Porn Star Molly gets Bitten By Sharks While on the Set WARNING GRAPHIC MATERIAL

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A porn star shooting a submerged advertisement for a sex cam organization was assaulted by a shark and seriously chomped.

According to TMZ sources ,Molly Cavalli dropped down submerged into a shark confine wearing a hot white bathing suit and her nearness clearly lured a 10-foot lemon shark.








Look at the vid … Molly alarms when the shark approaches, and before you know it she’s shouting as she grips her wicked foot.

The team pulled her up to security, however the shark had done some genuine harm … it took 20 fastens to close the injury.

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Some of Molly’s old work

Sources: TMZ.COM, feartured image courtesy of :

Leo Chief Keef gets Busted

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So if you dont know who Mr. Leo  Chief Keef is; he is an American rapper. You may remember him from the hit ” Don’t Like.”

chief-keef the smokers club

The Smokers Club

According to TMZ sources there was some type of quarrel between Leo  Chief Keef’s rider and the vehicle behind them.

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This caught the eye of local enforcement that was in the area so they promptly came to the scene.As of the moment he has not been charged but there was marijuana found in the Lamborghini.

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Cheif Keef was born on August 15th 1995 making his sun in Leo! Leos love to be flashy and have no problem letting you know the business ! I just dont think they should lock him up for a marijuana charge ! I can see if there was harm done to the other vehicle but according to sources there wasn’t.

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This is currently a developing story so I will keep you posted! Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below ! Thank you for reading starz !





Sources:TMZ,featured image courtesy of tmz