First House (Ascendant) – The Individual Identity

The first house shows us how we introduce ourselves to the world. It mixes the sun sign and moon sign and follows with the 3rd most important sign which is the Ascendant (The Meaning Ascendant Sign). The Ascendant sign discloses to us a considerable measure about a persons individuality. The planet for this sign translates a great significance. It shows us how a person first represents themselves to the world.

Second House – Possessions and Body Image

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The second house portrays our body image or assets dealing with the flesh. It also can inform us on how we manage riches and collectibles.

Third House – Correspondence

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The third house planets  denotes correspondence particularly with the kin and the level of connection we have with these relationship. It also can display the relationships that impact our everyday life and how we go about it initially.

Fourth House – Roots and Starting points

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This house portrays our roots, the parental home and the conditions affecting adolescence and youth. It portrays how we identify with “family”. The type of connection with the father can also be seen in this house

Fifth House – Self indulgence and Invention

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Sexuality and suggestion are at home here, alongside play as a rule and a wide range of inventive expression. This house likewise depicts how we identify with kids, self indulgence,and basic fun.

Sixth House – Labor and Order of Business

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The 6th house depicts the conditions encompassing us in our day by day lives, including the workplace and day by day schedule. This incorporates our conduct towards subordinates. Real cleanliness and care have a place here, and also inclinations to certain obtained sicknesses.

Seventh House – Relationships

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The relative sign and planets possessing the seventh house enlighten us concerning how we select our accomplices and depicts the associations and connections we look for. Regularly we are automatically pulled in to individuals whose horoscopes convey a solid connection of the sign in our seventh house.

Eighth House – Misfortune with Possession and Death

hermit the crab shopping
The eighth house indicates how we identify with public products and how we manage material misfortune.  Death and losses are inevitable. It can show us how we deal with death and our dealings with material misfortune. It can also show what misfortunes may come if we investigate this house.

Ninth House – Foreign and Methods of insight

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The mind set of this house can deeply connect with tenth house below. It depicts are voyages to other countries and the insight/knowledge that we learn when we come back from each trip.

Tenth House (MC) – Purpose and Career

meditation.jpgThis house is the house relating to the mother. It also plays specific significance, since it influences our passion and our talents. This process is a life development for us. We all have a purpose in the world and as long as listen to our passion we can spend time to perfect it to advancement.- it additionally has a heading on our general advancement, what we move toward becoming.

Eleventh House – Companions and Associates

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This house portrays how we relate to the general public. It also can show how we identify with leaders,mentors,and instructors. It can also denote our communication with our friends.

Twelfth House – Past the Individual


This house speaks to those circles of life in which the individual no longer has an influence, where we venture back for a more noteworthy entire or lose ourselves in one. It may show instances of were an individual was trapped against there will either physically or spiritually.

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Thank you for reading Starz ! I will get into the specific signs that run these houses in a later article. Please leave your thoughts and comments below.


The Meaning Behind the Houses in Astrology

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