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Photo Courtesy of Metro 

Recap: Bow Wow is tending to his now notorious post. In an Instagram Live video, the rapper reacted to the faultfinders.

“You don’t carry on with my life. Everyone like discuss the plane, I didn’t realize that was news. That ain’t news. What is there to discuss?” he clarified in video gotten by I Love Hip Hop TV. “Ain’t nothing to discuss. I don’t motivated nothing to disclose to niggas. I been doing this poo for a really long time. It take a moment to detest yet it take you a lifetime to make 500k nigga, make 500 thousand converse with me. I’m session to go get some nourishment.”

bo metro 2

Photo Courtesy of Meto

Bow Wow’s been discovered.

The rapper-reality star, who now passes by Shad Moss, was as of late captured on a business flight, which may appear like a run of the mill celeb locating—aside from Bow Wow had quite recently demonstrated on Instagram that he was traveling to New York City on a super luxury private stream.

Oh no… Obviously, Twitter hasn’t quit broiling him since.

It began when Bow Wow shared a depiction of the flying machine subtitled, “Travel day. NYC squeeze keep running for Growing Up Hip Hop. Lets gooo. I guarantee to present to yall the most sultry show EVER. May 25th on @wetv.”





Source: Enews, Featured image courtesy of : Implurnt

Bow Wow lies about a Private Jet is he broke?***Update***

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