**Warning **This Article is for fun and it is intended to be for entertainment purposes we encourage you to use as such and don pass judgement on your fellow companions

And furthermore… Try not to pass them on to your dear companions since we would prefer not to be in charge of any resulting disagreement! We might want to apologize ahead of time for any offense but sometimes the truth about our dark side hurts.


Terrifying Truth with Aries in Dark Zodiac!


You are only a primate. You charge quick like a savage and you haven’t the foggiest what nuance could mean. In addition, you are an open threat since you are forceful and absolutely oblivious, also your over the top naivety, and your oversimplified and unpleasant vision of things. The temperances of briskness appear to be absolutely “greek to you, which would come down to a limit: ” The hellfire with the outcomes! “. To put it plainly, individuals just find in you some kind of out of control and very moronic mammoth. To talk reality, there is very little to include, for your temperament is without any intriguing many-sided quality.

The Terrifying Truth of Taurus in Dark Astrology



Your largeness is coordinated just by your amazing gradualness. How about we not overlook that you are as tenacious as a donkey. In any case, would it say it isn’t said that “exclusive simpletons don’t alter their opinions”? You are a fat realist and you can’t see more remote than the finish of your nose. You are ravenous for benefit, henceforth your possessive and even parsimonious side. “How about we live to eat and we should not eat to live” could well be your maxim. Scholarly and dynamic matters are well past you, since you are coarsely practical and straightforward. In conclusion, you have no intrigue other than nourishment and solace, much the same as a creature that pigs out, and that can’t consider whatever else.


The Terrifying Truth about Gemini in Dark Astrology

It is said that you are interested in regards to everything and exceptionally versatile. Really, it is an absence of significance and consistency that portrays you. You are totally not able to concentrate on anything, and your scholarly procedure is extremely shallow. All that you say is absolutely uninteresting. It’s quite recently hot air regardless. You don’t trust a solitary word you express, and you overlook all that you say a couple of minutes after the fact. You bounce starting with one subject then onto the next to complete a discussion keeping in mind the end goal to seem proficient and intriguing. Be that as it may, it is very certain that, under your academic finish, you are an average and shallow individual. You have no feelings and no empathy. You take after a wise robot, which rehashes what it has been instructed, or what it has encountered, without intuition independent from anyone else.

The Terrifying Truth about Cancer in Dark Astrology

mama boy.jpg

The enormous darling Mummy’s child! This is something you have likely heard all the time when individuals would allude to you. Your extreme touchiness is exceptionally aggravating in light of the fact that individuals can never disclose to you what they truly consider you without making them wail your heart out. Without a doubt, you have no influence over your feelings, and your escort, and yourself, think that its exceptionally hard to endure your states of mind. Your mental age is eight years regardless you live in a phase of youth. Really, you live more in your mind than in the genuine living. You can’t go up against the world and you vegetate in your cozy and warm little universe. Your memory is unreasonably great, and you can’t dispose of your discouraging wistfulness. In a word, you are a timid, detached, maniacal and egotistical seemingly insignificant detail.

The Terrifying Truth about  Leo  in Dark Astrology

mirror.jpgKeep an eye out! Expect no commend, you who are so narcissistic thus brimming with yourself! Being a Leo is a long way from complimenting, in opposition to what you may think. Moreover, you are persuaded that you are an outstanding individual, while you are shockingly crazy since it is clear to everybody that you make a decent attempt to show up a vastly improved individual than what you truly are. Really, you have a tremendous feeling of inadequacy. You live just through other individuals since, where it counts, you realize that you are not worth much. You toss compliments at yourself, and after that you don’t comprehend why others stay wary in your face. Obviously, you additionally carry on like a little despot versus your court of wolves in sheep’s clothing without understanding that their adulations absolutely need truthfulness. Clear-sightedness is not among your qualities, should you have any. You act like a ruined imp, tyrannical, self-ingested, and bossy.


