Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are all in with regards to capitalizing on their points of reference as a couple … furthermore, they’re prepared to begin chatting straightforwardly for a TV wedding extraordinary.


Sources near the couple tell TMZ … they’re on strong ground since Dream’s introduction to the world, and need to get hitched one year from now. We’re told there’s no date set, yet one main consideration in that choice will be what’s best for TV.

There’s nothing legally committing them to shoot their wedding, yet at the correct cost … they’d be about it. Recollect that, they scored a sweet arrangement for their infant birth uncommon which show in several weeks.

Our sources say Rob and Blac as of now have a couple of scenes at the top of the priority list, however they’re not securing anything just yet. With respect to Dream, there’s no show in the co-child rearing dept and she’s helping them develop nearer.


Presently an operator simply needs to get them more like a TV bargain.

Taurus Blac Chyna and Pisces Rob Kardashian are looking for the Wedding Check $$$$

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