter honchos were eminently missing … which struck many people as odd since the Prez-choose is always giving the world his 140 characters-worth. A Trump assistant told Business Insider Twitter simply wasn’t sufficiently enormous to get approval.

While Twitter’s supposedly esteemed at about $13.85 billion, that is little change contrasted with any semblance of Google, Apple and FB. Twitter’s not said anything in regards to the slight outburst.


Donald John Trump, Sr. was born June 14, 1946  making him a talkative gemini  his

Birth Chart is as followed :

Sun in Gemini in 22degrees

Moon in 21 degrees Sagittarius

Mercury in 8 degrees Cancer
Venus in 25 degrees  Cancer
Mars in 26 degrees Leo
Jupiter in 17 degrees Libra
Saturn in 23 degrees Cancer

Taurus Melania Trump Supports her Homeland

Forthcoming First Lady Melania Trump is the greatest thing to leave Slovenia since specialty brew … furthermore, we’ve taken in the pioneers of that nation has effectively had a go at building up an association with her and her hubby.


An authority from the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia lets us know President Borut Pahor and Prime Minister Dr. Miro Cerar sent Melania a salutary letter after the race.


We’re told the letter – written in Slovenian – communicated their appreciation to Melania for “raising perceivability of our focal European nation.” Melania was conceived in the southeastern city of Novo Mesto.

We’re additionally told President Pahor talked with Donald and Melania by telephone this week and welcomed them to visit. 2017 imprints the 25th commemoration of strategic relations amongst Slovenia and the U.S., and authorities need the Trumps up front for the celebration.


Melania Trump was born on April 26, 1970 making her a Taurus. It is unknown what time she was actually born due to her being born overseas. However due to her demeanor it is safe to say that she was born in late noon time.


Prophetic image: Bull. This symbolizes resolution additionally sensitivity and warmth encapsulated in a sure and quiet conduct. It impacts individuals conceived between April 20 and May 20 when the Sun is in Taurus, the second zodiac sign.

The Taurus Constellation unmistakable between +90° to – 65° is one of the 12 star groupings of the zodiac. Its brightest star is Aldebaran while it covers a zone of 797 sq degrees. It is put between Aries toward the West and Gemini toward the East.

The name Taurus originates from the Latin name for Bull. While in Spain the sign for April 26 zodiac sign is called Tauro in France it is called Taureau.


So the Talkative Gemini Kanye West is a Trump Supporter ?


Kanye West staggered fans Thursday night in San Jose, announcing his fidelity to Donald Trump and uncovering he didn’t vote, however he was Team Donald the distance.


The group was none excessively satisfied … booing Kanye as he went ahead to discuss Trump’s great execution amid the civil arguments.

Be that as it may, … he supposes Hillary has a place in Trump’s organization.



Kanye West  was born June 8, 1977 making him a Gemni is birth chart is as followed :

Sun in 17° Gemini

Moon in 18° Pisces
Mercury in 26° Taurus
Venus in 2° Taurus
Mars in 1° Taurus
Jupiter in 14° Gemini
Saturn in 12° Leo
Uranus in 8° Scorpio (r)
Neptune in 14° Sagittarius (r)
Pluto in 11° Libra (r)
North Node in 21° Libra (r)
Chiron in 4° Taurus


American Astrology Analyst

Hillary is a Scorpio, a sign that inclines toward security. Her late birthday, Oct. 26, makes it a decent time for the presidential cheerful. Here’s her horoscope for Nov. 8.


Hope to be in the spotlight with a considerable measure of consideration went for you as your every day work plan experiences a radical and amazing movement. This might be a period when you are genuinely ready to venture into your own and be pleased with your achievements. While you are the focal point of the consideration, you may likewise be the beneficiary of some great budgetary news that comes as a consequence of your new stature. You may at long last have landed at a place you have long looked for.

scorpio-horoscope With her each email and falter examined, Clinton has without a doubt been the focal point of the consideration. Furthermore, as a challenger to Obama in the primaries in 2008, the Oval Office is surely a place she’s for quite some time looked for.


