Cash Me on Tour How Bout Dat…..

Danielle Bregoli is taking her “Cash Me Outside” routine – otherwise known as simply being Danielle – to a phase, perhaps close you, for a national visit …

dan the independent

Photo Courtesy of the Independant

According to TMZ sources, Danielle disclose to us she’ll be hittin’ the street, and stands to make up to $50k per appear in the event that they offer out.

dan tmz.jpg

Photo Courtesy of TMZ

She’s arranging a 3-section act:

– Danielle lip adjusting and rapping to her fave tunes, in addition to set up acts making cameos.

– Live Q&A with the gathering of people, which appears to be unsafe considering how cautious she can get.

dan youtube

Photo Courtesy of YouTube

– Invite group of onlookers individuals in front of an audience to joke around. Interpretation: Get prepared to be cooked by a 14-year-old.

Despite everything they’re working out the agreement, yet hope to money Danielle in front of an audience, genuine soon.




Sources:TMZ, Featured Image courtesy of :sohh