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Nate Dogg son, Naijiel Hale is a college football player playing for Montana State.
According to police officials and TMZ  Naijiel Hale and his team mate Darren Gardenhire was taken into custody for a pharmaceutical bust.

Police set up the bust by calling in to purchase some Xanax Naijiel happened to forward the deal to Darren Gardenhire. Authorities were watching Nate Dogg son since February. They had many under covers purchase these pharmaceuticals from Naijel so the evidence is defiantly there.


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Photo courtesy of TMZ

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Photo courtesy of Montana Athelies

Nate Dogg’s child – a school football player at Montana State – was captured alongside a partner in a medication sting operation this week, authorities say.

Authorities and sources from TMZ; say Naijiel Hale – set up numerous medication manages purchasers who ended up being covert cops back in February.

On one event, cops say they reached Hale to buy a pack of Xanax pills, and he supposedly kicked them over to his partner, Darren Gardenhire, who finished the exchange.
darren seattle times
Cops also  say Hale masterminded an arrangement at his home for a while where he had a third individual convey the medications.Naijiel could be facing up to  a life sentence for 2 counts of felony drug distribution and 1 count for drug possession.


Lets just hope and pray Nate Dogg has some good lawyers so that they can reduce that charge.It is unknown when Nate Dogg son’s birthday is ? More research has to be done to figure out his zodiac sign. If you have information feel free to share it.

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Sources: TMZ,Featured image courtesy of ESPN



Nate Dogg son Naijiel gets Busted

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