G-Eazy got some undesirable organization at a late music video shoot after a man purportedly assaulted his team basically in light of the fact that they were taping on his square.

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Sources near the rapper say he was in a L.A. neighborhood Thursday making the video. According to TMZ  sources they were running easily until one occupant disagreed with the generation on his road. Our source says the elderly man got to be distinctly perturbed, at one direct attempting toward take a generator and punching a maker.

We’re told the circumstance got much more warmed and a fight resulted with both sides calling the cops, who showed up, took a report and diffused the circumstance.

Law authorization sources let us know they reacted to take a report however no captures were made.


courtesy of T.M.Z sources

G- Eazy was born May 24, 1989, 12:00 PM (unknown) in Oakland (CA) (United States) Making his sun sign a Gemini and his moon Capricorn. Hmmm… that is a very interesting mix. What do you think my starz? Write your comments below !!!


It’s Not Eazy Being Gemini G-Eazy

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