FLM is dropping his talent straight from the Big Apple NYC,


flm brooklyn

FLM is a complex yet talented indvidual , who voices his conclusion with an unfiltered live by his assertion position. He is a Hip Hop M.C. lyrics’ identity in view of genuine circumstances and everyday complexities.

He is a straight to the heart ride or DIE Brooklyn, New York artist who understands that the Hip Hop amusement is a Global Event without limitations degree.

Astrology Fun Facts : FLM was born on March the 3rd Making him a Pisces the Day of Design. This is fitting for this musically talented entrepreneur.

Identity of this day…

Those conceived on March 3 ordinarily have a quite clear picture in their psyches of what they wish to finish. Albeit very inventive, they have a firm down to business side that empowers them to try their thoughts. Not at all like the individuals who look for praise or reward before figuring out how to be valuable, they perceive initial a substantive need, and after that apply whatever gifts they need to accommodate that need. Not just ready to see the 10,000 foot view, those conceived on this day are equipped for concentrating on points of interest also. It doesn’t hurt that their visual abilities are by and large all around created.

His mouth is somewhat obscene and his expressively substance is unequivocal however set aside the opportunity to tune in to his general message

Check out some of this tunes :

FLM has different importance, one is Fully Loaded Mak since he is a Ladies Man another is Forever Lighting Marijuana in light of his obsession for the cannabis plant and another is Forever Loving Me essentially on the grounds that he pushes the point that right off the bat you need to thoroughly cherish yourself before you can even consider adoring any other person.


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Booking and Contact:

E.N.G.R. Management:

Matthew Dargan 1-646-684-8073


Sources: The Secret Language of Birthdays


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