Lets give it up for the Illinois native Aaron the Artist . This guy right here is defiantly someone to watch!


Aaron Raglan Art copyright

In his own words,” My goal is to have my own art studio slash gallery. And bring together people with talent in the arts.”


Aaron was born an Aries which if we take a glance of his upbringing you can see Aries leadership and entrepenur gifts come effortlessly to him!


has been drawing since he was only two years old !!! Yes I said it only two years old.  However even at a young age Aaron was an entrepenuer. People that came across the childs paintings would buy them for candy.Around 3 and 4 he started to recognize the concept of money and started selling his art to help his family.


As Aaron started developing his art and natural talent at an accelerated rate.At the age of 11 he became very defined and mastered. He envolved from drawings to ,murals,painted portraits,digital art,pencil drawings, and visual paintings.


Aaron the Artist is still a very successful mobile  artist. Traveling long and far for new inspirations and ideas. Aaron can use just about any art medium there is.


Aaron Raglin Art Copyright

However he wants to be able to touch the lives of many people comming from all types and walks of life. So if you like his art message him on Facebook Aaron the Artist !!!!





Aries sign Aaron the Artist Raw Talent of the Day

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