Aries/Taurus Cusp Sign The Cusp of Power

If you didn’t know already Aries/ Taurus cuspers are nothing to play with. They are the cusp of Power and are not the ones to mess with. If you were conceived on April 17th- April 22nd than you are in fact a Aries and Taurus Cusp and you have the power !light angel

Aries/ Taurus cusp are natural pioneers, they are usually responsible when it comes to work or home life.When the two signs are working effectively together they can achieve most of there goals. Aries gives vitality and motivation for a new project while Taurus keeps the individual grounded and focused when completing the goal.


Aries/ Taurus cusp sign should be aware of becoming to dominant and controlling when it comes to dealing with the feelings and goals others. medicine womanThose conceived during this time may find it very hard to allow others to do there own thing because they believe they know the right way. They should learn that everybody is not going to take information the way that they do and should be more tolerant of others feelings and to tone down there intensity.


When a Aries/ Taurus cusp learns how to allow the signs to be balance and work with one another they can really become a solid,smart, and caring. When there light shines it gives others inspiration to let there light shine as well.back boy light

Scorpio/ Sagittarius Cusp November 19th – 24th The Cusp of Revolution

Clearly, a cusp sign is some person conceived in a specific horoscope sign, however it’s still excessively near either a horoscope sign that simply finished or a horoscope sign that is simply starting. The traditional speculation is that cusp signs are essentially simply half and half amalgamations of these distinctive horoscope signs. You would be totally off-base.


While there are a few components to this and much of the time, these are the most unmistakable components, the entire and aggregate quintessence of cusp signs are very surprising. They’re not simply half breeds, they’re not simply mixes, and they are totally, entirely unexpected horoscope animals.


On the off chance that you genuinely need to comprehend the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp, you truly need to wrap your brain around this idea; else you’re essentially simply taking shots oblivious. Else, you’re making taught surmises.

Eight times out of ten you would be correct, however think about what, it’s the 20% that genuinely matters.

This is the reason you truly need to focus on the specifics of the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp. Information is not just power it likewise helps you set the right desires.

Having the wrong desires and supposition is frequently the fundamental driver for despondency and dissatisfaction for the vast majority. By having the right presumptions and assumptions in regards to this specific cusp character, you or individuals throughout your life can show signs of improvement and be more joyful with each other.


Here the regular attributes of individuals conceived under the Scorpio Sagittarius cusp sign:


Depend on it. Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp individuals are no introverts. They don’t go to gatherings and they simply hang out at the edges or the edges of the gathering. No, they don’t do that. They are the general population who fundamentally simply work in the group; they get their drink and essentially attempt to converse with every one of the young ladies in the club, or all the folks in the club.


That is the means by which social they can be. Obviously, not all Scorpio-Sagittarius cusps are this way. This applies more towards the all the more completely created Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp. At the end of the day, the Sagittarius has a more grounded impact for this specific individual. You can regularly observe this at work in Scorpio Cancer connections.

They have a simple way with individuals. I’m not saying that they are playing with individuals; I’m not saying that they are sending sexual signs; I’m trying to say that they are OK with individuals.

Contrasts don’t frighten them. Newness doesn’t perplex them. Rather, newness, seeing another person resemble drawing in a moth to a fire when you’re managing a Sagittarius cusp. It is nothing unexpected that these individuals make incredible business people.

It’s nothing unexpected that these individuals make extraordinary promoting officials. They simply cherish individuals.


The Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp is additionally sincerely extreme. This individual has no reservation of discussing things that matter in a by and by ardent way. Let’s be honest. We live in an exceptionally disengaged and separated world. Individuals are regularly prepared to compartmentalize. We know we ought to care more for our wellbeing.


We realize that our assessments are too high. We realize that we pay a lot for merchandise and enterprises. We realize that costs are too high. We know the schools are flopping, et cetera. In any case, a considerable measure of the times when we know about every one of these issues, it’s simple for us to candidly remove ourselves from them. It’s simple for us to compartmentalize things with the goal that they don’t contact us.

It’s anything but difficult to take a gander at the world and its issues as absolutely hypothetical terms. Stuff that your educator gets angry about, however as a general rule you feel that they don’t generally touch you, they don’t generally affect you. Indeed, think about what, they do.

Terrible schools mean your children end up being boneheads. High duties and high costs imply that you slave like a monkey with next to no to appear for toward the end of the month.

All these apparently philosophical issues, or far off political belief systems or political ideas have genuine effect. You live in that world.


What’s more, this is the reason the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp is a characteristic pioneer. They can discuss these apparently removed ideas and issues in exceptionally energetic terms. I’m not simply discussing some person that gets all enthusiastic looking at something. You can discover insane individuals that do that. You can discover intoxicated individuals that do that.