Trump is a Gemini, a calculated individual who loves to talk,. He was conceived with Uranus—the planet of disarray, disturbance, and astound—conjunct to the Sun.
Expect astounds today from your business partners. Whether that includes a move far from past organizations together or a radical new heading, you might be shocked the strategy and idiosyncrasies of those with whom you work nearly. Group ventures may likewise convey a specific level of foaming desire or even disobedience as you attempt to explore the waters of your connections inside those affiliations. At last the day will be about graciousness and unpretentious signals that strengthen your bond.


Will the business head honcho confront “disobedience” on the size of a month ago’s mass Republican walkout, taking after disclosures of Trump’s locker-room talk? Alternately will he figure out how to assemble bolster through “consideration and unpretentious motions” in the nick of time?

“Testing” for Clinton however “good” for Trump

Cancun-based celestial prophet Aiesha Cosmos is a specialist of the Mayan schedule framework, which comprises of a 13-day cycle that interlocks with a 20-day cycle. Every day speaks to a sign, duplicating to an aggregate of 260 signs that speak to a man’s internal identity and external self.


Clinton’s internal identity sign is “ik 9 guided by etznab, with the motivation behind ix,” says Cosmos, who interprets this as “white sun based twist guided by the reflect, with the reason for the puma priestess.” People with the wind sign consider themselves as a matter of first importance, and reject limits. Clinton’s shape as a panther priestess makes her a worker of higher forces, yet not of the general population—reflecting both allegations that she speaks to a distant world class, and her prevalence in America’s C-suites. Nov. 8 will be a testing minute for Clinton.


Trump’s internal identity sign is “akbal 4 guided by cauac,” meaning “blue self-existing night guided by the tempest.” The night interfaces Trump to the womb of dreams in the universe, proposing that the land designer is especially great at considering things and transforming them into reality. The tempest implies he epitomizes an inward sea tempest of self-disagreement, and his internal design is characterized by the Sun, an indication of affection and quietude. Trump’s external self reason for existing is the serpent—a creature that speaks to sexual vitality. “He should be in a sanctuary for his being, so he could be far from the world to develop his higher qualities,” says Cosmos, who takes note of that Nov. 8 is a day of reckoning for him.


The Chinese Astrology Analyst

Ace Pun-Yin is a Chinese feng shui ace in New York, who has beforehand worked for Donald Trump as a specialist on the development of Trump International Hotel and Tower. Play on words Yin examined every applicant as indicated by the 12-year Chinese zodiac schedule and the components (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) that customarily characterize character.


Clinton was conceived in 1947, the year of the pig. Individuals conceived in the year of the pig are right now in a “low cycle”, an unfortunate time of consistent snags, says Pun-Yin. You can’t get more unfortunate than being freely attached to an Anthony Weiner sexting embarrassment in the eleventh hour of a presidential battle. Notwithstanding, Clinton possesses each of the five character components, making for a very much adjusted demeanor. She has three “water” components, which recommend sympathy and conciliatory aptitude behind what Pun-Yin depicts as “the front of the iron lady.”

Trump was conceived in 1946, the year of the puppy. As per the Chinese zodiac, he is right now in his “high cycle,” says Pun-Yin. Half of Trump’s natural structure is “earth,” and its weight recommends Trump holds individual feelings of spite. He needs water (sympathy). He likewise needs metal (a component customarily spoke to by gold), for which he may repay by looking for material things and, say, demanding everything be gold-hued.

Trump will enter two years of misfortune beginning Feb 5, 2017, the year of the chicken, alerts Pun-Yin. He will be gone up against with surprisingly more dreadful inconvenience in 2018, when his own particular zodiac conflicts with one more year of the pooch. Highlighting Trump’s forceful manner, Pun-Yin says: “The voters as of now perceive how Trump is when things are going his direction. Will you envision in the following two cycles, when he’ll be in smashing cycles?”