Leo No Chaser Rap Artist New Hot Raw Talent


Young artist by the name Hendog No Chaser.


I Started rapping around the age of 12. At first it was just something fun to do on the side but as I got older around the age of 15, I decided to start doing something with it.


At the age of 16 I decided to drop my first mixtape called “Take A Shot.” Within the next week I had people pulling up to the school jammin my music.


I recorded,wrote all the lyrics, and produced the whole mixtape myself. I’m an independent artist that’s in the works of branding my own company.


Over the years I’ve done several shows opening up for major artists such as Trick Daddy in 2009 at the super bowl after party in Tampa, and Plies at his “Plenty Money” car show Easter Sunday in 2009 in ft.laudedale as well. I grew up moving from City to City was born in Germany but the first place I remember is Chicago.


Wit Tha Plugg by Hen No Chaser

My mother was in the military so we moved around a lot. Going from different places around the world help me see different styles and different artists and help me gradually become better as a artist.


I was young and buck and it seemed as if I could never get off the streets..At the age of 19 I got stabbed and the stomach back and arm that left me in the hospital for a week.


After almost having my life taken from me I decided to really push strong with my music and use that as motivation to do better.


I had my son at the age of 21.. He has taken my life into a more positive direction.


I’ve decided to take my passion and go to Full Throttle! my style is original and dope if I say myself.lol.


The love of my music and the fans that love my music is what allows me to keep going. But my son is my motivation to conquer all!

For Booking and Contact :

Gmail: Hendognochaser@gmail.com


Raw Talent Alert Virgo Williyon Model,Musician,CEO, and Song Writer


Everybody stop what you are doing and make way for Williyon !

Williyon  was born and raised from Shreveport Louisiana,he has been modeling and producing music for 10 years now.  We can tell he is a model right he looks good !!!!! Not only is he very easy on the eyes he is a young multi talented CEO.


As his fame and  notoriety started to become more evident, he had amazingly cultivated  fans from all around the states. This Evolution did not just stop here he eventually went on tour and held many successful ones bringing in record numbers.


Williyon owns his own Record Label G Rated Records.  If you are looking to take your own music career to the next level this is a man I would highly recommend you talking to him.

Check out this Video : Sasha Starz approves 


He also has two major singles called “Look Back At It”  and “Phone Light” 


Astrology Fun Fact 

Williyon was born on September 3 1986, making his sun sign Virgo! Virgos are typically very detailed oriented and driven. They have the drive and the attention to small details that others may over look, this is what gives them an advantage over others making most of them highly successful learn more about Virgos click the link –>Virgo Personality and Traits learn more


If you would like more information, booking, or producing, contact him directly (318)5171476 We have many ways you can get in touch with Williyon below :

Add him

on YouTube (Williyon),


Sound Cloud (Williyon)

You can also contact his  rep Monica  at (318) 771 0206





Raw Talent of the Day Aries Mike Gutta Ryan Premier1989 LLC


Mike Gutta is an Aries and we can tell !!The CEO of Ryan Premier1989 LLC, he was born to lead and inspire others, while setting the tone for others to follow.  Gutta also has his own website called MIKEGUTTA.COM. Gutta is a skilled engineer, producer, artist, & entrepreneur .So stop sleeping on him and check him out he is compelling force to be reckoned with.To learn more about Aries click this link —>Aries Personality and Traits

CHECK OUT THIS MUSIC VIDEO !!!!!!  –> Sasha Starz approves !!!

Baton Rouge, La native Michael Gibson, known as Mike Gutta, has had an ear for music since he was a young boy. Growing up in the Baton Rouge environment is hard on any young man trying to live right but Gutta’s passion for music kept him on the right path.


At the age of 12 he was already perfecting the craft of producing hot beats and sick lyrics. Since then he has released 15 mixtape and the album “Bentley Dreams.” Gutta can be heard on songs featuring well know rappers such as Kevin Gates and Lady G aka Gizzle from Bad Boys.