You can likewise discover ditzy and moronic individuals that do that. No, the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp can talk in an ardent way that attracts you. This power empowers you to speak with that individual on eye-to-eye premise, so every one of these thoughts in a split second turn out to be genuine.


They in a flash hurt, they in a split second make you feel anxious, they right away make you feel uneasy, and they immediately make you feel protective. That is the way wonderful the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp relational abilities are. Also, everything streams from this power. It is nothing unexpected why individuals take a gander at them as a characteristic pioneer. They are effectively ready to offer thoughts as effortlessly as they can offer smart phones, furniture, and so on.


The Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp exceeds expectations at passionate control. I would prefer not to sound fatigued, I would prefer not to sound skeptical, however how about we call a spade a spade. The craft of offering, whether it’s a political thought, a financial philosophy, or an item or administration, is about enticement. It’s about getting individuals that would ordinarily not do what you need them to do to do what you need them to do.

Through expressions obviously.

The Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp exceeds expectations at this on the grounds that these words originate from an enthusiastic place. These words come conservative with enthusiastic payloads that convey a wide course of passionate settlements. This is the reason the extraordinary Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp is such a characteristic pioneer


Libra/Scorpio Cusp the Cusp of drama and critisim.

Name of Cusp: The Cusp of Drama and Criticism

Date Range: October 19 to October 25

Strengths: Powerful, competent, sexy, charming, intellectual, honest.

Weaknesses: Cynical, sarcastic, picky, self-absorbed, blunt.

If you were born on the Libra-Scorpio cusp, from about October 19 to October 25, you were born on the “Cusp of Drama and Criticism,” and you have a powerful flare for both.

Libra-Scorpio cuspers, born between the signs of Libra and Scorpio, are ruled by two passionate planets, Venus and Pluto, which is a super sexy combination. In fact, this cusper’s intellect, drive, flamboyance and sexuality may be too much for some others to handle!

These individuals have Libra’s great judgment and Scorpio’s precision, which makes them a force to be reckoned with. They have such big personalities and are so accomplished, in fact, they must watch out for becoming arrogant or insisting on doing everything their own way.

More than anything, those born on the Libra-Scorpio cusp make great leaders and they have the ability to realize big dreams Libra is ruled by thought and intellect, while Scorpio is about powerful and deep-seated emotions. This can result in a conflict between head and heart, but these individuals are powerful overall — even more so if they can find balance.


What they love: The truth. Libra-Scorpio cuspers aim to get to the bottom of every situation, and won’t stop until they’ve picked at something from every angle to get to the truth.

What they need: To relax! These cuspers will be much happier if they can give their inner critic a day off once in a while and try to have fun without an agenda.

Advice: You’ll find the most happiness if you can learn to balance your intellectual side with your emotional side and keep your ego in check so you won’t rub people the wrong way.

Famous people born on the Libra-Scorpio cusp: Evander Holyfield, John Lithgow, John Le Carre, Robert Reed, Mickey Mantle, Snoop Dogg, Tom Petty, Joyce Brothers, Carrie Fisher, Dizzy Gillespie, Kim Kardashian, Catherine Deneuve, Deepak Chopra, Christopher Lloyd, Annette Funicello, Johnny Carson, Dwight Yoakam, Weird Al Yankovich, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Kevin Kline, Pablo Picasso, Minnie Pearl.


August 19th – August 23rd


While Virgo can be modest Leo likes to do it big. This creates a very unique combination when working together. However sometimes this mix can cause conflict with each other with Virgo wanting to be restricted and Leo wanting to let loose. Virgo and Leo contain to elements Virgo rules the element of earth while Leo rules the element of fire. So its really tricky the fire can burn out all of the earth or the earth can keep the fire down. I guess it depends on the mood at the time of these unique cuspers !

Leo/ Virgo cusps can have days were they are very social and outgoing while other days they can become a recluse going into there own world not wanting to talk to anyone. But just give them a few days and they come out sociable as ever and almost like the life at any social event or gathering.

If Leo/Virgo cusp can learn to harness there power they become quite successful in anything that they do. Leo has imagination and creativity while Virgo is structured organized and precise.

Virgo/Leo cusp have a natural knack for business. Leo/Virgo cusp are natural born leaders however sometimes they can be withdrawn and to themselves. They can be seen as entrepreneurs or in some type of  creative field. They are often an inspiration to others because of there many foreseen talents.

Sometimes the Virgo side of these cuspers can make them a little bit anti social and to themselves in there home.They are constantly battling with the Leo side that wants to be friendly and outgoing. If they can find the right balance with their powers they are actually unstoppable. Virgo can oversee that there projects are successful.

Leo/Virgo cusp are the most thoughtful and giving people of the zodiac and they are great to have on your team.