Drake experienced a dumb high to the point of being unable to perform at his show in Amsterdam per Media Take Out. It is however no secret that most Scorpios love some drug of some sort.drake 2.jpg

Drake suddenly drop his Amsterdam show the previous evening, and the official reason for the cancellation was “ailment.” In truth Drake’s legitimate representative stated, “Drake needed to perform today around evening time, yet lamentably he turned out to be sick and his specialist has revealed to him he can’t perform.”
To high to perform ???? Was weed the only thing that this Scorpio was doing ? I think not !!!!As indicated by Media Take Out, Drake allegedly smoked some weed blended with hash, and it was excessively solid for him. Sources close to the rapper noted that the rapper was just too high !!!


What do you think Starz ? Do you think that it was unfair for Drake to disappoint his fans? Or do you just think it happens sometimes?

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Courtesy of Media Takeout

Scorpio Drake is to High to Perform

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