The Carolina Panthers opened Sunday Night Football without Cam Newton under focus.


Rather, reinforcement Derek Anderson made an amaze begin against the Seahawks, tossing a capture on the main play of the amusement on a pass that skiped off the fingers of fullback Mike Tolbert into the arms of Seattle linebacker Mike Morgan.


NBC’s Michele Tafoya reported after the a large portion of that Newton was sidelined by mentor Ron Rivera for a clothing standard infringement. A year ago’s MVP entered the diversion on Carolina’s second arrangement before playing whatever remains of the way.

Mold blunder aside, the Panthers did not look great on the field in Sunday night’s 40-7 beatdown ruled by Russell Wilson and the Seahawks.


After the diversion, Rivera told correspondents that Newton abused the group’s travel clothing standard, yet he wouldn’t clarify advance on what Newton particularly did.

“I’m not going to get into our clothing standard,” Rivera said. “Totally my choice.”

Rivera included Monday that he wasn’t stressed over open reaction to his choice.

“I knew it was going to be an encouraging craze and that is only the way it is,” Rivera said. “So to the extent I’m concerned, I’ve tended to it, he’s tended to it and I’m treating everyone the same and I will keep on doing that. So I’m finished with it. We play the Chargers and we lost the amusement yesterday.”


Newton affirmed reports that his sidelining was because of him not wearing a tie.

“I didn’t take after clothing regulation and mentor let me know that I wouldn’t begin,” Newton said. “So I remain by his choice as the position that he’s in and I tail it as one.”

Whenever inquired as to whether he felt he was dressed fittingly, Newton had this to state:

“On the off chance that mentor doesn’t feel like I was dressed suitably, then I wasn’t.”


Newton included: “When you’re 6-5, attempting to get a shirt – I was far from home for a week – I didn’t pack a shirt. There was a considerable measure of ties that were given, yet I can’t wear a tie with this. Meaning I have a tank best on under this – we examined it inside. … I thought we were in agreement; I felt as though I wore a comparable outfit like this some time recently, and nothing was finished. However, he has administers set up and we need to comply with them. No individual is more noteworthy than most others – it is the thing that it is.”

Rivera kept up he wasn’t shaken in his technique for taking care of his players, which he said isn’t anything new.

“I’m extremely OK with it on the grounds that the reality of the situation is I need to treat everyone the same,” the mentor said Monday. “I truly do. What’s more, that is every one of that was. There was no basic message. Since I’ve done this some time recently. It’s tragic the folks I did before weren’t the quarterback and I feel that is the reason it’s such a major ordeal.”


Cam Newton was born on May 11, 1989 @12:00 pm making his sun sign a Taurus and  his moon sign leo. Leo likes to shgow off that my explin his sudden outburst to disregard the rules/

Cam Newtons Planetary Positions are as followed:

Planetary Positions at Birth
Sun:20° 47′ in Taurus
Moon:08° 15′ in Leo
Mercury:06° 49′ in Gemini
Venus:00° 18′ in Gemini
Mars:07° 38′ in Cancer
Jupiter:11° 57′ in Gemini
Saturn:13° 33′ in Capricorn
Uranus:04° 54′ in Capricorn
Neptune:12° 11′ in Capricorn
Pluto:13° 26′ in Scorpio



Taurus Cam Newton Gets in Trouble for Breaking the Rules

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