protester 1

Edward Crawford, Jr., the man whose picture turned into the pivotal turning point in the Ferguson dissents, is dead.

protester 2

Crawford was found with a self-incurred discharge wound, and police are attempting to decide whether it was unplanned or suicide.

protester 3

Crawford’s father told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “I don’t trust it was a suicide,” including cops are being “secretive” about the examination.

protester 5

The photograph symbolized the pressures amongst police and dissenter in the wake of Michael Brown’s passing. Cops flung a poisonous gas canister at dissidents … Crawford lifted it up and heaved it back.

Crawford was 27 and the father of 4 kids.

R.I.P. What do you think Starz? Murder or Suicide We think Murder were are the police for the police ?.



Sources : TMZ,feaured image courtesy of

Edward Crawford Jr Suicide Or Police Brutality

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