The Terrifying Truth about Virgo in Dark Astrology


You have such a variety of defects that it is anything but difficult to list them. For example, you are notable for your feeling of inadequacy (which is a complex, as well as substantial truth, as you most likely are aware; in addition, you should be given acknowledgment for your clarity). Your whole life is restricted to being a hireling, a right-hand individual, to sum things up, a doormat with no feeling of self-esteem. We should include that you are unsettled and that you control yourself to death since you severely dislike anything that may irritate your unimportant dull life. Your fixation on cleanliness and points of interest is verging on insanity, and even on anxiety, which is very terrifying to witness. Your room should dependably be in impeccable request, to the degree that one ends up noticeably awkward and restless. These two last attributes are additionally parts of your character, which you are splendidly mindful of. Is it truly important to continue? Better not, keeping in mind that you wind up as some kind of unchecked sociopath (the distraught Virgin, you know!), which is something you wouldn’t need, not at any cost, okay? At long last, you generally travel between various extremes, and that is the issue that is finally too much to bear!

The Terrifying Truth about Libra in Dark Astrology


Since it is the image of Libra, the very word “Adjust” makes you feel sorry to learn conceived under this sign. Having a normal protest speak to your sign must not feel excessively complimenting, without a doubt. Also, you don’t know how to attest yourself. Since isolation is your fear, you line up with individuals who are the most grounded ones since you are persuaded that they won’t let you down. You don’t generally have a private life. You live for others and as per what they consider you. You endeavor to if you don’t mind which infers that you are misleading and reluctant about all that you say… You likely continually feel that you are on the razor’s edge: not a solitary word missing, or in overabundance, not a solitary error. Generally war will break out, and this… No compelling reason to include more! Your self-announced creative bowed is only dullness and garishness. In truth, you are excessively savvy and cool. A mini-computer with an enchanting grin is the portrayal that fits you best.


The Terrifying Truth about Scorpio in Dark Astrology


There is little that could be added to your awful notoriety. In any case, we trust it fascinating to wind the blade still further. You are a tricky, curious and forceful individual. Surprisingly, you help to remember scorpions (no play on words planned!), additionally of sewer rats, unreasonable, trivial and terrifying. You delight in other individuals’ sufferings, so kindly don’t indicate that it is on the grounds that you need to help them rise above their difficulties and know themselves better, since we know extremely well that your abhorrent and crafty nature appreciates drawing in consideration and mixing up sick feeling. You are accepted to have an extraordinary sexual vitality. Notwithstanding, it has more to do with a lamentable inclination to discharge your driving forces, since you can’t control them. You likewise develop a high supposition of yourself, and to make yourself fascinating, you play the secretive and defiant personage. By the by, clearly you feel disliked, which drives you practically jumpy. You see fiendish all over the place, and to secure yourself against it, similar to a creepy crawly setting its spider webs, you continue controlling everybody in your company (you ought to concede that it is terribly troublesome for you a while later to escape the chaos you have made).


The Terrifying Truth about Sagittarius in Dark Astrology


Try not to believe that your great notoriety will keep us from making a total rundown of your various blemishes! Right off the bat, you claim to be a thinker enriched with receptiveness. Really, it is just an approach to escape ordinary substances that you discover exhausting. It is more exact to state that you have no internal life. Your enthusiasm for culture and deep sense of being is only an enthusiasm, as we have specified as of now! To be sure, you have no impression of your own. You idiotically rehash what you have perused or listened, and you gladly surmise that you can seem, by all accounts, to be an astute individual who has a monstrous information of the world. Also, you never dive deep, and keeping in mind that you egotistically show your insight, you demonstrate no basic or explanatory personality. You are a genuine dry spell and you are fretful, which converts into bothering whimsical, absence of dependability, and no feeling of duty or reliability… In conclusion, you can’t satisfy your guarantees. You misrepresent everything with a specific end goal to awe your fans (yes, you are pleased, unquestionably), and you have no idea what “politeness” implies. Numerous among you are quite trifling and materialistic.

