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 DJ Mad EFX  is Hyping up Raw Talent Click Link for Booking info !!

DJ Name: DJ Mad EFX
Company : PROBeat D.J s
Currently Works at : Club 152 Memphis TN Club Saturday and Sunday Nights
From : Brooklyn, NY /Huntsville AL

Contact and Booking Info : 

Instagram: djmadefx
Snapchat: djmadefx
Facebook Fan Page: DJ Mad EFX

Jammin' them down…. #djmadefx #152memphis #ProBeatDJs

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DJ Mad EFX has always had the talent to move a crowd. At a young age he was fascinated with the drums so much so that he mastered the sound technique.

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The music at block parties, park, and basketball tournaments motivated him to become a DJ.  He started  at the young age of 18 years old in the music industry. DJ Mad EFX brought his talent to the the M.C game by hosting small venues that eventually lead to many big events

Kid Capri, DJ Scratch, DJ Jazzy Jeff are some of his inspirations, as well as some  local DJ’S :  Shout out to : 5D (Chief Rocka & Ghon Bomb), DJ Chief RIP, DJ Charlie Hustle, DJ Ed Moe and DJ Fresh to name a few.

Me hanging tough with @djtootz901 @djmikenasty @djto0nz

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Astrology Fun Fact : 

DJ MadEFX was born on August 9th making his sun sign Leo II.

His Day Means The Day of Psychological Leverage

Those conceived on August 9 can be a tower of quality for those subject to them. Fantastic cooperative people, they offer definition to any gathering attempt in which they are included. In spite of the fact that surely delighted by places of initiative, those conceived on this day don’t really enjoy their inner selves to the detriment of the benefit of everyone. Warriors, they are more often than not in favor of the normal man, whose brain science they see well.

3 of the coolest chicks right now

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Wanna get in Contact with DJ Mad EFX for your next event? Follow him via social media :

Instagram: djmadefx

Snapchat: djmadefx

Facebook Fan Page: DJ Mad EFX

Sources : The Secret Language Of Birthdays

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