Yes you read the Headline They Have a New Reality Show for Side-chicks!!

I guess Side-chicks are coming up in the world! No I am joking I think that it is really sad that we have frown into a nation that supports white chicks and females allow themselves to go along with this.

side chicks bravo

Photo Courtesy of Bravo TV

How can you ever expect to be a mans only one? If a man does not respect you for you to be his only one then its not worth having/ We are very open minded here at SashaStarzUnlmited we support threesomes,minajs,and various sexual lifestyles! But why get married if you are going to be Side Chicks don’t even say that just say that your a polygamist at least you will get respected because you are real!


Oh I forgot Polygamy is illegal in the United States! Or is it legal ? Is this “Side Chick” craze just an another way to describe an individual who believes in Polygamy? Yes I will let you Ponder that ! Feel Free to leave your thoughts and comments below!!!

Reality television Series Titled, “The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte”. The show will take after ladies who are completely mindful that they are the sidechick of popular, and wedded men.

Check out the Clip Below

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