Blac Chyna has had Enough she is getng a Restraining Order

Well Rob Kardashian just does not know when to stop now does he ? According to TMZ sources, Blac Chyna says she’s “alarmed” of Rob Kardashian, to some extent since he has a firearm and has undermined to utilize it to execute himself.

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Chyna’s celeb attorney, Lisa Bloom, documented new docs Monday, adding to her customers cases of viciousness. As we detailed, she says notwithstanding Rob assaulting her in April, that same month, Chyna now says Rob punched her, thumped her to the ground and she kept running in dread to her room, where Rob punched a gap through the way to get at her.

Chyna says she’s perplexed the new arrangement of online assaults – where he posted bare pics of her and other individual data – “will prompt expanded unreasonable conduct and that he may hurt her in his outrage.”

Originally announced from TMZ, the judge issued an impermanent aggressive behavior at home limiting request.



Sources: TMZ, Featured image courtesy of : tmz


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Scorpio Tyga and Taurus Blac Chyna Are They Back Together ???

It is not very certain whether or not Blac Chyna and  Tyga are together.

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Photo Courtesy of  Famous Fix 

Recent snaps tend to hint so, also they have been spotted out together allot more now that Tyga and Blac Chyna have separated from their Kardashian  exs.

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Chyna, 28, (Taurus) and Tyga, 27, (Scorpio)went their different ways quite a while prior. In any case, now that each of them have severed an association with an individual from the Kardashian-Jenner family, it appears they might discover their way back to each other.

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Photo Courtesy of Just Jared 

The two were both seen in Las Vegas throughout the few days of March 6 and we experience serious difficulties that these two being in a similar place in the meantime for the SECOND end of the week in succession is a demonstration of good fortune.

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Blac Chyna is a earth sign while Tyga is a water sign . This is a compatible relationship; Tyga /water (Scorpio) will water earth/Blac Chyna (Taurus). To learn more about Taurus and Scorpio relationship compatibility in depth click the link –>Taurus and Scorpio Love Compatibility

What do you think Starz? Its kinda getting crazy right ? Was this a setup ? There are so many questions going through my head ! Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

Sources: Hollywood life, Photo Courtesy of Famous Fix

Taurus Blac Chyna shows us some Adorable pictures of baby Dream

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Photo courtesy of People

Taurus Blac Chyna may be separated from Rob Kardashian but she still remains a wonderful mother.


She took to snapchat to share these adorable pictures of Baby dream what do you guys think is that baby cute or what !!!!



Dream Kardashian is a Scorpio Sun Sign her birthday is November 10th ! to learn more about babies and zodiac signs click this link —>Baby Zodiac Sign Information make sure you scroll down to scorpio to find out how Dream may be as baby !!!

Sources,snapchat,featured image courtesy of People magazine

Taurus Blac Chyna is Demanding Child Support

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Photo Credit by Elite Daily

Blac Chyna is on one of her social media rants again. This time for child support payments. Apparently Tyga hasnt been keeping up with his payments. According to TMZ She had went in on Wednesday  Tyga with the text shown below.


Photo Credit TMZ

9 hours later she uploaded this message to snap chat, which seems to be directly referring to Tyga. Screenshot_2017-03-29-15-34-10

What do you think Starz ? Do you think Blac Chyna’s point is valid? Or do you think that she shouldn’t be surprised because Tyga doesn’t pay anybody !

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Taurus Blac Chyna and Pisces Rob Kardashian are looking for the Wedding Check $$$$


Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are all in with regards to capitalizing on their points of reference as a couple … furthermore, they’re prepared to begin chatting straightforwardly for a TV wedding extraordinary.


Sources near the couple tell TMZ … they’re on strong ground since Dream’s introduction to the world, and need to get hitched one year from now. We’re told there’s no date set, yet one main consideration in that choice will be what’s best for TV.

There’s nothing legally committing them to shoot their wedding, yet at the correct cost … they’d be about it. Recollect that, they scored a sweet arrangement for their infant birth uncommon which show in several weeks.

Our sources say Rob and Blac as of now have a couple of scenes at the top of the priority list, however they’re not securing anything just yet. With respect to Dream, there’s no show in the co-child rearing dept and she’s helping them develop nearer.


Presently an operator simply needs to get them more like a TV bargain.



Kim Kardashian knows some things about getting’ NUDE for photograph shoots … so it’s nothing unexpected she helped Blac Chyna explore the bone chilling waters.

Kim Kardashian Glam for Women Gift Set (Eau de Parfum Spray 3.4 Ounce, Eau de Parfum Spray 0.25 Ounce, Body, Body Wash)
Chyna is PAPER Mag’s September model … that implies buck exposed, and Kim was in that spot to mentor her through the shoot. Kim landed with Chyna, helped her strike postures and even chose what some may call closet.


Kim and Chyna were tight the whole day … it was clear to all they like each other.


When we relate this back to astrology we can see that a Libra and Taurus is actually a favorable match as far as friendship goes.


Taurus and Libra revere stylish delights, and regularly look for and get show-stoppers and gems. They are enamored with dramatization and the theater.

Both accomplices view sentiments and delight as extremely critical, and could adjust each other in a few ways. Taurus welcome Libra’s appealling nature and strategic aptitudes; Libra value Taurus’ adoration for excellence and the joys and solaces that accompany it.

Libra could help Taurus concentrate on various sides of an issue before settling on hurried choices; Taurus could help the generally faltering Libra to be all the more firm and more unafraid.
Everybody recollects Kim’s PAPER Mag shoot in 2014 – so she’s simply keeping everything in the family

So what is your take #STARZ do you think this was just another publicity stunt? Or do you think that they are infact recuperating there friendship like back in the day ?

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