The Terrifying Truth about Capricorn in Dark Astrology


We have a craving for summing your character as tails: you are a little nark! In fact, you do all that you can so as to go unnoticed, and your absence of self-assurance is recently sickening. You are pernicious, as wonderful as a corrections officer, as idiotic as a tomb, as cool as a carcass and as unbending as a skeleton. As though you needed to compensate for your blemishes, you attempt to utilize amusing, or rather some sort of lamentable and lifeless self-joke, yet you don’t persuade anyone, not by any means yourself. In addition, is there anything in which you accept? Your vocation? All things considered, yes. You are a social climber, a goal-oriented individual, in a nutshell, a shark. You’re passionate longing to succeed and to pound your casualties in your way demonstrates that you are extremely understanding and ascertaining. Since you get ready for the more drawn out term, you neglect to live in the present. You are totally centered around yourself and on your work (in this way, you are narrow minded what’s more), and you don’t comprehend what it resembles to have a fabulous time. For sure, you are never found joking around on the grounds that it would be incoherent from your part. To put it plainly, you are exhausting to death, and on top of that, cynical… No, don’t shoot yourself in light of the fact that, as fantastic as it might appear, there might be a few people who adore you!

The Terrifying Truth about Aquarius in Dark Astrology!


You attempt to resemble an unconventional and defiant individual, some kind of prophet who might offer reality. Really, you so totally need significance that you do all that you can keeping in mind the end goal to remunerate this blemish. You are profoundly mindful of the way that you are just a single sheep among numerous others, yet you can’t acknowledge this thought! Subsequently, you urgently endeavor to emerge of the group, and you show your individuality, yet now and then the circumstance gains out of power, and you turn into a rebel, absolutely maladjusted to your condition. In this way, don’t whine that nobody needs to be your companion! To you, companionship is a sacrosanct esteem, however have you got a thought of what it really is? You are so profoundly withdrew and indifferent (and yes, your obvious eccentric repays this) since you are excessively cerebral and you avoid imply connections and individual insider facts. It is much more terrible with regards to love connections! Your unending autonomy would hurt a considerable number accomplices… You claim to be liberal and unselfish, yet wouldn’t you say that these qualities don’t have a place with hypotheses and ought to spring from the heart? Quit trusting that you are an imaginative virtuoso in the vanguard in light of the fact that else, one of nowadays, you will wind up in a psychiatric healing facility…


The Terrifying Truth about Pisces in Dark Astrology!


Haze, gloom, upheaval… these are the words which portray you best. Clearness, sharpness and sound judgment are not your benefits… You resemble a jellyfish in the ocean, and you let the tide convey you without your knowing where to, how, and why. Moreover, you couldn’t mind less, right? Apathy is likewise one of your attributes. You don’t know precisely what you think, or your identity. Under such conditions, clearly it is troublesome for you to stay consistent with yourself, which converts into shakiness, unfaithfulness (you are never sure that you truly adore a man) and advantage. You delight in psychodramas and you ace the specialty of shady mistake, and in addition insane mythomania. Your wistfulness makes life muddled for you. It resembles a crazy ride, now going into a supernatural stupor, now falling into the most serious despondency. Your clear non-abrasiveness and liberality hide your absence of solidness and in addition the way that you have no spine. You don’t know how to state no, and in light of the fact that you are a sucker, you get ambled with every one of the underdogs, with whom nobody needs to bargain. Obviously that you need resolution and that you are definitely not the energetic sort!


Furthermore, yet again…

Kindly don’t pass these description on to your dear companions since we would prefer not to be in charge of any resulting discord! We might want to apologize ahead of time for any offense you may take from the terrifying portrayals.



What do you think Starz? Leave your thoughts and Comments below!!!






Sources: astrotheme.com

Dark Zodiac The Terrifying Truth about Your Zodiac Sign

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