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Is Sagittarius Nicki Minaj Moved on to Nas?

So Nicki Minaj just posted a photo of her and Nas on her instagram captioning it " When a King Recongizes a Queen

ni gistmania

Photo Courtesy of Gistmania

hmmmmm ... sips tea.....  Do you remember when she did the video with Nas "Right by my side" She tongue kissed him in this video , which is below and remember she was still with  her former boyfriend Cancer Sun Sign Safaree. Safaree was very offended at the time and later when they broke up he mentioned it in one of his songs.
ni vibe

Photo Courtesy of Vibe

What do you think Starz? Do you think that they are cute couple? Do you think that they smashed in the past ? leave your thoughts and comments below.

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