Kathy Griffin gets fired from CNN 

kathy tmz.jpg

Photo Courtesy of TMZ

Scorpio Sun Sign Kathy Griffin gets Fried from CNN

Kathy Griffin who’s been cut off … by CNN, in light of the fact that she was quite recently terminated by the system, which implies she won’t ring in 2018 with Anderson Cooper.

The system is responding to the photograph of Kathy holding a ridiculous, guillotined picture of Donald Trump. Her expression of remorse obviously wasn’t sufficient for CNN.

As we detailed, Anderson Cooper likewise lashed out at his previous co-host and companion, saying, “For the record, I am horrified by the photograph shoot Kathy Griffin participated in. It is obviously appalling and totally wrong.”

Griffin did the New Year’s Eve unique since 2007.

Kathy Griffin was born on November 4th making her sun sign Scorpio , The other planets that influence her chart are detailed below !

Born: November 4, 1960, 6:00 AM
In: Oak Park (IL) (United States)
Sun: 12°04′ Scorpio AS: 5°51′ Scorpio
Moon: 23°51′ Taurus MC: 13°29′ Leo
kathy los angerlos times

Photo Courtesy of Los Angeles Times

Sources: TMZ,astrotheme, Featured Image courtesy of TMZ

Scorpio Kathy Griffin Gets Fired From CNN

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