Pics of all the leftovers of the rucksack b

ari 1

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail


The Bomb that detonated in the anteroom of Manchester Arena have surfaced … what’s more, they demonstrate the nuts, screws and trigger used to murder 22 individuals and harm 59.

ari new york times

Photo Courtesy of New York Times

ari daily mirror

photo courtesy of daily mirror

You see bits of the blue Karrimor knapsack – where the bomb was put, and what has all the earmarks of being the trigger switch … found in the aircraft’s left hand. There’s a 12-volt, lead corrosive battery, the power source.

The photographs give a feeling of the bomb’s energy … it was the deadliest fear assault in the UK since 2005.

ari manchester eveneing news.jpg

photo courtesy of Manchester evening post


Sources :TMZ, Featured Image courtesy of : New York times


Pictures of Bomb Paraphernalia that Detonated at Ariana Grande Concert

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