He’s the man behind the hit tracks “We in the Renaissance” and “Motorbike” by Da Ville Boyz. In 2013, Mike Gutta started Ryan Premier 1989 clothing line, which did well, but his heart yearned for the music. Shortly after in 2015 he opened Ryan Premier Studios 1989 and his love for music grew larger. Music is his passion and it shows in every beat, every lyric, and every song he does. Music is art and he’s an unique artist in every way!

So go out Cop the album and check out the website MIKEGUTTA.COM

Album: (Bentley Dreams) http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1174370034

(Hit Single) from the upcoming Mixtape “No Sympathy”: (Rolling Stone Feat. Delwin the Krazy Man) http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1228348843

Aquarius Young Fre$h Front and Center Stage Check Raw Talent

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Ladies and Gentlemen coming to center stage with some extraordinary gifts I present to you Young Fre$h!! Fre$h is an Aquarius you can tell from his story and his work that he is very different and talented and someone you should keep your eye on !!

“started rappin since a shorti round 12 me an my.day 1 friends that i grew up wit since baby diapers started takin it serious n decided that its wat we love to do n helps us stay out the streets from feeding into the negative kept money in our pockets as we go n stayed n the studio my manager seen how gifted we were n how much we cared n worked he showed us everything we needed to learn step by step”

Check out his story


Young Fre$h was born and raised towards the west part of  Chicago Illinois. Also known as Chiraq, were guns and violence were a normal way of life.


“Growing up out west was more of a blessing and a  curse at times ” .  He described his block as a “bipolar neighborhood”. Fre$h enjoyed the Summer Chicago part when he was with friends no beef spitting barz and doing a little rap offs and perfecting his abilities. He didn’t however enjoy hearing that one of his friends got shot, or just  trying to stay clear of random bullets.18337076_295090984281309_155902224_n

Fre$h states , So many deaths happened it worried lots of parents n kids around the neighborhood bout.they safety so things started breaking apart heavily. Fre$h however didnt let the setbacks of life get him down.


He used his talent and very intelligent Aquarius mind to branch out. Fre$h went from writting songs for others, landing on features for other artist, and even coming up with his own album.It wasnt long until others heard his work or seen his Shows.

“Got a album coming out soon called the Jungle book explaining the life of me as n artist n how it all started n how things were as a young artist from Chicago missed many friends to the streets n trying to  make the world a better place by helping the poor feeding the homeless n taking care of fans n family to make things more peaceful n a better environment for the new generation.


In 2015 Young Fre$h became part of the group called 400 band in 2015.  Since the group debuted, Fre$h had linked up with some big names in the game . Band Kamp and Paris Bueller, S.B.E (Chicago native) to name few.

So make sure you keep your ears and eyes open for him hes on a come up. For collaborations, booking, or features. Please refer to the card above : Snapchat is below, Youtube subscribe to : 400Block MuzIkGroup  18318537_295090934281314_2031778972_o

Aries sign Aaron the Artist Raw Talent of the Day



Lets give it up for the Illinois native Aaron the Artist . This guy right here is defiantly someone to watch!


Aaron Raglan Art copyright

In his own words,” My goal is to have my own art studio slash gallery. And bring together people with talent in the arts.”


Aaron was born an Aries which if we take a glance of his upbringing you can see Aries leadership and entrepenur gifts come effortlessly to him!


has been drawing since he was only two years old !!! Yes I said it only two years old.  However even at a young age Aaron was an entrepenuer. People that came across the childs paintings would buy them for candy.Around 3 and 4 he started to recognize the concept of money and started selling his art to help his family.


As Aaron started developing his art and natural talent at an accelerated rate.At the age of 11 he became very defined and mastered. He envolved from drawings to ,murals,painted portraits,digital art,pencil drawings, and visual paintings.


Aaron the Artist is still a very successful mobile  artist. Traveling long and far for new inspirations and ideas. Aaron can use just about any art medium there is.


Aaron Raglin Art Copyright

However he wants to be able to touch the lives of many people comming from all types and walks of life. So if you like his art message him on Facebook Aaron the Artist !!!!