The radio meeting with the person blamed for snatching Taylor Swift’s can was unexpectedly expelled from the station’s site – and there are clashing stories about who pulled the fitting.


                                                                                                                                                              courtesy of TMZ

Previous radio DJ David Mueller went on iHeart’s “Magic in the Morning” demonstrate Tuesday and gave his side of the story. It was the first occasion when he had an opportunity to argue his honesty freely. Be that as it may, sources associated with iHeart let TMZ know the whole sound clasp was erased from Mojo’s site at the request of Taylor’s kin.


We’re told not long after the meeting was posted on the web, the “Magic” group got a call to evacuate it … keeping in mind the end goal to safeguard iHeart’s great association with Taylor … who routinely performs at iHeartRadio appears.

No particular reason was given for why her reps needed it down … as per our sources, however it doesn’t take a virtuoso to make sense of it. Mueller appeared to be a thoughtful figure as he clarified his side of the notorious keep running in with Taylor.

1110-taylor-quick ass-get tmzAn iHeart representative denies Taylor was included. The rep did not give any clarification to the Mueller clasp’s expulsion. Sources near Taylor recount a similar story – it wasn’t me. Same for Mueller’s lawful group.

Whoever needed it murdered has an issue however – the meeting’s been recorded, so it lives on.


Taylor Swift was born on December 13th, 1989 making her sun sign a sagittarius and her  her moon sign being a Cancer. Interesting she has the same sun and moon as myself !!!!!


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Sagittarius Taylor Swift Butt Grabbing Interview

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