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Photo Courtesy of Crapeyeglasses

YG’s video happens at a pool party in Miami loaded with ladies in different conditions of strip, and it quickly took  watchers back to a period when Nelly stunned the world with a fundamentally the same as video for his 2003 single.

yf fanart.tv.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Fanart,com

As indicated by Twitter, in any event today, “Tip Drill” has progressed toward becoming something of a work of art. Many have refered to the similitudes between Nelly’s video and YG’s, and keeping in mind that some are prepared to call “Pop It” the “Tip Drill of this era,” others are more reluctant. One expansive purpose of conflict in the verbal confrontation accompanied the scandalous “Visa swipe” scene in “Tip Drill,” which is mysteriously absent in YG’s tribute (however fans came up with some fascinating thoughts regarding what that exchange would look like in 2017

Sources:Hot New Hip Hop, Featured Image Courtesy of :HotNew HipHop

YG’S “Pop It and Shake It” might be like “Trip Drill”

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