The Washington D.C. young ladies who have disappeared are not wrongdoing casualties … they’ve quite recently fled their homes, as indicated by Washington D.C. authorities.

There’s been a require an examination concerning the vanishings, yet a police representative says the numbers are not disturbing … they’re in accordance with missing people details.

photo credit by urban intellectuals

There are right now 38 open instances of missing people in D.C. According to TMZ  the 12 vanished over the most recent 5 months. Nine of the young ladies are 18 or under. Ten are dark and 2 Hispanic.

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A police representative says they trust all are runaways in view of the conditions of their vanishing, in any case, they say they can’t be sure.

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It is pretty ridiculous that this is not considered a problem. It is understandable that crime should  always be taken into account, however how do they not determine that maybe the kids runaway because there was a crime committed against them. Notice how allot of these women are of African and Latino descent.There is a bigger picture to this ordeal and that why there is a social media outrage withing some communities. What are your thoughts Starz? Voice your comments and concerns below

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The Missing Girls in D.C are considered “runaways”

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