April 21st – May 21st—-> Dates

Qualities: Reliable, persistent, handy, dedicated, mindful, stable

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Shortcomings: Stubborn, possessive, uncompromising
Taurus likes: Gardening, cooking, music, sentiment, top notch dresses, working with hands
Taurus despises: Sudden changes, inconveniences, weakness of any sort, engineered textures


Basic Traits

Pragmatic and very much grounded, Taurus is the sign that collects the products of work. They want to dependably be encompassed by affection and excellence, swung to the material world, gratification, and physical joys. Individuals conceived with their Sun in Taurus are erotic and material, considering touch and taste the most vital of all detects. Steady and preservationist, this is a standout amongst the most dependable indications of the zodiac, prepared to continue and adhere to their decisions until they achieve the purpose of individual fulfillment.

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Romance with a Taurus Man

Taurus men have a tendency to be extremely useful in their way to deal with choosing a mate. Since the Taurus male identity utilizes components of cautious thought and procedure as a feature of the determination procedure, it’s not likely he will impress you.Recollect that, one of the key Taurus characteristics is effortlessness and schedule. Taurus men will hookup as an element of sexual need or yearning yet framing an association with one is frequently a round of procedure.

Once a Taurus man has joined to you anyway, you have to realize that he won’t leave soon. Dependability is one of the principle attributes of Taurus. It’s impossible he will venture out on you amid your relationship. Taurus folks are in things for the whole deal – significance love, sentiment and connections!

Romance with a Taurus Woman

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Females who were conceived under the zodiac indication of Taurus approach connections not the same as their male partners. A key female Taurus Trait is the capacity to tempt another as a feature of her focused streak. Persistent and tender, she will sit tight for drawn out stretches of time to go before making her turn. At that point keep an eye out – she has you!In the event that you are seeking after a Taurus lady, it is astute to invest energy romancing her and pursuing her a bit. You will likewise need to love on her and spoil her.When she bonds with you, expect an exceptionally energetic, faithful and conferred mate. Expression of alert: Don’t cross a Taurus lady. She will get her reprisal on you no doubt and during an era of her picking!

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On the off chance that you are involoved a Taurus Man

  • They at first can be charmers and romancers.
  • Discard any desires of being wowed on new dates.
  • Acknowledge that Taurus men are into ceremonies and schedules.
  • Stay away from excessively negative comments pointed towards Taurus since they are touchy
  • Anticipate that Taurus will vie for your adoration if other potential mates are in the blend.
  • In the event that you are dating Taurus Woman, Keep the Following in Mind:
  • Try not to attempt to surge things. She will move at her own particular speed.
  • She hopes to be romanced and spoiled. Try not to be shoddy.
  • Bid to her functional side.
  • Take part in discussions that go past games and current occasions.
  • Cook her most loved supper and exhibit you really watch over her needs.

What’s sex like with a Taurus Man?

Taurus men and ladies have energetic streaks. Try not to expect the first run through in the sack to be a Fourth of July experience. Suddenness is not Taurus attribute or trademark.With regards to closeness, you will probably should be the one to start “new things”. After a timeframe, your Taurus mate will adjust and afterward begin requesting rehash exercises that you made occur in any case.

Instructions to draw in Taurus men

It will require investment for a Taurus to bond. Try not to expect moment comes about. They move at a much slower speed than different signs with regards to love and sentiment. It’s that common sense “chip” that they battle with.

Taurus signs are best pulled in by individuals who are amusing however not over the top. On the off chance that you have an excessively gregarious identity, tone it down a bit with this sign. Think quiet, casual and sensible.

Taurus Man Arousal Zones

Taurus signs are ordinarily stimulated by being touched around their shoulders and neck. They tend to hold a lot of strain in these ranges. When you touch them, do as such tenderly in light of the fact that the muscles in these abdominal area parts are very touchy for Taurus.

Best Matches

  1. Taurus/Pisces = Excellent Match
  2. Taurus/Cancer = Great Match
  3. Taurus/Capricorn = Good Match
  4. Ghastly Matches
  5. Taurus/Gemini = Horrible
  6. Taurus/Sagittarius = Bad
  7. Taurus/Aquarius = Ugly
  8. Risky Matches
  9. Taurus/Scorpio (can be truly awesome or truly awful)
  10. Taurus/Taurus (can be an aggregate match or an awful thought)

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Sources: guycounseling.com,astrology.com

Taurus Personality and Traits

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