Mike Gutta is an Aries and we can tell !!The CEO of Ryan Premier1989 LLC, he was born to lead and inspire others, while setting the tone for others to follow.  Gutta also has his own website called MIKEGUTTA.COM. Gutta is a skilled engineer, producer, artist, & entrepreneur .So stop sleeping on him and check him out he is compelling force to be reckoned with.To learn more about Aries click this link —>Aries Personality and Traits

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Baton Rouge, La native Michael Gibson, known as Mike Gutta, has had an ear for music since he was a young boy. Growing up in the Baton Rouge environment is hard on any young man trying to live right but Gutta’s passion for music kept him on the right path.


At the age of 12 he was already perfecting the craft of producing hot beats and sick lyrics. Since then he has released 15 mixtape and the album “Bentley Dreams.” Gutta can be heard on songs featuring well know rappers such as Kevin Gates and Lady G aka Gizzle from Bad Boys.


He’s the man behind the hit tracks “We in the Renaissance” and “Motorbike” by Da Ville Boyz. In 2013, Mike Gutta started Ryan Premier 1989 clothing line, which did well, but his heart yearned for the music. Shortly after in 2015 he opened Ryan Premier Studios 1989 and his love for music grew larger. Music is his passion and it shows in every beat, every lyric, and every song he does. Music is art and he’s an unique artist in every way!

So go out Cop the album and check out the website MIKEGUTTA.COM

Album: (Bentley Dreams) http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1174370034

(Hit Single) from the upcoming Mixtape “No Sympathy”: (Rolling Stone Feat. Delwin the Krazy Man) http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1228348843

Raw Talent of the Day Aries Mike Gutta Ryan Premier1989 LLC

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