Aussie Nicholas Wilks was out angling with his father toward the end of last year when they went over this incredible white shark. Two or three days back Nic got round to transferring the recording to Insta, and it’s going off.Nic and his father, David, were pulling in their angling net off Port Pirie, South Australia, when they saw the shark sticking around the pontoon, detaching fish from the net. As the net was quitting for the day, shark got moved up in it. David figured out how to tip the shark out and keep pulling in the net, however the shark wasn’t finished

Click to watch the real life footage captured on tape

What resulted was a pull of-war with the shark, before it surrendered and David can be heard instructing it to “fuck off”. Despite the fact that Nic and his father see sharks constantly, this is the first run through in 30 years something like this has happened.





Sourcs:, instagram @nicwilkes,featured image courtesy of : inquisir


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