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Courtesy of People Magazine

Mariah Carey and her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, may have bumped there horns together. To bad they are breaking up  in the midst of Bryan Tanaka which is April 11th !


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Photo Courtesy of UPI.

According to TMZ Bryan Tanaka has been letting his jealousy get the best of him. He is over jealous of the relationship Mariah Carey shares with her twins father, Libra Nick Cannon.

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Sources Footwear news

Were also told that his finger was slammed in a cash drawer wow ! He specifically was offended at the display of affection that Mariah Carey shows to Nick Cannon.

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Courtesy People magazine

Mariah Carey was Born: March 27, 1970, 7:27 AM
In: Long Island (NY) (United States)
Sun: 6°25′ Aries AS: 15°08′ Taurus
Moon: 29°05′ Scorpio MC: 25°59′ Capricorn
Dominants: Taurus, Aries, Scorpio
Mars, Saturn, Sun

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What are your thoughts Starz? Do you think that Bryan overreacted? Do you think that the relationship Mariah Carey has with twins father is appropriate?Or do you think that this is the typical display of an Aries jealousy and blow out.












Sources: Astrotheme,TMZ, featured image from mirror

Aries Mariah Carey breaks up with Aries Bryan Tanaka.

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