Make Room for the Taurus Bklynvex who is also Musically inclined and apparently the jack of all trades !!


Ladies Bklynvex is single and he just had a birthday not to long ago on April 28th.Born and raised Brooklyn New York this talented Taurus has been rapping for 23 years now so hes no rookie to the game.


Not only can he rap but Bklynvex is also  very technologically advanced.


He can do various forms of graphic design and art especially C.D. covers! He is an amazing video/film editor,and a gamer on his spare time.


He gives various tutorials on how to beat various games. And did you say your computer was broken ? Well he can fix that too and also offers tutorials on that as well

If you would like more information, on booking  or other services feel free to add him on facebook:

,Instagram: Bklynvex

Twitter at : Bkynvex

BVR Bklynvex Records A Musical Entrepreneur with a Passion

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