Photo Courtesy of CBS news 

Bobsledder Steve Holcomb, who brought home gold for Team USA, was discovered dead Saturday in Lake Placid, NY.

Bobsledder Steve Holcomb was born on April 14th, 1989 making his sun sign Aries!! No wonder why he was the best and a leader !!

cob ottwa citizen

Photo Courtesy of OttwaCitizen

According to TMZ sources,Holcomb’s body was found in his room at the Olympic Training Center … as indicated by the U.S.O.C. He was just 37, yet the board of trustees has not given a reason for death.

cob axs

Photo courtesy of Axs


Holcomb guided USA’s 4-man group to a gold award at the Vancouver diversions in 2010. He likewise earned 2 bronze decorations at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

Holcomb was still to a great degree aggressive in the game this season.




Sources: TMZ,featured image courtesy of USAtoday

Aries Bobsledder Steve Holcomb was found Dead

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